Germany - Volleyball Bundesliga (VBL) 2014/15

  • This weekend:

    14.02.15 /18.30/ BERLIN RECYCLING Volleys vs. VSG Coburg/Grub
    14.02.15 /19.30/ CV Mitteldeutschland vs. NETZHOPPERS KW-Bestensee
    14.02.15 /20.00/ TV Ingersoll Bühl vs. SVG Lüneburg
    15.02.15 /18.00/ VCO Berlin vs. VSG Coburg/Grub
    15.02.15 /18.00/ VfB FriedrichshafenTV Rottenburg

    All matches, besides the VCO Berlin match, will be available as one-camera-stream on

  • 14.02.15 /18.30/ BERLIN RECYCLING Volleys vs. VSG Coburg/Grub 3:0 (25:15, 25:16, 25:17)
    Convincing victory for Berlin over a weak Coburg. Touzinsky didn't have his best day but De Marchis still managed to have worse numbers after entering the court. I still wonder, why they haven't signed another more capable OH in January......

    14.02.15 /19.30/ CV Mitteldeutschland vs. NETZHOPPERS KW-Bestensee 3:2 (22:25,25:20,25:15,19:25,15:12)

    14.02.15 /20.00/ TV Ingersoll Bühl vs. SVG Lüneburg 1:3 (22:25,19:25,25:22,16:25)
    Great victory for Lüneburg, which will probably secure them the 4th place and home advantage for the play-off quarter-final (against Bühl)! Outstanding performance by both OHs Bahlburg and Laane. Overall they proved once again that they belong to the best serving teams in the league.

    15.02.15 /18.00/ VCO Berlin vs. VSG Coburg/Grub 0:3 (22:25,21:25,18:25)

    15.02.15 /18.00/ VfB Friedrichshafen vs. TV Rottenburg 3:1 (25:17,25:20,21:25,25:14)
    Toniutti entered in third set for Tischer.....


  • Last round of regular season:

    21.02.15 /19.30/ BERLIN RECYCLING Volleys vs. SWD powervolleys DÜREN
    21.02.15 /19.30/ NETZHOPPERS KW-Bestensee vs. TSV Herrsching
    21.02.15 /19.30/ SVG Lüneburg vs. VfB Friedrichshafen
    21.02.15 /19.30/ TV Rottenburg vs. CV Mitteldeutschland
    21.02.15 /19.30/ VSG Coburg/Grub vs. TV Ingersoll Bühl

    All matches as one-camera-stream on

    Friedrichshafen needs a 3 point win in Lüneburg, in order to remain first in the ranking or they have to hope that Düren can steal a point in Berlin.
    From Championsleague in Rzeszow to Lüneburg in just three days might be a little cultural clash for Friedrichshafen and it will be interesting how they will adapt to the special conditions in Lüneburg.

    In Lüneburg, Coach Stefan Hübner extended his contract for another two years which raises hopes that Lüneburgs success story this year doesn't remain a one-year-wonder.

  • Friedrichshafen wins 3:1 in Lüneburg and remains on first position. In third set it still looked like as if Lüneburg might even have a chance of winning but then Moculescu brought Simon Tischer for Toniutti and the things went their way......

  • Final ranking after main round:

    1. Friedrichshafen 20 / 55
    2. Berlin 20 / 54
    3. Düren 20 / 43
    4. SVG Lüneburg 20 / 36
    5. TV Bühl 20 / 35
    6. TV Rottenburg 20 / 27
    7. Netzhoppers 20 / 26
    8. TSV Herrsching 20 / 20
    9. CV Mitteldeutschland 20 / 18
    10. VSG Coburg/Grub 20 / 15
    11. VCO Berlin 20 / 1


    Pre-Play-offs (best of three, starting on 4th March):
    Netzhoppers vs. Coburg
    Herrsching vs. Mitteldeutschland

    Quarter-finals (best of three, starting on 14th March):
    Friedrichshafen vs. worst ranked winner of pre-play-offs
    Berlin vs. best ranked winner of pre-play-offs
    Düren vs. Rottenburg
    Lüneburg vs. Bühl

  • German Cup final 2015:

    Sunday, 01.03.15, 12.15 CET
    SVG Lüneburg vs. VfB Friedrichshafen

    (Live on

    This year, obviously we have a clear favourite for the title. Last week in Lüneburg, we had a real match,and Friedrichshafen had to give it all to win the match, so lets see first, what Lüneburg can do on Sunday.

