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    Serbia ends preliminary round with 8-4 score is pretty much surprise even to me. I predicted 6 wins, was in hope for seventh, but really wasn't expecting 8.

    I expected that we would make some surprise against the favorites, which we did against Turkey and it can be said tonight against Japan, but I also expected that we might lose some of the games against Germany, Belgium, Canada, Netherlands, even Bulgaria. I am really happy that even with ups and downs in these games, we came out of all of them as winners in the end, and definitely 8 wins shows that it was not by chance.

    Loose against Thailand was tight and maybe it shouldn't happened, but nothing spectacular bad.

    Brazil is the only completely disappointing game, we always had problems with Brazil, no matter what line-up we and they were in, but that game was really bad both in terms of play and results.

    In the matches against the USA and Italy, which are honestly much better than us, there was a little bit of fear, so we didn't take advantage of the chances for somewhat more uncertain matches, but there certainly weren't many of them anyway. Kinda neutral impression from these games.







    For Serbia it was smarter to loose against Canada, LoL and finish as 8 (yeah i know it isn't for sure but 99% it would be final outcome). Now they even can win against Japan, finish on 6th place at best and still playing in QF against first placed team in regular phase.

    As the most objective person, now i'm joining the club of hating that rule of Turkey being seeded first for KO phase. :mad:


    Honestly this simplified ''continental'' grouping makes me slightly uncomfortable at this point. As if everything is that simple... I mean these are international tournaments anyway, leave continental talk in the continental tournaments lol.

    It's cringe tbh.

    It is not simplified it is just true. I mean i don't give a f**k about continental grouping, but someone's pattern is obvious, i'm not the right person to address this comment for.

    I don't refer that is racistic or something like that, but that "hate" (more some disliking, accompanied by bad jokes that have become strenuous) is clearly towards just european teams, it is irritated with their legacy in this sport or some other issue i don't know, maybe it is just funny to them, i'm not bothered at all, but it is still obvious and true.

    Hey, Busa is an olympic silver medalist!

    they are both World Champions :dance6:

    But now really, Milenkovic isn't even bother to attack properly, at this point, her current shape is that bad that i can named at least 10 better serbian OH's (and we know we aren't masters in that).

    Serbia is not playing nice volleyball, but they are fighting and all players believe in both individual and team abilities, biggest difference in relation with German team.

    Also i'm so happy for Stevanovic, her vibes, attitude and confidence are adorable.

    That would be messy. Anyway, how it is possible that serbian federation is checking that the last minute?

    Especially now, when the covid rules are different in each country.

    I'm not into particular situation about Lozo, and is this was planned scenario or surprise, but Zelenovic was cut of because the same reason after the week 1. Probably they just thought that we need Lozo in Brasilia more than that extra traveling expenses.