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    It's nonsense to say which league is better without any numerical data. It is much more enjoyable to watch the matches between strong teams in the Turkish league, because especially the top 4 can win matches against each other. In Italy, there is a sharp distinction between Conegliano and others.

    First of all, it is necessary to clarify this issue. Ebrar likes to play aggressively on the court and make contact with the opponent. Just like Cuban, Russian and Brazilian players. She even said that her idol was Kosheleva when she was little.

    There is a referee in every match, and if the referee does not react against this kind of actions, the players can continue it. Referees in Russia have been allowing this for years, and we have been seeing Russian players who have been on the same national team for years shouting at each other and making gestures.
    I'm not saying Ebrar is doing it right, but this is something that happens in sports. For example, there is constant trash talk in the NBA and football.

    Frankly, I found Natalia's reaction a bit excessive, and I think she made such a post because she knew that Ebrar was not loved by Brazilian fans, despite the lynchings she received for supporting Bolsonaro. Moreover, her support of Goncharova's actions and her lack of reaction to Godina's scandalous statement shows what a hypocritical person she is.

    You think she'll fit on cansu's moonball type if set? I'm worried the timing because markova is very tall and for sure it will be high balls. Bosetti/frantti is a type of players who play better on a fast set. Lol

    Have you ever watched Cansu’s matches? Just watch how she sets to Frantti and Caratasu. She is very talented setter and can set how a player wants.

    Especially after Sarah being wasted in Vakif I am kinda scared for Indy, but at least Scandicci seems to rotate their players better. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that both Indy and Hena can (slowly) fight their way into starting line-up (or at least get valuable experience training with big stars and improve for the season after) :super: luckily Italy has the fourth foreigner slot which also helps!

    actually Vakıf has one of the worst season in their club history this year. And Van Aalen got a lot of chances like all players in team but didn’t play good enough. Also they have Cansu who is the one of the best setters in the world atm.

    I am so happy that Chemik will play in final:obey: Saliha and Iga were bery good. Nice to see that Saliha is in good shape at the end. I hope that her memories from Poland will be nice:heart:

    Łukasik in first semi had great performance, but in second she had problem with spike. I cross my fingers for her in final games:super:

    She is sharing some vlogs in 4141 YouTube channel. She really likes Poland, people, food, and her teammates. She already said that she will miss these days a lot :rose:

    Actually Guidetti gave tons of chance to Nika. After she was injured, Bajema started to play and did great. Sorry but Nika’s defence and reception are just bad in higher level.