    Whatever happens, playing this final can already be considered a success for Lüneburg. There is a lot of media attention for this match "David vs. Goliath" and, first time for a while, the final will be broadcasted on free tV (NDR and SWR). Both coaches have all their players available. For Lüneburg Falko Steinke is ready again after his ankle injury. Together with Tijmen Laane, top scorer of the main round, he will be needed in good shape, if they want to stand a chance against Friedrichshafen.

  • Congratulations to VfB Friedrichshafen, winner of the German Cup 2015 :thumbup:

    SVG Lüneburg vs VfB Friedrichshafen 0:3 (13:25, 13:25, 18:25)

    Unfortunately it wasn't a really good final. Obviously intimidated by the big crowd and dimensions of the hall, too many players of Lüneburg underperformed and so they were never able to catch any "momentum" in the game. Especially Tijmen Laane and Erik Mattson played under their usual level. On the other hand, the confidence of VfB players grew with every rally and for large parts of the game they were almost toying with Lüneburg.

  • Pre-Play-offs (best of three):

    04.03.15 Netzhoppers vs. Coburg 3:1
    08.03.15 /16.00/ Coburg vs. Netzhoppers

    Really bad luck for Coburg. During the season they already lost their main hitter Itamar Stein due to an injury and now in the first set, Moritz Karlitzek had to leave the court with an ankle injury.

    04.03.15 Herrsching vs. Mitteldeutschland 1:3
    07.03.15 /19.30/ Mitteldeutschland vs. Herrsching ( )

    For sure, those are very emotional and difficult matches for Mitteldeutschland. They will play for their young libero Dennis Hefter who died in a tragic accident just a week ago.

    Here is a rundown I gave on the German Playoffs CLICK HERE

    You might be interested in this:…43870-video-best-of-scott

    It's a little feature on Lüneburgs Captain Scott Kevorken, who just extended his contract for another year.

  • 08.03.15 /16.00/ Coburg vs. Netzhoppers 1:3
    07.03.15 /19.30/ Mitteldeutschland vs. Herrsching 3:1

    Netzhoppers and Mitteldeutschland advanced to the quarter-finals, which are now complete.
    I don't expect big surprises in the quarters. Berlin and Friedrichshafen will certainly go through with ease and judging from the last month performances, Düren should be clearly better than Rottenburg. The matches between Lüneburg and Bühl will probably be the tightest. We will see how the very harsh defeat in the cup final affects Lüneburg and whether Bühl could use the free time for some improvements.

    Quarter-final (best of three):

    15.03.15 /18.00/ Vfb Friedrichshafen vs. CV Mitteldeutschland
    21.03.15 /19.30/ CV Mitteldeutschland vs. VfB Friedrichshafen

    14.03.15 /18.30/ BR Volleys vs. Netzhoppers
    18.03.15 /19.00/ Netzhoppers vs. BR Volleys

    14.03.15 /19.30/ Düren vs Rottenburg
    21.03.15 /19.30/ Rottenburg vs. Düren

    14.03.15 /20.00/ SVG Lüneburg vs. TV Bühl
    21.03.15 /20.00/ TV Bühl vs. SVG Lüneburg

  • First round of the quarter-finals:

    15.03.15 /18.00/ Vfb Friedrichshafen vs. CV Mitteldeutschland 3:0 (25:15, 25:14, 25:15)
    Toniutti started instead of Simon Tischer and, judging only by numbers, did well as most of his teammates.

    14.03.15 /18.30/ BR Volleys vs. Netzhoppers 3:0 (25:19, 25:16, 25:13)
    Very dominant match by Berlin. Lebedew started his first 6 and we will probably see these guys in CL final 4 as well. 64% attacking percentage for berlin versus 27% for Netzhoppers probably says it all.....

