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    actually, just 50% 4/8, because you didn't mention MVP and MB award and best setter in your opinion is respaut from French.

    Just a joke of course, although 100% true, but it is certainly completely irrelevant, Kockarević remains in my dream team, which is also perfectly irrelevant, just to repeat.

    I said respaut or french it was between both

    And i said 100% about the ones i mentioned,i know i didn't put mb

    Migliori centrali: Darya Sauchuk (Blr), Hena Kurtagic (Srb)

    Migliori schiacciatrici: Guewe Diouf (Fra), Kseniya Liabiodkina (Blr)

    Miglior opposta: Vanja Savic (Srb)

    Miglior palleggiatrice: Lila Sengun (Tur)

    Miglior libero: Gulce Guctekin (Tur)

    MVP: Ipar Kurt (Tur)

    So cev think the same as me :drink:

    Liabiodkina should be awarded

    belarus is ahead 2-1

    It seems diouf played his volleyball in group phase because yesterday and now she was dissapeared

    But also all blocks was on her

    France won 3rd set and going ahead in 4th,i tough it gonna lost in 3

    I like french mb dia,she's good

    I saw her and shes bot Nt material

    But since some years she's ruling this league in her position

    Goncharova is so annoying. :down: She can just dream about being a twice european championship MVP. She reminds me some old italian NT players and their jelousy to Piccinini... :whistle:

    Russia would be a way better NT without her, her ego, her trash talking and her frozen vibes.

    In fact without goncharova russia would be so weak and they are already weak so imagine without her that made all the points

    Considering that her backups are horrible

    Omg this was so boring to watch. Can any team in Italian league really challange Conegliano? Did Busto really prepare for Egonu at all? It is Italian league and Busto being aced so many times...Really disappointing.

    Busto is really low this season

    They have good players in outsides but limitated but the problem is in middle

    All her mb have no great level compared to other top team (stevanovic is good but..)

    In my opinion busto couldn't even be in top 4

    And novara can win imoco

    I am a great scandicci fan but I hope conegliano won this

    I love all players from that team

    But maybe to play with a rivak that had 2 previous tough game gonna be a problem