Bulgarian Superleague 2010-2011

  • The judges are s******g with Pirin :what:

  • Penchev is not playing well so far and also Mitev made a lot of crapy sets :pinch: :D

    Nadejda, Maiyo has 350 cm block, Todorov has 365, it is very tough to fight this if you are not Kaziyski, even if you are :whistle:

  • The judges are s******g with Pirin :what:

    Maybe..but if you mean the last points in the 3rd set - It was Pirin's mistake..23:23 and they've lost the set :)


    "I'm so proud that the fans still sing my name. But I fear tomorrow they will stop. And I fear it because I love it. And everything you love you fear you will lose" - Eric Cantona

  • Maybe..but if you mean the last points in the 3rd set - It was Pirin's mistake..23:23 and they've lost the set :)

    It was the second or third blockout in the match, made into out :down:

  • Pirin lost.

    CSKA is the champion.

    Very low quiality volleyball from both teams, though with a lot of mistakes.

    Nowhere near as exciting as the previous matches and a bit of dissapionting.

  • Until the premature ending of the third set I actually thought this game for the most interesting. Portuondo made it boring :D
    Todorov must learn to attack, for his jump and power it is shame to have so few spikes, he could be main spiker of any team in the world after one or two years :serve:

  • CSKA finished unbeaten, which is very much Todorov block effect :obey:

  • The league is very boring and predictable this year:1.CSKA, 2.Pirin, 3.Lukoil. Levski will be 5th at best.

    Like I said before- the league was very predictable, the only surprise for me is that CSKA didn't lose a single game.

  • And Levski were at best :win:

  • Ivaylo Stefanov MVP :what:
    Teodor Bogdanov - best BLOCKER :lol: Todorov made 3 times more blocks during the seasons, not counting the rebounds, the forced errors and the assistance in other players blocks. This is CORRUPTION :down:

  • Todorov makes more blocks in his matches, but in the begging of the season he was injured and didn't play all matches. Maybe that's why? ^^

    He made more blocks than Bogdanov in absolute number even with that obstacle in his way. Bogdanov is great blocker, but come on, this is THE WALL :super:

  • As a mad fan of Todorov I make the effort to count his points, so it's really huge amount of kills, rebounds and assists :drink:

  • Individual awards:

    MVP - Ivaylo Stefanov (CSKA)
    Best Attacker - Todor Valchev (Marek Union-Ivkoni)
    Best Blocker - Teodor Bogdanov (Lukoil Neftochimik)
    Best Setter - Nikolay Ivanov (CSKA)
    Best Libero - Vladislav Ivanov (Levski Volley)
    Most Improved - Nikolay Penchev (Pirin Balkanstroy)

  • The Bulgarian Volleyball Federation quite peacefully gave the best individual players' awards to different clubs in the top half of the standings. Absolutely agree about Teodor Bogdanov, the guy is so far away from any personal achievements that if it was not for the aristocracy of BVF, he would have never even been nominated. Vladislav Ivanov's recognition instead of Salparov for the best libero is also surprising, but the idea of the federation is clear. Anyway, these awards are not that important, what's important is the fact that CSKA, quite expectedly and deservedly, made a double by winning both the national cup and the league. What was a bit shocking though was exactly the lack of any defeats throughout the year in Bulgaria. No one ever doubted who the new/old champion would be. I also think that the final for the cup, for example, was more interesting than any of the two final play-offs. Besides, the lack of Svetoslav Gotsev in Pirin more or less gave even more advantage to CSKA, he is a key factor in the performance of Pirin.

    So, a very predictable championship came to an end today. During the summer the hot topic will be what will happen to the sponsor(s) of CSKA and whether they are going to release/sign/keep players as part of next year's plan.

  • Sadly, Neftochimik, Pirin and Marek and even Levski refused to take part in any European tournament event though there is a spot available :pinch:
    so my dream to see Pirin making a debut on Europen stage failed ;( very dissapionting. Only CSKA and CVC Gabrovo will do so. CSKA will ask for a wild card for CL and if not - then will take part in CEV Cup, while Gabrovo will try again its chances in the Challenge cup!

    Again main reason is finances and a total lack of sport facilities - the clubs are playing in a gym like venues :S

    ;( ;( ;( I am hopeless

  • Pirin heads are VERY STUPID. The tournaments are their chance to sell the better players like Gotsev and Penchev, but they can't do the math, obviously :read: