Serbian Super League 2020/21

  • Železničar Lajkovac vs Srem

    I find this game as potentialy interesting, not to much because of good fight, both teams have ups and downs, but Železničar have very interesting roster with young and promising Uzelac, which is future on OH position in Serbian NT, Rada Perović who is my favourite on the setter position among youngsters, and the potential successor of Maja Ognjenovic in NT, not the same quality ofc LOL, but IMO big chances to be at least better than Mirkovic and other competitors for that spot, so she is my hope. Also Bjelica join that club, and it is obvious that president Lazarevic, have big ambitions, and he is ready to invest, so i hope that someone between Zeleznicar and Ub will represent Serbia in CEV CL next year.

  • Dalia Wilson training with Radnicki Blasters Beograd girls, I guess she will play there?…659695772090383041/?hl=en

    Really "interesting" choice, Radnicki is famous sport "institution" in Belgrade, but mostly historcly, their current status is poor. Volleyball team worked hard in previous years for place in Superleague, and they finally did it last year. I see that they have good program and they are rarely club that try to make a good (actually any) image on social networks but find it really weird to choice them when you have chance to develop yourself in Eczacibasi, probably a lot of things exist behind the scenes.

    *Also i catch some Dalia's pics from Belgrade earlier this year, wonder what is connection.

  • Guys, how good is Dajana Boskovic? I know that she is famous because od her sister but I've never watched her play so can someone give me a short recap od her game?

    She is not great. Her biggest problems are physical predispositions. She's not super tall, no fast and explosive kind of player. Slow movements, slow arm swing, she likes high balls, but have no abilities to terminate them efficiently. Good enough for Serbian League.

  • Bogdan, will you make a new thread for new season or don't have a point? :lol:

    Clubs will soon revels they transfers. Ub started preparations, just announced return of Katarina Lukic. Team look good, i just hope Ljilja Rankovic stay one more season.

    Crvena Zvezda will start preparation next monday.

    I hope good transfers of romanian Rapid Buc. just force Tent to buy someone(they will meet in challenger cup). Currently they miss new OPP big time.

    Indjija and Batajnica closed a transfers already. Indjija did very good job.

  • Bogdan, will you make a new thread for new season or don't have a point? :lol:

    I can and i will (tonight/tomorrow) finally some member(s) on this forum to discuss about our league. Though last year was more competitive, this year should be interesting also.

  • Yes, last season was really high level with 5 strong teams.

    I think this time Partizan will make it 6. Also Omladinac will have same roster, so they will be dangerous too. Indjija will be at the middle again. And if Spartak find decent setter, they can be solid too.

    We cannot forget Srem with Ana Mihajlovic. :box:

    If clubs manage better streams this season maybe we can make few "foreigners" to fall in love with our league. :heart:

    Games between big clubs are really good, but without proper streams people cannot really fell in love and find club to cheer.