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    According to the MC Claren report (2011-2015) at least 8 Russian volleyball players (men and women) tested positive and nothing happened. In the final of the Olympic qualifiers 2016, Russia beat France by 3-2 and Alexander Markin tested positive (he whas the best player in that match) and France had to play another qualifier while Russia didn´t receive any punishment, they qualified to Rio 2016.

    So if you think Brasil is going to be penalized, keep waiting, this is not an individual sport and Fivb always washes its hands.

    Lol. His other son plays as libero, why not is he in the roster?:wall::wall:

    I´m sure there are many Argentinian wing spikers much better than Mendez. Jan Martinez, Palonsky, Quiroga...

    Or maybe Semeniuk :lol:. Honestly, I hope they invest in Voronkov, he could be great next season... even with Micah who plays fast volleyball. Bednorz could be great with Micah as well.

    Yeah, Voronkov did a great job against Kozle and Alekno praised him at the press conference. Some Russian fans were saying that he praised Voronkov in order to renew his contract, but he is 25 and he needs to be a starter.

    Next season with the Volkov-Bednorz duo, Voronkov will have plenty of opportunities to play as both starters are a bit irregular (I´m sure Alekno prefers Semeniuk than Bednorz:dance6:)

    Been reading in the Russian forums, there are rumors of Christienson (S), Volkov (OH), Leal (OH), Kurkaev (MB) for Kazan next season. All except Leal are quite possible as I believe the latter is going to Modena. Zenit Kazan will be a completely different team next season :what:

    You are right. Leal signed with Modena (same as Ngapeth).

    Bednorz has one more year of contract, let´s see if they try to break it in order to sign another foreigner (I´m sure they want to do that, but they need to pay around 650,000€ to Bednorz, so...).

    I´m sure yesterday those players were supporting Zaksa Kozle in Champions League:lol:. Alekno said if they qualified to the Champions League final, Iranian players would had to do a training camp in Kazan so that he could train Zenit Kazan and Iran NT at the same time.

    I also remembered Toniutti played for Kazan in 2014, didn‘t he? Was it the season they got Marouf in mid-season? Was Benjamin injured or did not achieve Kazan’s expectations?

    Cev didn´t allow Toniutti to play with Kazan in Champions League because he was registered with Ravenna in Challenge Cup so Kazan decided to sign Marouf although his performance was not good enough and Kobzar ended playing as a starter.

    Bad season for Loh and for all of Radom. In pre- season types they were right behind Zaksa, Resovia, JW, Warsaw, Skra and Zawiercie but yet they will not play in playoffs and they are in one of the last places in league. Only Yosifov play on his level in Radom.

    Agree. Konarski in my opinion is the biggest disappointment. He wanted to go to the Olympics :lol: but opposites like Malinowski, Butryn, Muzaj are better situated. It seems that he has signed a contract with a Japanese team for next season.

    wasn’t he also absent from Kazan last year? Where was he ? Rehab?

    He was just general manager of the team, but after the poor performance in the World Clubs Championship and Russian league, he moved back to the bench as an assistant coach of Verbov and taking part in the trainings.

    Apparently he wants to take another year off next season.

    So there's an article from WoV that Nimir is being scouted by a Russian club. Based on the rumors I read, people are saying it is Kazan who is interested in him. Since Nimir does not play as OH (at least not that I know of), so that means Mikhaylov will finally leave the club? There's also a previous rumor Kazan is interested in Bruno, but I guess the latter declined and now Kazan has set it's sights on Nimir.

    I don´t know where he will play next season, but his agent published yesterday or two days ago an instagram story in a pub with his wife with the text "After a good negotiation, time to celebrate" (or something similar) mentioning Nimir, so I guess they signed the contract and that team will have to pay the buy out.

    Novosibirsk has an "special agreement" with Brobov and LZS agency. If I´m not wrong 13 of their 14 players are represented by that agency so unless they change their philosophy, I imagine Petric, Lyneel or Perrin would be their next oh:D.

    Am I the only one having difficulties with stream on their website ? I keeps stopping :(

    Every year the same. It´s impossible to watch an entire match in their website without stops.

    At least this year they are using their youtube channel to broadcast the important games as they did with laola1, but unfortunately not today.

    Does anybody know what happen to Kerminen and Kabeshov? The fact Dinamo is playing their third libero is a mystery to me. Atleast he's cute. :whistle:

    Kerminen played several matches while Deroo was injured. I think in Russia they only allow 2 foreigners in the roster including the reserves.

    The libero of Zenit is going to dream with the serves of number 24:win:. Three aces so far...

    And three of the four middle blockers (Yakovlev, Vlasov and number 24) played together in Novyi Urengoy few years ago together with Kliuka.