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    I don't get why "popularity" is the first thing this is all about ?(

    It's about winning. If the team wins, they will become popular

    I don't know about winning as much them doing well. They did in fact do well last NT season both at VNL and WWCH but for some reason only 1800+ people showed up in a 10,000 capacity arena below the 5000 mark so why the lack of support for the women's team when the men's team are sold out already???? Isn't that baffling? is it the lack of attractive players? why is VBW not hyping them as much as Thailand for example.

    that's rare. at that age most JP players are leaving.

    you better not be complaining like you did shitting on jordan larson for returning to the nt

    and no it's not rare at all araki takeshita sano they all beg to differ. kawashima is still around and she's a freaking fossil. tominaga returned after she gave birth now at 32 and so did that toray libero that went to pfu

    Their training camp is open to the public until the 21st but after the second selection they won't allow it anymore.

    There is a small entrance fee. Fans are not allowed to take photos or videos of the players. No shouting or cheering. Gifts for the athletes are allowed, autographs allowed. An allotted duration of 30 mins per group inside with a maximum of 20 people. Last year they only allowed 10 outside the gym due to covid but now it's 20 and they're allowed inside.

    Guys, is there any new Opp in this year lis that we can look forward to in case both Hayashi and Nagaoka somehow underperform?

    Hayashi underperform? when has she ever done that in the NT? Koga is the one who keeps getting injured and Inoue keeps falling way behind Hayashi during critical times.

    Multi-tasking as both coach and player in a small team without a stable footing while doing PR for their prefecture was the wrong move for her. There's a reason that's not a thing. She made it a one-woman team where she had to do almost everything with very little acknowledgement from the volleyball field.

    Disagree. Sato was already on the path to retirement. She wouldn't gain anything else from Hitachi if she retired there. V1 gives you exposure as long as you're active as a player but once you retire you're as good as a nobody. Her NT reputation means she has some influence which she used in order to establish a volleyball team based in Sendai plus it also secured her a different career path now that she's retired. That makes her *gasp* a contributing member of society.

    She's no longer with the NT so it's only normal for her not to receive as high of an exposure as those who retire after the Olympics like Ishii for example and liberos hardly ever get the proper acknowledgement they deserve. Sano and Takeshita didn't even get a press conference when they retired but Ebata had 2 days of presscon despite not being active for 2-3 years. 1 for PFU and 2 for her Sports Biz signing

    Not a good idea to announce their players departure before the finals. Gotta hit everyone with it once the whole thing is done so that the players stay motivated instead of complacent from hearing everyone's goodbyes.

    Hisamitsu's PR is especially dogshit. Who cares about the players getting off the bus with half their faces covered and some them looking high asf. They ain't even post those pre-game fist bumps anymore that's so much more relevant. and what's with the awful 300x300 watermarked photos and tiny little videos? I can't see what's happening in those videos from their stories. They be using iphones and should upload tiktok vertical videos they can't even do that much? What in the 2002 myspace crap. /End of rant.