    14.03.15 /19.30/ Düren vs Rottenburg 3:0 (25:17, 25:23, 25:23)

    14.03.15 /20.00/ SVG Lüneburg vs. TV Bühl 1:3 (21:25, 21;25, 33:31, 20:25)
    Bad luck for Lüneburg. Main setter Carlos Mora Sabate got injured shortly before the match and so second setter Eugenio Dolfo had to play. Overall, that was too much to handle for the team. They had a good fight and a nice comeback in the third set, led by Falko Steinke, but in the end Bühl was the better team. Kostolani did well for Bühl and both middles could deliver constantly.

  • Now playing :teach:

    Quarter-final, second match: Netzhoppers vs. BR Volleys…erlin-recycling-volleys-2

    Just in case someone wants to check BR Volleys shape before the CL final 4. It is a one-camera stream from questionable quality/perspective :roll:

  • Quarter-final, second match: Netzhoppers vs. BR Volleys

    Berlin is winning 3:0 and is the first team in the semi-final. They will play the winner of Rottenburg/Düren.

    The other matches will take place during next week-end.

  • 21.03.15 /19.30/ CV Mitteldeutschland vs. VfB Friedrichshafen 0:3 (16:25, 23:25, 16:25)
    Friedrichshafen advanced to the semis. Moculescu switched setters again, this time Tischer was starting.

    21.03.15 /19.30/ Rottenburg vs. Düren 0:3 (24:26, 21:25, 19:25)
    Although Rottenburg had their chances in one or two sets, Düren was never in real danger of loosing. They will play Berlin in the semis now.

    21.03.15 /20.00/ TV Bühl vs. SVG Lüneburg 2:3 (21:25, 25:19, 21:25, 25.21, 5:15)
    Great victory for Lüneburg in Bühl. Last week, after loosing their main setter and the first match in Lüneburg you could have thought that this will be the end of the road for Lüneburg. But now, they enforced a deciding match in Lüneburg and everything is open again. Good match by setter Eugenio Dolfo, who sat on the bench for almost the whole season. His play with the middles was already much better than last week, which was crucial, as the winger were struggling at times yesterday. Good match by Scott Kevorken as well.
    Bühl clearly had problems on the wings yesterday. Kostolani/Mauler/Plotyczer are all hardly above 40% in attack, or even below.
    I am already looking forward to wednesday, the tickets just landed in my mailbox..... :super:

    Third match, quarter final:
    25.03.15 /20.00/ SVG Lüneburg vs. TV ingersoll Bühl

    Semi-final (best of five) starting on 2nd April:
    VfB Friedrichshafen vs. Lüneburg/Bühl
    Berlin Recycling Volleys vs. SWD powervolleys Düren

  • :dance6:
    25.03.15 /20.00/ SVG Lüneburg vs. TV ingersoll Bühl 3:0 (25:23, 25:22, 25:21)

    Lüneburg did it and advanced to semi final !!! What a great achievement !!!!! The hall was rockin and rollin !!!!!!

    They didn't even play incrediblyy well tonight but unlike Bühl, they were on top of their game in the decisive moments of the match. Bühl lost this match in a style in which usually youth teams get beaten by seasoned seniors. Playing nicely and having some good actions here and there, but making mistakes when they hurt the most. They extremely lacked of a player, able to carry them through difficult moments.

    Lüneburg put in their usual strenghts which is serve and a good organisation. Erik Mattson (L) was fantastic today such as Tijman Laane. And Eugenio Dolfo showed today that he is one of the better "second" setters in the league.

    That was, once again, a very joyful evening in Lüneburg. Now bring on Friedrichshafen 8)

  • Are you a native of this town? :)

  • Are you a native of this town? :)

    He has said many times that he lives in Hamburg ;) Luneburg is not that far away from Hamburg.

    @Tim: I am happy for you :) Glad that you could enjoy some live Bundesliga actions. Luneburg have been enjoying a superb season indeed, unlike the disappointing Buhl.