Bulgarian Superleague 2010-2011

  • Here is photo gallery of CSKA-Gabrovo


  • Cherno more is not mentioned as one of your favourite clubs in your profile here, which would have given us a hint you are from Varna :) They had a relatively good team back when Gradinarov, Yosifov and Aleksandrov were still playing there, but it's true they were never among the best. Btw, to me this doesn't matter, I have always respected BASK (for some personal reasons and quite friendly memories)!

    My interest in volleyball was not driven by Cherno more, but started some 10 years ago in 2001 when Varna was host of the Women European Championship :D . That was the first time I watched volleyball live and the more I watched, the more I've been interested...(sweet memories :D )

    Cherno more is not one of my favorite clubs and I have some hesitations about this team. :sleeping: They are simply not a club for the 1st league, even Kaliakra are doing better and get my sympathy. You can't build a team of high-school students and in every few years when they grow enough and show some qualities to sell them :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: That's ridiculous...won't even mention the fact Cherno more is owned by the local mafia... :wacko: Sad story ;(

    I am big fan of Todorov and Salparov, not of CSKA :serve:

    Aha, I see, sorry to offend you in that way :lol: .
    I am also a big fan of Teodor Todorov, he is just so incredible, lol!

    Unfortunately Teodor is not trained properly. I see some regression :sleeping: and can't say it is only from the injury he had. He was way more impressive last summer in the matches of WL, than he is now. Alexander Popov IMO is a poor coach in terms of developing young talents. CSKA would have been looking way more differently if he was not the coach :pinch: .

    I hope Todorov will get transferred in Russia as soon as possible.

  • I don't see regression of him, may be lack of progress because of small number of minutes on the court. He still is "perde". still has good jump, serve, block and attack, scores in key moments (game agaisnt the french guys, 14:10 against Kazan). He isn't imroving technically, which is not regress

  • Teodor Todorov with 9 points in one set :)

  • 12th round:


    Slavia - Marek Union-Ivkoni 1-3 (18-25, 18-25, 25-21, 19-25)
    Cherno more BASK - Coco Volley Club Gabrovo 1-3 (26-24, 21-25, 22-25, 23-25)
    Pirin Balkanstroy - Lukoil Neftochimik 3-0 (25-22, 25-20, 25-19) http://bgvolleyball.com/files/volleyball/stats/2678.html

    Pirin: Konstantin Mitev 3, Yordan Zhelyazkov 15, Nikolay Penchev 10, Blagovest Katrandzhiev 11, Kostadin Gadzhanov 11, Svetoslav Gotsev 4, Atanas Mitrev - libero.
    Neftochimik: Milos Stefanovic 1, Simeon Aleksandrov 12, Andrey Nikolov 6, Nikolay Antonov 4, Teodor Bogdanov 8, Ivan Vlasev 3, Dobromir Ivanov - libero, Venelin Kadunkov 4, Kostadin Nikolov, Georgi Dimitrov.

    CSKA - Montana 3-0 (25-19, 27-25, 25-22) http://bgvolleyball.com/files/volleyball/stats/2682.htm
    Arda - UNWE 3-1 (25-14, 25-23, 21-25, 25-20)


    Levski Volley - Kaliakra 2-3 (20-25, 25-21, 23-25, 25-23, 12-15)


    1 - CSKA 35
    2 - Pirin Balkanstroy 34
    3 - Marek Union-Ivkoni 25
    4 - Lukoil Neftochimik 24
    5 - Coco Volley Club Gabrovo 21
    6 - Arda 20
    7 - Montana 19
    8 - Levski Volley 15
    9 - Kaliakra 10
    10- Slavia 8
    11- Cherno more BASK 4
    12- UNWE 1

  • Todorov - the scorer of the match CSKA - UNSS :super:

  • CSKA won again. Todorov keeps playing efficiently in Bulgarian League

  • CSKA played without Todorov against Slavia and won 3:0. They made only 2 blocks, however (12 blocks in the game with Todorov two days ago)

  • Oh, come on, there is no basis for comparison here, he is good, but he still has so much to develop! There's nothing you can point out in the games against the kids of Slavia, UNWE and Cherno more! These teams play against CSKA to lose as fast as possible, CSKA, on the other hand, use all the players, give them a chance to practice together, and still get the maches in less than an hour! Cherno more even declined their option to host the game against CSKA, so they played twice in Sofia. Besides, efficient blocking should only be mentioned in important games, when it matters. In the stats of the cases you mentioned we would all know the score even if CSKA played without blockers :)

  • Everyone except Matey and Vlado need to develop in our NT, and my favorite is no exception, but he is very strong even now, and very constant as stats in every game, no matter if Slavia or Kazan are against him. I wanted to show how much the overall success in blocking depends on him and Mayo and even against weak teams like Slavia their absence is felt on that element

  • 21th round:


    UNWE - CSKA 0-3 (21-25, 17-25, 19-25) (*) http://bgvolleyball.com/files/volleyball/stats/2732.htm

    13th round:


    Montana - Cherno more BASK 3-1 (25-18, 22-25, 25-22, 26-24)


    UNWE - Slavia 3-0 (25-22, 25-21, 25-18 )
    Marek Union-Ivkoni - Kaliakra 3-2 (23-25, 25-23, 23-25, 25-19, 15-13) http://bgvolleyball.com/files/volleyball/stats/2688.pdf
    Coco Volley Club Gabrovo - Arda 3-0 (25-22, 25-18, 25-19)


