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    Oh right well there you go she was with them but didn't play an active role so my guess is that it's the same for Kurogo who will only be there as support or they can sacrifice her as the 13th/14th player if they qualify

    That's not gonna happen her ego is too big to be the sacrifice. She'll have to go on another mental health hiatus if they did that to her and then go racing back to another pre-Olympic cycle in 2027 for a spot in Yoshihara's team

    This could just be a hype tactic that Manabe has been doing since 2022. He also took Miyashita and Nagaoka overseas then dropped them eventually. Miyashita didn't even make VNL she lasted only until their stop in Paris for a friendly match which she didn't participate in. These are all well known players with solid NT rep and a lot of fans waiting for them. Who is he gonna hype after Ishikawa and Koga when the rest don't have that kind of popularity? just saying. It could be a diversion. But again I'm only picking this up with his pattern of doing this hype marketing with popular players. That's what he's always been known for.

    Miyashita's last stop was VNL Philippines but she never played just subbed once I think.

    Same because she’s absent since the Red vs White and NECkagawa is still there :lol:

    I don't know how to embed a story is that even possible but you can watch the videos of them here

    I saw a tweet that it's become a ritual of national teams to do before big games the OHTANI KABUTO HAT CEREMONY that large hat that mayu's wearing on the screenshot I posted. I doubt they would miss out on that.

    Last year they did that hat ceremony too but the whole roster from the presscon were all there at the satsumasendai camp. They got cut a couple days before they left for VNL.

    I've honestly been curious about Miyabe and Matsui since I wasn't able to see any of their matches this season but now that attention has shifted to Kurogo and her ill prepared "comeback" no more mention of Inoue which was expected since they got V2'd but now even Hayashi is getting unfairly cast aside.

    Wada was nowhere in the friendly match photos but I swear if she doesn't get picked for VNL and Kurogo creeps in I'm boycotting JVA as a whole I'm not wasting my time

    Looks like you'll have to boycott because Wada is no longer part of the camp

    Is Wada any good with oos balls if she played purely as an opp? I think her and Hayashi should swap sides if Wada is better at oos. I don't know what their strategy for Kurogo is but it seems like she's bound to play as opp again even if she's not in her best shape.

    Seki's tosses make for awful oos that's one of her weaknesses. I haven't seen enough of Wada to say if she's good at oos direct kill rhythm against more difficult opponents.

    I think they might just use Kurogo as sub. I've seen her serve and it's fucking weak so at most they could use her when dealing with easier teams just so she can regain some of her confidence back. For anyone thinking she'll have some sort of awakening when the team hasn't even qualified is honestly delusional. Worse timing to be putting her back to grind.

    This is just a hunch but with Yoshihara freshly quitting JT she could have done that in order to prepare for selection once Manabe steps down

    that might not be so bad. she's the only coach that has developed silent bombs like hayashi and wada

    hard disagree. anyone who enters a professional v1 team must at some point wanted an nt ticket even if its for the b team. but hitachi during watanabe's time is very mid. players from top seeded teams were always the one getting priority you should know that being a hisamitsu og fan.

    nt wide rosters has had some very questionable players in the past 4 years alone. one of them would be okawa from toyota who imo is probably one of the worse younger players ive seen not to mention nakagawa who only gets into the nt thanks to her saga privilege.

    erina ogawa you mean? from toray not toyota

    I feel like Hitachi is more on the fanservice type of team because even when Ebata and Kurihara were there they were both past their peak and the strongest one for example Hisae Watanabe wasn't interested in the NT (I know crazy but there are always those girls). Even I'm not convinced Hawi is good. Like she is capable of aggressively hitting but without trajectory.

    im on the fence when it comes to hawi. like you mentioned her attacks are mostly quantity over quality but with poor execution which is probably why she can't break through in the main team despite having some potential to break double digits

    New Inoue @Saga is giving V2 noodle spikes

    I kinda like her?? only because she looks a bit like Ayano Sato and I can't say no to that but fuck she aint good yall

    Maybe I should finally switch to JT next season so I can observe if Shiode really is another version of Sakae. They also have an Inoue at JT who doesn't fully suck

    which rookie do you believe in? kasai?

    The men's team has a Cuban player in their roster Alain De Armas. There was news of him marrying earlier this year or late last year but I can't say I know him at all. The men's side are evolving, the women's side are ....stuck. Manabe is so behind on everything you can't tell me otherwise.

    he was so busy with that american with a hundred versions of her name. but the nail in the coffin is getting kurogo fuck that shit what the hell is she gonna do that valdes can't do better and with 75% more efficiency

    Do the players reuse their towels from the previous timeouts or do get fresh ones each time?

    I don't remember how it is for the rest of the teams but in Denso Rosamaria would get like 5 towels since the used ones aren't rolled anymore and she would get a rolled one every time out and 2 more after the game lol. She'd have one on her neck or shoulder and carrying another one on her hand