Brazilian League 2014/2015

  • 08/11 - 4º Round

    Praia Clube 3x0 São Bernardo (25-20, 25-21, 25-13) -…15/estatisticas/p220F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Daymi Ramirez (Praia) 17 points

  • Joana, how is ivna marra in Brazilian Leauge? I think she deserves to be in NT.

    Well, she is back in Osasco, so that means she will probably wont have much chances to play with Carcaces and Mari there I guess. The team didnt debut yet, so lets wait and see how thinkgs go. ;)

  • 1º Round - 11/11

    São José dos Campos 0x3 SESI-SP (17-25, 16-25, 11-25) -
    Best Scorer: Monique (Sesi-SP), 18 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Monique (Sesi-SP)

    Camponesa/Minas 0x3 Pinheiros (20-25, 19-25, 25-27) -
    Best Scorer: Rosamaria (Pinheiros), 19 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Macris (Pinheiros)

    Uniara/Afav 2x3 São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano (25-20, 15-25, 21-25, 25-22, 6-15) -
    Best Scorer: Thaisinha (São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano), 24 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Thaisinha (São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano)

    Brasília Vôlei 3x2 São Bernardo Vôlei (25-15, 26-24, 23-25, 20-25, 15-9) -
    Best Scorer: Mari Helen (São Bernardo Vôlei), 25 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Angélica (Brasília Vôlei)

    Maranhão/Cemar 0x3 Molico/Nestlé (23-25, 21-25, 18-25) -
    Best Scorer: Carcaces (Molico/Nestlé), 12 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Carcaces (Molico/Nestlé)

    Rio do Sul/Equibrasil 1x3 Dentil/Praia Clube (16-25, 25-27, 25-20, 21-25) -
    Best Scorer: Tandara (Dentil/Praia Clube), 23 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Tandara (Dentil/Praia Clube)

  • 2º Round - 14/11

    São Cirstovão Saúde/São Caetano 3x1 São Bernardo (16-25, 25-21, 28-26, 25-17 -
    Best Scorer: Mari Ellen (São Bernardo, 22 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Mara (São Cristóvão/São Caetano))

    Pinheiros 3x0 Uniara/AFAV (26-24, 30-28, 25-14) -
    Best Scorer: Rosamaria (Pinheiros) and Angélica (Uniara/AFAV), 19 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Vivian (Pinheiros)

    Dentil/Praia Clube 3x2 Camponesa/Minas (25-18, 19-25, 25-20, 15-25, 23-21) -
    Best Scorer: Tandara (Dentil/Praia Clube), 29 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Jú Carrijo (Dentil/Praia Clube)

    Molico/Nestlé 3x0 Rio do Sul/EquiBrasil (25-16, 25-19, 25-17) -…15/estatisticas/p210F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Carcaces (Molico/Nestlé), 12 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Dani Lins (Molico/Nestlé)

    Sesi-SP 3x0 Maranhão/CEMAR (25-12, 27-25, 25-12) -…15/estatisticas/p211F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Bia (SESI-SP), 15 pnts

    Rexona Ades 3x0 São José dos Campos (25-9, 25-11, 25-17) -…15/estatisticas/p212F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Mayhara (Rexona Ades) 9 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Fabi (Rexona Ades)

  • 16/11 - 4º Round

    Molico/Nestlè 3x0 Uniara/AFAV (25-21, 25-17, 25-20) -…15/estatisticas/p221F.pdf

  • 3º Round


    18:30h (21:30h CET) Brasília x São Cristovão Saúde/São CAetano - SPORTV
    19:00h (22h CET) São Bernardo x Pinheiros


    20:00h (23h CET) Uniara/AFAV x Dentil/Praia Clube
    20:15h (23:15h CET) Maranhão/CEMAR x Rexona-Ades


    19:30h (22:30h CET) Molico/Nestlè x Camponesa/Minas

  • 3º Round

    Brasília Vôlei 3x1 São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano (25-20, 25-23, 26-28, 25-16) -…15/estatisticas/p214F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Roberta (Brasília Vôlei), 18 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Roberta (Brasília Vôlei)

    São Bernardo Vôlei 0x3 Pinheiros (15-25, 20-25, 14-25) -…15/estatisticas/p213F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Mari Helen (São Bernardo Vôlei), 16 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Rosamaria (Pinheiros)

