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    Buijs also played in Vakıfbank before but it doesn't make her top 3 outside hitter in the world:aww:

    Fetisova is one of best blocker in the world and definitely better than Robin. Robin might be a better attacker than Fetisova but to me, blocking is the primary function of a middle-blocker. That's I don't consider 'only attacking MBs' as best.

    Did you see Jackson this season? She is the most consistent attacker of GS. She is just unlucky that USA has Akinradewo and Adams as well.

    Fetisova ???? Top MB? I think No, she's very weak in attack.

    Yes, Fürst was kind of wall/tower in the battle at the net, there is no foreseeable replacemant for her in the years coming now. And Orthmann was injured during NT season, so this was the core reason for her not playing than. If she stays healthy, she will get time on court for German NT without any doubt.

    Camilla Wietzel

    Pomi and Scandicci could be very interesting play offs and Busto-Monza.

    Rachel Rourke is rumored to play for some Italian team in play-offs. Maybe Pomi will signed her ?? Or even Busto, but this could falls too.

    Danielle Cuttino is playing very well now. but Kaja Grobelna is very weak and she is the worst Opposite in Serie A. Busto should find a new Opposite and I think Rourke can help them in playoffs.

    Lippmann showed her true potential, we saw it many times, she's just tired. When it comes to Grobelna I disagree, she is not that good OPP to be honest, she's not bad either, but not ready for this level. In many matches in Poland she was completely off, she's just a unstable hitter. She was not the only one who carried her team during NT period, plus her team did not participate in WCH. IMO she's way behind Louisa or Malwina.

    I agree, Kaja Grobelna isn't on lever for Serie A and Louisa Lippmann is better than her very much!