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    After scudetto finalist there is coppa italia winner (before 2nd best placed after rs).

    So as of now, Conegliano is the only team sure of CL as they are now coppa italia winners and also rs best team

    That is an old rule, for few years already the order which i shared is in charge so it is exactly like in my post, without coppa italia winner CL spot, i shared the official order but if you don't believe you can check here.

    So the following are criterias (in this particular order till 3 spots are fulfiled) for CL spots from Italia

    1. Scudetto champion

    2. best ranked team after regular season (excluding champion)

    3. Scudetto finalist

    4. 2nd best ranked team after regular season (excluding Scudetto finalists)

    I would love to share my 25 names for our list that will be released soon and certainly i will keep my pesimistic perspective regarding number of youngsters on our list.

    S: Ognjenovic, Drca, Mirkovic, Miljevic

    OPP: Boskovic, Bjelica, Taubner, Zelenovic

    OH: Mihajlovic, Uzelac, Lozo, Busa, Lazovic, Milenkovic, Tica, Cvetkovic

    MB: Aleksic, Stevanovic, Popovic, Kurtagic, Osmajic, Kocic

    L: Pusic, Jegdic, Gocanin

    I'm definitely expecting something like this, but OTOH repeating that is not my wish, i would be more than happy to see more youngsters on the list so in that way i will share what would be my 25

    S: Ognjenovic, Drca, Miljevic, Perovic

    OPP: Boskovic, Taubner, Zelenovic

    OH: Mihajlovic, Uzelac, Lozo, Busa, Lazovic, Kockarevic, Tica, Mirosavljevic *

    MB: Aleksic, Stevanovic, Popovic, Kurtagic, Osmajic, Kocic

    L: Pusic, Jegdic, Gocanin, Pakic

    *(Ivanovic is still my absolute favourite but i think it is wise going step by step)

    Fenerbahce was just better today, and probably the reason is simple, they are better team in overall. Everyone played solid to great in their lineup, except Gizem who wasn't that terrible either. When Arina + Ana C don't fell apart on reception their power is just too much, also having Vargas in good shape on other pin helps a lot obviously. Asli Kalac with 5 blocks also should be mentioned. Eda contributing as usual. Drca was calm and focused, classy performance.

    Hande was great, especially on OOS balls, tbh it is almost always long diagonal so i don't know how someone didn't scout that, but that not lowering her performance. Jole as X factor in final again, i hope that she will keep this level in rest of matches. Jack was good in first two sets, later on was a non factor and that overpass was just BOLD mistake. I said that Voronkova wasn't good today then someone quoted that is her usual level and i could say that is better description, that was the reason for me to say that i'm not blaming her, but evaluting player X on that position and saying that that performance could be decisive at the end. Boskovic was below her crazy standards but pretty good even for that standards, she is kinda too nervous, i'm seing a lot of pressure in her movements, she really need this title to get rid of that. I already said everything about Elif. Simge, i don't remeber much about her tonight, but yeah that ace at the end is only reminder, LoL.

    Interesting match, i wan't the same level for rest of the final series.

    Great match honestly, i couldn't say that any of the players is flop today, Gizem is the neariest but she isn't that horrible either, great level for the final. Elif with some bad choices and poor logic but otoh that slide was just so BOLD and it literally decide the set with Stevanovic delivering ofc so for 23yo setter some bad choices is literally inevitable.

    Let's take it 5 Ecz :rose::heart:

    correct. That doesn’t mean he can’t do a good job within those players

    It's pretty meaningless at this point, the whole context is that this is one of the worst sesons of Vakif for a while (maybe aligned with 2011/12). If your intention was to point out that he is good coach, which everyone already knows, after this failure, i mean,.....

    Busa as the main star here even when she is not playing, so sorry that she doesn't get paid at least when serdarcim mentioned her, she will double it her "huge" Vakifbank's salary at least.

    OTOH Frantti is rocking it so maybe she deserve to play main role today :lol:

    Also i wouldn't compare spike and jump serve that linear, it is actually totally wrong perspective, like jump serve is much more complex than just toss and spike, the swing is totally diferent, you have to do so good with your whole body to actually put a good jumping serve, and that's an actually the weirdest thing here as Boskovic is the best OOS in the world, but she just can't kick back with her serve for years. She was much better in the past.