• Greece earthquake: Locals, tourists flee buildings as some injured

    A 5.3 magnitude quake has struck Athens.

    A strong earthquake shook Greece, causing frightened residents and tourists to run into the capital’s streets after it left several buildings damaged.


    A firefighters searches for trapped people at a damaged structure following an earthquake at the port of Piraeus, near Athens.

    Authorities said four people were hospitalised with injuries, but none of them were serious.

    Firefighters checked for people trapped in elevators amid power outages after the brief but jolting quake.

    In central Athens, the Acropolis Museum was evacuated and closed for the rest of the day as a precaution, but the city’s ancient monuments remained open.


    Police patrols and helicopters were deployed to inspect areas close to the earthquake’s epicentre near the town of Magoula.

    The patrols were scheduled to continue overnight as many local residents were expected to sleep outdoors waiting for aftershocks to subside.


    A pigeon flies next the damaged bell tower of Pantanassa church at the Monastiraki square following an earthquake in Athens.

    Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said an abandoned building collapsed in western Athens and several other abandoned buildings elsewhere in the city had serious damage.

    “I urge members of the public to remains calm. In Greece, we are well-acquainted with earthquakes,” he said.

    The most powerful quake to hit the Greek capital in the last 20 years came in 1999, when a temblor of magnitude 6.0 caused extensive damage and killed more than 140 people.

    After Friday’s quake, fire brigades reported receiving dozens of calls about people trapped in elevators. The shaking was caught on live cameras in the studios of state broadcaster ERT.

  • i was in my bed and i thought that my bed wanted to dance..also a woman near my house started to scream 8|

  • I saw this on the news :( hopefully the damage can be minimalized and Greece can move on asap. Greece is not a lucky country...