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    would you share that search result with me? I can't even figure out how to search the stupid FIVB web site. And never found anything with google.

    <rant>Why does volleyball as a sport suck so bad in the internet department?</rant>

    This is what I was a post from last year does not say much.…ts-end-year-with?id=65835

    and these are on wiki...but they are not updated…n_Volleyball_Championship

    @Mathias, my post got deleted for ""off topic" reasons, but It was not off topic, I had a ranking of the best players in the league.

    Could you take a look at it please? Because again, my post was not off topic, and I want it back, as I took my time to go the stats list and pull all that together. Or please go ahead and ban my account...and I ask the moderator that deleted my post to ban my account please.

    Thank you.


    Did u get to read my post before it got deleted??

    Well anyways what I posted is that Antanov is probably TOP 5 best OH in the league. He is in the top 10 in almost every fundamental.

    Best score
    4# ATA
    9# Antonov
    27# Russell

    3# Antonov
    35# Russell

    25# Antonov
    80# Russell

    9# Antonov
    26# Russell

    And guess who is the best blocker and best scoring among all MB? Verhess.

    Which means, what is holding Valentia back is their OPP which is the worst OPP in the league, he hits 30% almost every game, if they were to get ride of him they would be much better with a actual good OPP, but he`s lucky that his back up is so young, otherwise he would be sitting on the bench a long time ago.

    But who could get tired of hearing about Zhu Ting? She has a 95% efficiency rate and has won OG, WC, CL, CWCH. She has been MVP in 99 different competitions and I think she makes the Earth go round the Sun.

    Seriously, she's great and was amazing in the last match but you don't need to prove that to everyone, we know. If this is an attempt to make SHAME like her then you're wasting your time, SHAME can like whatever players he likes - it's not wrong for him to have different favourites.

    No, that is not the case....we don`t care if Shame likes Zhu or not.

    The problem is that some users asked people to stop praising Zhu.

    So if Shame has the right to like whoever he wants, we have the same right to like whoever he want, and if we like ZHU we have the right to praise her whenever we like right?? that is the same right that Shame has to bash a lot of players like he does.

    But Canter already explained what he meant by it is all good now. And I respect Canter because this is like his page, he`s the one updating and doing all that

    @Shame...when you come here and say Woloz and Skorupa are the weakest link of their teams...well how do u want us to take u seriously??
    But seams like you have a lot of supporters and people that will believe in whatever you write, so good for u.

    and why he said that about Woloz and Skorupa? Because they are both doing well, and Carlini is not playing well, Carlini is not getting any praise, while Woloz is getting it all..and he`s pissed , he`s mad....which means he needs to bring Woloz down

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh and u talking about respect?? Well honey, look the way you talk about every player unless they are american, and you will see why so many people here has a problem with you. You trash and talks with no respect towards these players. But again...that`s ur right....
    But if you want respect....start showing some respect first.

    Now I swear to GOD this is the last time I`m talking about SHAME in this forum....He is dead to me :gone:

    A setter has a important job to do and what he/she does is extremely important, but it is not all that as like some users here thinks and they will always blame the setter.

    All the setter needs to do and put her hitter in a good spot to hit the ball, and let the hitter do the job from there. But of course is not always that simple, if the pass is bad, things get more complicated to give a good set.

    And one thing that a lot of people (a.k.a users in this forum) does not understand about the setters is that, the setter can not always what what she/he wants, she/he is always doing what the coach is telling her to do, they are just following his instructions.

    For example, I hate how Zivkovic always sets for either Boskovic/Mihajlovic, but I can`t blame this only on her, because she also could be following Terzic`s instructions and he is the only that wants to set mainly to Boskovic/Mihajlovic.

    Some coaches will trust the setter and give them more freedom for them to do what they want, for example, Maja is always spiking/tipping the ball over because her coaches (Terzic/Barbolini/Motta) trust her and they allow her to do that, but if she was a young inexperienced setter,they probably would not let her to that.

    And you can have the best setter in the World, but still all he/she can do is set the ball...but the spikers must finish the job. And from the moment the ball leaves the setter`s hand, there`s a million things the spiker can do to score. Which means even if you get a bad set you can still score if you are a good and smart hitter. But weaker/limited players needs a good set in order to give a good spike and score.