    Pirin Balkanstroy - Levski Volley 3-0 (25-23, 25-16, 25-23) http://bgvolleyball.com/files/volleyball/stats/2689.html

    16th round:


    Cherno more BASK - CSKA 0-3 (17-25, 21-25, 17-25) (*)

    18th round:


    Slavia - CSKA 0-3 (16-25, 15-25, 16-25) http://bgvolleyball.com/files/volleyball/stats/2704.htm


    1 - CSKA (+2) 44
    2 - Pirin Balkanstroy 37
    3 - Marek Union-Ivkoni 27
    4 - Lukoil Neftochimik (-1) 24
    5 - Coco Volley Club Gabrovo 24
    6 - Montana 22
    7 - Arda 20
    8 - Levski Volley 15
    9 - Kaliakra 11
    10- Slavia (+1) 8
    11- Cherno more BASK (+1) 4
    12- UNWE (+1) 4
    (*) denotes games that were played in Sofia in the sports hall of CSKA. Both UNWE and Cherno more BASK declined the right to host the games.

  • Finally some interesting events happened in the otherwise predictable league. UNWE took a historical first league victory against the young Slavia. UNWE normally have only two experienced players, but signed another one - Valeri Sekulov, ex-NT member, during the first days of the new year, which motivated the rest to finally take a win. Also, a very intense game between Marek and Kaliakra in Dupnitsa. It was expected to be a walk-over for the home side, but the guys from Kavarna finally started to show some good volleyball, they have the best roster among the teams in the bottom, but nothing worked for them so far. This Friday they played great and if it wasn't the ankle injury of their attacker Velinov (normally an opposite, plays 4 due to a lack of good players at that position), they could've easily taken the victory. But still they finally showed improvement, they also took a 3-2 win in Sofia against Levski, which should boost their self-confidence in the next rounds. Marek, on the other side, sent their opposite Minchev to Romania and now they use the regular 4 Valchev as an opposite. It's obvious, however, that they will have more problems in the second half of the season. Their young setter Gjorgiev could also be more accurate when passing to the attackers.

    CSKA played a series of games these days. However, they postponed the derby games against Lukoil Neftochimik and Pirin due to their European participation against Ziraatbank. Both UNWE, which also play in Sofia anyway, and Cherno more visited CSKA for the second time this season. CSKA earns more time in this way to prepare for Neftochimik and Pirin after the CEV Cup games are over.

  • 14th round:


    Slavia - Coco Volley Club Gabrovo 3-0 (25-19, 25-23, 25-20)
    Levski Volley - Marek Union-Ivkoni 3-0 (25-20, 25-20, 25-18 )
    Cherno more BASK - Lukoil Neftochimik 1-3 (17-25, 25-20, 21-25, 18-25)
    Arda - Montana 1-3 (31-33, 18-25, 25-18, 20-25)


    Kaliakra - UNWE 3-0 (25-17, 25-18, 25-11)


    1 - CSKA (+1) 44
    2 - Pirin Balkanstroy (-1) 37
    3 - Lukoil Neftochimik (-1) 27
    4 - Marek Union-Ivkoni 27
    5 - Montana 25
    6 - Coco Volley Club Gabrovo 24
    7 - Arda 20
    8 - Levski Volley 18
    9 - Kaliakra 14
    10- Slavia (+1) 11
    11- Cherno more BASK (+1) 4
    12- UNWE (+1) 4

  • Great game tonight by CSKA and Levski :cup: . The young boys from the U21 NT are our backbone and they fought hard. Only their lack of experience stopped them from winning. Very good game by Venci Trifonov, who is future star in Bulgarian volleyball, great defense. They even stopped Todorov twice with block and blocked 6 times Mayo :obey:
    I hope Levski will continue to play that way or better and will face CSKA on the final of the league
    Tsvetan Petrov - the second opposite of Levski played very good two sets. He and Vasiliy Petrov are twins and 212 cm tall. I hope they can improve their game, we can use such height against Russia and Brazil towers in our NT

  • I hope Levski will continue to play that way or better and will face CSKA on the final of the league

    Can see when Levski played a good match and lost :P but you don't reallly believe it is possible to get on the final, do you? :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I thought only Pirin and Neftochimik are able to do this, but Neftochimik proved me soooooooo wrong on that matter in the derby with Pirin that it is higly doubtfull for now!

  • I saw Levski playing, and I believe that now they are not weaker than Pirin. By the way, the best players in Pirin are the NT guys - Penchev and Gotsev, especially the last game

  • With youngsters like Levski a couple of good matches really means nothing. Young players are normaly very inconsistant.
    I can see where are you comming from and hope Levski is getting better and better. I'd love to see more exciting matches and unexpected results and is good we already sow some :D ...but - No - final is not possible!

    (At least as possible as CSKA winning the CEV Cup :lol: )

  • Well, If both things happen, you'll buy the beer :lol:

  • I saw Levski playing, and I believe that now they are not weaker than Pirin. By the way, the best players in Pirin are the NT guys - Penchev and Gotsev, especially the last game

    Pirin are at least a class above Levski.
    The league is very boring and predictable this year:1.CSKA, 2.Pirin, 3.Lukoil. Levski will be 5th at best.