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    Signing a two-years contract with Maja was a mistake.

    That mistake can be corrected, I hope that Maja will understand that there is nothing to looking for, and that she will generously accept the termination of the contract. Although it seems to me that even that generosity on Maja's part would not help Eczacibasi. Naz as her replacement would be a step forward, in way of open foreinger spot, but then there will be a real fight with the positions of local MB and OH, and the libero must be seriously considered, because it will be difficult to benefit from the old glory of Simge and she isn't good for a while.

    President of Serbian Federation (OSSRB)

    "The conversation with him was done two days after the end of the European Championship, at his request. We are here to always come out to meet him. It was clear even then that after 20 years of working in one team, the coach is looking for new motivation and challenges. From our side, we can only say one big thank you and a deep bow for everything he did. We wish him good luck in his new job. On the other hand, we had to turn to the search for solving that gap that he left and the absence of such a coach from the head position, and we will soon announce who Terzic's successor is. "

    Terzic said

    "Somehow we were all aware that one day the moment would come when I would stop being the coach of the national team… and I and the people from the federation and the player… It happened that on that jubilee, 20 years of work in the national team, I am no longer a selector.

    I owe a huge debt of gratitude for this period, above all to all the players, and there were many of them for all this time, on this beautiful story of ours. Then to my associates, without whom we certainly could not have achieved results. Also, I would like to thank all the people from the Federation, who have always stood behind us and without whose support nothing would have been possible.

    After 20 years, it may not be easy to make such a decision, but in a conversation with the leaders of the Federation because of some of my further motivation and some new energy, such an agreement was to simply stop doing this job, to have a break from the national team for a while.

    What is definite is that I will always feel this national team as my own. I don't have another country, and I will always be available to the leaders of the Federation, whatever they need, be it advice, recommendations. I am sure that the Federation will find an adequate new coach, as well as I am sure that the team will continue with good results, and maybe even improve them.

    It is simply a group of girls who are used to winning, they want to play with all their heart for the national team, and in general it is something that led us to success. I wish all the best to my successor, team and Federation. I will always be there for any kind of help, good luck! "

    You have no idea how exciting this is for me as a fan of this team after 15 years. The first impression remained strong as a fit, very antipathetic man, but this team has achieved so much during his leadership, and I must admit that I respect him very much for that. It was felt during Tokyo and EuroVolley that it turned into a fight with oneself, for the first time emotional outbursts were seen, words that still make me shudder, a beautiful story, which lasted a long time, but which needs refreshment at all fields. I will skip the negative things this time, my current mood is completely different. I also applaud his honest decision to leave this team, because I am convinced that if he wanted to stay, it could have been a lifelong mandate. It really is the end, I hope only as a basis for a new beginning for another cycle of great results.

    This open so much things, finally! I'm just afraid of choosing a new one. The management of the federation scares me, I'm afraid they won't have enough patience. The timing is good, I would say, we are forced to rejuvenate. I expect Stevanovic to return, which could be very important. There are other things that will be extremely interesting and I am finally looking forward to the first wide lists, so far they have always been predictable, boring.

    Ipar Kurt : MVP of CEV U19 championship. She didn't play 1 full set this season. I'm not saying foreigners are bad or anything but Fenerbahçe needs to give some court time to their bench players against weak teams. Terzic just don't trust them and I am pretty sure the players can feel it. That would affect their game as well.

    It was like that during past seasons as well.

    that's true, mostly refering to Ipar, others have at least some chances. Big turkish clubs needs carefully to invest in their young locals, they are so important pieces and Ipar case isn't good example.

    I think that i am still misunderstood, maybe it is my not perfect english skills, consequence of virtual conversation limitation or something else, but with "that's true,....,Ipar case isn't good example" i just wanted to refer on everything you just said.

    Terzic's decisions and managing of Fenerbahce are questionable at best, but i still don't think Vargas substitution at 20-7 for couple of points are reason for bashing him. I mean just imagine that Ipar came in for just 5,6 point and then benched to the end. That would be even worse. Does she deserve to play more? absolutely yes (Ipar for sure have room for development).

    Terzic is an easy target and 99% of the criticism he deserved, I just think this one was in that 1%, and then some completely new discussion came out of it (at least for me).

    Turkish clubs have a mutual interest (with the federation) in developing NT caliber players. They are literally the backbones of the teams..

    I think both parties would benefit greatly by coming together in instances like this... where there is room for development and the club isn't doing their best to advance that. And I think the federation could expand by allowing more foreigners in the league.