    But... so what? At the end of the day, it's just ONE person and what they think. I disagree with a ton of stuff Shame says, but he's perfectly entitled to his own opinion. And as long as he's not spamming the board with disparaging comments about Zhu Ting, which he clearIy isn't, I don't see what the problem is. So he doesn't like her. Big deal. Almost everyone else does.

    It's not just that people get offended when someone insults Zhu Ting, which I can understand, but it feels like some people take it as a personal insult if others don't praise her as much as they think she deserves. And that, IMO, is going over the top.

    That is not what happened.

    The thing started because Canter asked people to stop praising Zhu.

    Nobody said anything about Zhu not get praised, and hating on her.....

    and just like u said, everyone has the right to say whatever they want, so why do you guys want some people to stop praising Zhu?!!!!

    runnerupster, I said "everyone" just to be sarcastic. But agree with end of the way if some volleyball coaches and players would read all the things we talk and say, they would laugh so so hard at us, and them we are just wasting our time.

    QPL is the biggest troll in this forum. And that`s your what u want.

    Its been a while since I replied anything or talked about you, I have just ignored u...I did leave you alone. But u did not leave me alone, you keep insulting me all the time with the "american" thing, and u know what I`m talking about....u bring that up all the time.

    So leave me alone, and I will leave you alone.

    troll as much as u want ( I don`t care) but leave me out...and I`m sure everyone here will appreciate that.

    Of course one of Novara/Conegliano will be at the final.

    2 Turkish teams will face off in the Playoffs of 6, and the winner will face the other Turkish team in the Semi-FInal.

    Italian Teams always get away by hosting and by not facing a Turkish Team in the semi-final.

    Kim Yeon is playing for Shanghai and they will probably reach the semi-finals, which means she won`t have time to join any other team. ( but if Shanghai does not make it there`s time for her to join other team for the playoffs).

    I don't think anyone here disagrees that she's a fantastic player. And she deserves all the praise that she gets. What we don't need to is to be aggressively convinced of her excellence time and again. Yes, she's great. WE GET IT. And no, it has nothing to do with her being Chinese, Asian, not American, not European or whatever.

    Well, I will praise Zhu every time she has a great game and every time she wins something. And I hope "everyone" does the same.

    SO yeah...I will be doing that a lot...because 1 - she always plays great 2- she always win..

    Some users here are pathetic.

    What`s wrong in praising a player when she played a great game?? the thing is Zhu plays almost every single game GREAT, that`s why you read every day people praising here, unlikely a lot of players out there that plays one good game every few months.

    Zhu is the best player at the moment...

    And after she played 2 mind blowing games, it is normal that people will praise her, why not?? These praises did not came from her past results, these praises came because she again had another AMAZING performance.

    But yeah ok?? We are prohibited to praise her? That`s pathetic and it shows how you guys are simply jealous of her...simply as that.

    But it is ok for Shame to be here praising American Players all the time? sugar coating them? and kissing their asses?? If he does that even when they suck big time, and when they are not playing well. But nobody says anything about that ...and why is that??

    But now ZHU which is the best female player in the World at the moment and plays great every single game can not be praised ??

    That`s pathetic :gone: :rolll:

    I'm hoping we see Imoco vs Vakif in the CL championship. It will be interesting to see if Zhu can carry the day by herself against a solid blocking team. Imoco with Robin, Dinesi, and Foli provide a formidable wall when all the balls are going to only one person. Even Hill recently had 4 blocks. Everyone on Imoco has solid blocking skills. Plus they have a varied attack with Hill, Bricio, and Fabris. This may be the year Italy takes back the CL crown.

    They are a great blocking team, but look the players in the mid=weak level teams in Italy. With all the respect, but none of them are near close to be world class players.
    If you think Conegliano will have the same block party they are having in Italy against the Turkish teams, especially against Vakifibank...well we gotta wait and see but I don`t think that will happen.