    Uniara/Afav 2x3 Dentil/Praia Clube (25-23, 28-30, 25-22, 17-25, 6-15) -…15/estatisticas/p215F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Daymi Ramirez (Dentil/Praia Clube), 25 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Jú Costa (Dentil/Praia Clube)

    Maranhão/Cemar 2x3 Rexona-Ades (19-25, 25-22, 25-20, 9-25, 8-15) -…15/estatisticas/p216F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Gabi (Rexona/Ades), 22 pts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Gabi (Rexona/Ades)

    Molico/Nestlé 3x0 Camponesa/Minas (25-20, 25-13, 25-22) -…15/estatisticas/p217F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Carcaces (Molico/Nestlé), 14 pts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Camila Brait (Molico/Nestlé)

    29/11 - Sesi-SP x Rio do Sul/Equibrasil

  • Missing a lot Sarah in the team.

    I still didnt get it Rexona transfer ideas for this season..... :whistling:

  • 4º Round

    (7/11) Rexona-Ades 3x0 Rio do Sul/EquiBrasil
    (8/11) Dentil/Praia Clube 3x0 São Bernardo
    (16/11) Molico/Nestlé 3x0 Uniara/AFAV


    19:30h Pinheiros x Brasília

    19:30h São José dos Campos x Maranhão/CEMAR

    21:30h (00:30h CET) SESI-SP x Camponesa/Minas - SPORTV

  • 4º Round

    Rexona-Ades 3x0 Rio do Sul/EquiBrasil (25-15, 25-20, 19-25, 25-14) -…15/estatisticas/p219F.pdf

    Dentil/Praia Clube 3x0 São Bernardo (25-20, 25-21, 25-13)…15/estatisticas/p220F.pdf

    Molico/Nestlé 3x0 Uniara/AFAV (25-21, 25-17, 25-20)…15/estatisticas/p221F.pdf

    Pinheiros 3x1 Brasília (16-25, 25-14, 25-16, 25-13) -…15/estatisticas/p222F.pdf

    São José dos Campos 3x0 Maranhão/CEMAR (2725, 26-24, 25-19) -…15/estatisticas/p224F.pdf

    SESI-SP 3x0 Camponesa/Minas (25-19, 25-12, 25-14) -…15/estatisticas/p223F.pdf

  • 5º Round

    Brasília Vôlei 0x3 Dentil/Praia Clube (24-26, 22-25, 23-25) -…15/estatisticas/p225F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Tandara (Dentil/Praia Clube), 22 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Tássia (Dentil/Praia Clube)

    Camponesa/Minas 0x3 Rexona-Ades (15-25, 13-25, 19-25) -…ica_pdf.asp?arq=p226F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Natália (Rexona-Ades), 17 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Natália (Rexona-Ades)

    Uniara/Afav 0x3 Sesi-SP (17-25, 25-27, 18-25) -…15/estatisticas/p227F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Heloíza (Uniara/Afav), 13 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Bárbara (Sesi-SP)

    São Bernardo Vôlei 0x3 Molico/Nestlé (17-25, 35-37, 12-25) -…15/estatisticas/p228F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Adenízia (Molico/Nestlé), 18 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Adenízia (Molico/Nestlé)

    São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano 3x2 Pinheiros (25-22, 20-25, 19-25, 25-22, 15-13) -…15/estatisticas/p229F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Ellen and Rosamaria (Pinheiros), 20 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Paula (São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano)

    Rio do Sul/Equibrasil x São José dos Campos - 20:15h

  • Why Thaisa doesn't play in the matches for Molico ? Is she injured ?

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Why Thaisa doesn't play in the matches for Molico ? Is she injured ?

    Dont know if she had a minor injury, but she played yesterday, so everything should be ok, nothing to worry.

  • 6º Round

    Rexona-Ades 3x0 Uniara/Afav (25-14, 25-17, 25-17) -…15/estatisticas/p233F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Natália (Rexona Ades), 20 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Carol (Rexona Ades)

    Fofão and Andréia were saved for this game and didnt play. Andréia is recovering from a intestine ill, I dont know about Fofão...but I dont think there was anything serious, more for her to rest. But Rexona played the best game in this season I think. A lot of defense, and very few mistakes. And Bruna is showing to be more effective than Andréia as opp.

    Dentil/Praia Clube 3x0 São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano (25-14, 25-21, 25-21) -…15/estatisticas/p231F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Tandara (Dentil/Praia Clube), 17 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Natasha (Dentil/Praia Clube)

    Ramirez didnt play this game, not sure if she is injured...