    Where there is room for development! That is the main thing. Actually i didn't said anything opposite from this, you just need to read a few lines above this quote. With that last, i just want to said that fans, FROM TIME TO TIME - usually turkish because they naturaly follow this league with biggest passion, see potential in some players which aren't capable of. Then that dissatisfaction often spills over to exaggerating and criticizing coaches, and then even to the abilities of foreigners and marking them as not good enough for this league (not just serbians, everyone). I'm not bother with that, just shared my impression.

    unless they are SB players!

    your attempts at trying to show Serbians as victims are hilarious. I am looking forward to seeing to what extent you are going to go.

    No one is a victim, especially not Terzic, but the point was quite different. But I have no interest in further clarification. I stand behind opinion that turkish fans are from time to time too selfish, but we will not agree on that. You openly hate serbian players (actualy not just serbian) just because they are part of some agency. That is ridiculous. Half the world annoys you anyway, and you openly hate the other half, I'm not bother at all, glad to be on that list.

    Youth NT win the BVA qualification tournament for EuroVolley'22 U17. 5 wins, among which always the most dificult and most important was that one against Turkey. Not a big news, but Ana Mihajlović is really great, she should play also with the u19, we don't have spectacular OH's in that generation (ofc Uzelac is out of competition). MB Jovana Antić and ,suprsingly, but the setter Kričković are both also very good. In general, one more good generation for Serbian youth categories, more importantly with some individuals which have potential for the senior team and the highest level of this sport.

    It just, I would have liked to see all bench players in starting six against a team like Nilüfer. But I guess we can pretend they don't exist.

    Although doesn't change my previous story, that's true, mostly refering to Ipar, others have at least some chances. Big turkish clubs needs carefully to invest in their young locals, they are so important pieces and Ipar case isn't good example. OTOH fans (only generally talk) should understand that clubs aren't turkish NT development program.

    FB is trying Vargas as OH now, next to Arina :gone:

    Yeah on 20-7. I mean Terzic is Terzic, i am not bother with that hate at all, but we don't need to be overdramatic, it wasn't CEV CL final. Honestly i'm happy to see every unusual movements, MCSL mathces between top and bottom clubs are so boring, so even let it be the greatest fail ever.

    I foresaw well, I would not go into comparing Daalderop and Gray, but I stand behind the opinion that with Poulter, Gray is a rational choice for Novara. IMO they need such a "killer" player. With Gray Novara also need to put a bigger burden on Bosetti / Fersino at the reception, Gray hides, she's really awful in that regard. It doesn't have to be a 100% and always, 2 receiving system, but not a completely egalitarian approach like in Busto (it is nonsense to have Bosseti L. as a second libero, with 50%less receiving attempts than offensive OH with weak passing skills, like Gray is).

    I think that Daalderop could still play a significant role in that team. Not everyone can have Egonu, Bošković,....,this year, the USA and Brazil showed what and how much the diversity of the team and the long bench (and right usage) mean, IMO it supposed to be path of Novara from the begining, but i'm not impressed with execution so far. Maybe and actually i believe in that Poulter + Gray is missing puzzles.

    Volleybox voting is over and this is the results (interesting and funny):

    (total votes 221)

    S: Ognjenovic (69), Ozbay (68)

    OPP: Haak (64), Bošković (56)

    OH: Gabi (107), Arina (88), Tugba (48), Parubets (45)

    MB : Gunes (117), Danesi (52), Eda (47), Chirichella (45)

    L: Simge (53), Buse Kayacan (41)

    Best coach: Guidetti (87)

    Random Stats, "biggest impressions" :

    - Poulter just 8 votes (6th place)

    - Egonu with 29 votes not even close to Haak/Bošković

    - Tugba in front of KYK, Larson and all list along

    - Zehra with the highest votes in general, total domination

    - 4 Turkish liberos in front of JWO, Brait, Castillo

    Great efforts from Turkish fans :obey:. Also it seems that Volleybox is a bit Eurocentric, 0 dream team members from Olympic champion, while on this forum we have 5. The reality, at least for me, it's somewhere between, but anyway it is always kind a funny to see this choices.

    What a set and a half for Monza. Kudos to Orro, i watched almost every Monza's match this year and this is by far her best performance. Hope that Lazovic is over with injuries and back on the old track. The same goes for Gennari.

    Daalderop is good player and she deserve her spot for sure, but in tie moments they need Herbots on court, Daalderop is so neutral in every way. She has her role in this team, and does it well, but I think Herbots can be much more useful with a good combination of Bosetti / Daalderop / Herbots. Ofc Daalderop-Herbots should be finally, at least tried. Today that wasn't an rational option because Bosetti was amazing.