    I don't agree at all.. you're speaking of Guidetti as if he's Sloetjes biggest enemy.. first of all, Sloethes hasn't been as good as her first season with Vakifbank.. second, now they have Zhu who is their main offensive weapon, and is better than Sloetjes in attack.. that being sad it's logical to take Sloethes out and have Kelsey pass for her, leaving Zhu to concentrate only on attack.. having Buijs-Gozde-Sloetjes is much different than Zhu-Gozde-Sloetjes.. in the first combination Loonenke is the most reliable scorer, and that's not the case with the latter.. Also Sloetjes has been replaced by Hill in the past, while Guidetti was still their coach, so I don't think him not coaching Netherlans anymore has to do with any of this..

    Everything you said is true, and there`s no doubt Zhu is better attacker than Sloetjes. But I`m not really saying he should take Zhu out. Of course not, u cant take the best player out.
    But If I remember right last season he did replace Zhu a few times, and even used to bring Cansu in to pass, I could be wrong but I think he even replaced Zhu in the CL semi-final at some point ( of course they were winning so it did not matter much), but he still did.

    And in that CL final against Pomi, Sloetjes was not playing well, but Guidetti only replaced her with Sheilla late in the 2nd set, but he could have replaced her way earlier. Sheilla was not having a good season, but still when she came in she almost helped them turn things around. And Sheila is Sheila, is not like he had some average back up. But he wanted to keep Sloetjes in as much as he could.

    But look today. they are leading 2-0 and down by 16-13, in a much less worth tournament, and everyone was playing well, even if they were to loose that set, is not a big deal, , and Vakifbank could still have turned that set around with Sloetjes in. And only paid off taking her out because Motta took Boskovic and Maja out as well. Otherwise they probably would have lost that set.

    And I totally get your point about "Buijs-Gozde-Sloetjes is much different than Zhu-Gozde-Sloetjes". But if Zhu-Godze-Sloetjes is his starting line=up, and they played great for 2 1/2 sets....he should just let them fight together when they are just 3 points behind in the 3rd.

    3 points behind is not a big deal, u can still win the set.

    but now, if u ask me, if he was still the Dutch coach would have he replaced Sloetjes??? My answer is NO>>> and it is not just the happened last season also, and is happening this season, and will happen more often. But if u still ask me if he was still Dutch coach, would he keep replacing her?? My answer is still NO.

    Another thing, Guidetti seams to be trying to break Sloetjes by replacing her, even when she`s playing so well like tonight. And he gives up so easily on her like tonight they are leading 2-0 and only down 16-13 but he goes ahead and takes her out.

    Of course he won`t take Zhu out, but is not fair with Sloetjes to get replaced when she`s playing well, and this has been affecting her performances lately, he started doing this last season once Zhu came. But if he was still the Dutch coach I doubt he would be doing this to her.
    And if the Dutch is on his way to Tokyo, I guess he sees this as the right opportunity to break down their best player.

    And Sloetjes does not seams happy and energetic as she used to be, does not seams like she`s having fun. I get the same feeling from Rasic. Maybe after a couple of season together they are getting a little bored with each other.

    I'm wondering if maybe she's done too much physical damage to her body over the last year. She had not just one, but two rather serious injuries and both times she rushed into coming back without letting them heal properly. It's bound to leave a mark and I think she's still feeling the consequences, you can see that sometimes her take-off is not as explosive as it used to be.
    But I hope it's going to get better, after all, there are quite a bit of matches in the Turkish league she doesn't need to play full time and focus on getting her fitness back.

    Yes, and I have talked about this before. Last season when she got injured she came right after and played the CL Final 4. She should have not done that, she even had to play with something on her leg. And then right after she played at the Club Championship. And then she gets hurt again prior the ECH and still decides to play ( she only played a little against Belgium, but still, she could have been at home recovering.)

    This could be either her choice or Vakifibank makes her play....I would never think a club would want a player to play while injured, but just look what Vitra did to Thaisa, they even lied to her in order to make her play.

    Checking the stats and Larson received only 2 balls, Simge 37, Meliha 29, Onal 9.

    In a typical game Larson would never receive only 2 balls, but I think it was Motta strategy to make her play as mostly non-receiving and let her take more sets, the only reason he would do that is because Boskovic is not 100%. Otherwise Boskovic would be getting a lot more sets.