    Sesi-SP 3x0 São Bernardo Vôlei (25-7, 25-9, 25-12) -…15/estatisticas/p232F.pdf
    Bet Scorer: Pri Daroit (Sesi-SP), 13 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Monique (Sesi-SP)

    Brasília Vôlei 0x3 Molico/Nestlé (18-25, 18-25, 24-26) -…15/estatisticas/p234F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Carcaces (Molico/Nestlé), 16 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Ivna (Molico/Nestlé)

    São José dos Campos 1x3 Camponesa/Minas (10-25, 13-25, 27-25, 25-13) -…15/estatisticas/p235F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Carla (Camponesa/Minas), 18 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Walewska (Camponesa/Minas)

    So Jaque made her debut for Minas, and they win their first game this season. True is Minas had only faced the "top" teams in the league so far, so Im sure their win/lost performance will only improve from now on...

    Maranhão/Cemar 1x3 Rio do Sul/Equibrasil (19-25, 22-25, 31-29, 18-25) -…15/estatisticas/p236F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Natiele (Rio do Sul/Equibrasil), 20 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Juliana Paes (Rio do Sul/Equibrasil)

  • Webster didn't get a single chance to play as starter, even when Ramirez is missing. :wall:

    Yeah, well, it will be hard to see her playing, cause Praia has some experienced oh like Ju Costa, Sassá, and there is Ramirez and Tandara that can play as both OH and she enter sometimes in 5-1 inversion, but that has been pretty much it....she doesnt have the experience other players from Praia have

  • Yeah, well, it will be hard to see her playing, cause Praia has some experienced oh like Ju Costa, Sassá, and there is Ramirez and Tandara that can play as both OH and she enter sometimes in 5-1 inversion, but that has been pretty much it....she doesnt have the experience other players from Praia have

    I know, but she's different than any other players Praia Clube has got: she is physically dominant. Tandara and Ramirez are killer hitters, but different than her. Sassà is a back row specialist. I expected her to play more, expecially against weaker teams. Brazil is always an opportunity for foreign players, but staying on bench always and forever doesn't make her a better player. ;(

    On the other side Natasha Farinea is playing very good lately. She is back on her top shape. She used to be a better player than what we saw in Rio de Janeiro or Campinas.

  • What sucks for Webster is that she's technically the club's third OPP behind Ramirez and Tandara. She's been entering in 5-1 inversions every once in a while with Ju Carrijo, but she's never able to do much and is still quite shy on court.

    Ramirez must be injured btw. I remember she was already feeling something in the game against Brasília. I agree Natasha is doing really well this year indeed. ^^ I do think the whole team is slightly better this season, but I don't want to jinx it. :whistling:

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  • 7ª Round

    São Cristóvão Saúde/São Caetano 0x3 Molico/Nestlé (19-25, 21-25, 21-25) -…15/estatisticas/p241F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Carcaces (Molico/Nestlé), 16 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Thaísa (Molico/Nestlé)

    Pinheiros 3x2 Dentil/Praia Clube (25-21, 23-25, 17-25, 25-22, 15-8 ) -…15/estatisticas/p242F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Tandara (Dentil/Praia Clube), 28 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Fê Isis (Pinheiros)

    Camponesa/Minas 3 x 1 Maranhão/Cemar (21-25, 25-19, 25-14, 25-15) -…15/estatisticas/p237F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Mari Paraíba (Camponesa/Minas), 21 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Mari Paraíba (Camponesa/Minas)

    Uniara/Afaz 3x0 São José dos Campos (25-23, 25-12, 25-20) -…15/estatisticas/p238F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Helô (Uniara/Afav), 16 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Helô (Uniara/Afav)

    Brasília Vôlei 1x3 Sesi-SP (23-25, 30-28, 15-25, 17-25) -…15/estatisticas/p240F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Fabiana (Sesi-SP), 20 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Fabiana (Sesi-SP)

    9 blocks for Bia, she seems to be getting back to her best shape.

    São Bernardo Vôlei 0x3 Rexona Ades (21-25, 15-25, 23-25) -…15/estatisticas/p239F.pdf
    Best Scorer: Gabi (Rexona-Ades), 16 pnts
    TROFÉU VIVAVÔLEI: Gabi (Rexona-Ades)