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    The average Turkish fan is like Bogdan raising counter-arguments on everything.

    Good luck trying to please us.

    Santareli as new Serbian HC was the excepetion for example, i was out of words.

    *I do not guarantee that this is true at all, and probably isn't LoL

    If she end up in Fenerbahçe, GS should try to loan Ana Cristina and let her play as OPP.

    But knowing the rivalry between those 2 its never gonna happen.

    But why? Ana C. have her space this year. She still can make huge contribution and play significant role even against best teams, when Arina have bad day she is perfect solution and it seems like Terzic count on her.

    I'm against that "secret" stand that Vakifbank is only club allowed to have good players on bench.

    Marijana Boricic ? LoL, I'm curious how you even came up with the idea that she is one of the candidates.

    Honestly i leave Djordjevic out on purpose, i know that she have good moments but i see all other girls listed there with higher potential then her, but as this is general topic and not my personal blog, LoL, i will add them

    both (Tisma and Djordjevic).

    I would love to see Cirovic and Perovic (want to see Veselinovic with them but agree with part of her being forgotten) in the VNL, full time.

    Whenever i see Hande like this (she is hitting near if not 100%) the hope about rise like a phoenix, and in the past it disappeared even more spectacularly. But who cares. Elif is playing really solid so far.

    Maja shouldn't but can retire LoL, with CL title at the end of this season please.

    Bye :wavy::gone:

    Serbian Women's NT 2023

    16 years ago today, a historic medal was won for our women's national team. The story that has been told so many times about the three rounds of qualifying tournaments that ended with a truly fabulous success at the time, a bronze medal. The full significance of that success is truly illustrated by the current results of our national team, and there is no better place than this topic to recall this and to start new thread in this way.

    2022 World Champions

    2022 VNL Bronze Medalist

    2021 EuroVolley Silver Medalist

    2020 Tokyo OG Bronze Medalist

    Competitions in 2023

    VNL (May 30 - July 16)

    EuroVolley 2023 (August 15 - September 3)

    Olympic Qualification Tournament (September 16 - September 24)



    Daniele Santareli

    Bojana Drča (1988)Tijana Bošković (1997)Bianka Buša (1994)Jovana Stevanović
    Teodora Pušić (1993)
    Slađana Mirković (1995)Ana Bjelica (1992)Sara Lozo (1997)Mina Popović (1994)Aleksandra Jegdić (1994)
    Maja Ognjenović ?
    Sara Carić (2001)Bojana Milenković (1997)Maja Aleksić (1997)Silvija Popović ? (1986)
    Rada Perović (2001)Vanja Savić (2002)Brankica Mihajlović ?(1991)Jovana Kocić (1998)Sanja Đurđević (1998)
    Aleksandra Ćirović (1997)Jelena Vulin (1996) Katarina Lazović (1999)Aleksandra Gligorić (1995)Bojana Gočanin (2002)
    Anđela Veselinović
    Jovana Zelenović
    Branka Tica (2003)Minja Osmajić (2003)
    Ana Jakšić (1998)Tara Taubner (2002)Jovana Mirosavljević
    Isidora Rodić (2001)
    Andrea Tišma (2002)Tamara Miljevic (1999) Isidora Kockarević (2002)Božica Marković (1997)
    Mila Đorđević (1998) Aleksandra Uzelac (2004)Ana Malešević (2002)
    Hena Kurtagić (2004)

    Nothing is wrong with Busa. Their trainer does this all the time, simply fixing matches. It is extremely unethical. He makes a silly, subjective order of teams in his head and decides whether he should play with an A or B team. I am sure they would snatch at least 1 set today with Busa.


    Even that Busa isn't there i hate that.

    Don't you think it's good for her to rest anyway, I don't think she swung this much in this amount of time her entire career. She must be sore lol, the last match was only a few days ago

    I mean i pretty much already said it. If this become usual tactic to rest her against the strongest teams, absolutely hate this.

    It's "good for her" to rest and be ready to carry PTT again, so it's still PTT perspective, and i already said that my perspective is selfish and solely Busa oriented and i stand behind that for her it's more valuable to play against Fener, Ecz, Vakif,...on some at least solid level then scoring 30 pts against Bolu, Ilbank,...

    Other thing (problem) is if it's even on the table, i don't see any team that will suit her and vice versa at the moment, so all this is more like dissatisfaction with the whole situation.

    Did you find answer?

    If i understand you talk about eurovolley account, i thinks 10euros is monthly fee, and you have all competition included, men and women.

    I mean everything is on but anyway

    7.99€ monthly fee (all competitions men/women)

    15,99€ one time fee for 3 months (-||-)

    9.99€ one time fee for entire CEV CL (both men and women)*

    *last year that CL pass didn't include the final's

    As Bogdan mentioned, PTT played against 3 worst teams of the league and they lost against only decent team they met. Now they have matches against FB and Eczacıbaşı. We can tell more about their capacity after these two games

    But Busa was good even in that game against Cukurova. I don't know where the PTT will end, but Busa capacity is obvious and games against FB and Ecz will not change that. Not that she is just scorer machine with not so impresive succ. % rate, but she is also slaying in reception, serve and defense. Let it last

    If you want to watch how Gamze sets to middles, check the season GS beat Vakifbank in Turkish semi-finals 6-7 years ago. She was feeding Asli non-stop. Too bad there are no stats from that season.

    Here it is

    Asli with 102/211 season statistic, with

    amazing performances in mentioned semifinal clash up.

    *you (all people on the forum) can find all data project pages from 2013/14

    It's not just her individual stats that are so astonishing like that she is currently the 1st scorer, but how much her play is contributing to her team's success. Okay look, I know there's only been 4 games so far, but many Turkish users here were saying prior to the start of the season that her team is one of the weakest in the league (some said bottom 2). And for Bianka Busa to make such a team, a team with no other half-way reliable scorer apart from her, in the top 5 (alongside the 4 biggest names Vakif, Fener, Ecza and THY) after 4 rounds in the second best league in the world...:obey::obey:

    devil's advocate but the truth is also that they played against probably the 3 weakest teams in league + they loose against only solid opponent Cukurova.

    But who cares, when you call her an MVP, i can't reject that. :heart::rose:

    Btw, to me Popovic does not seem to like 1st tempo sets, she expects the ball to arrive a bit later. Not sure who will adjust but seems like GS is working on it.

    Actually she only like 1st tempo sets, quick, fast, high and near to the setter, ungrateful player for setters, she really needs perfect sets, her technique doesn't allow excessive ad hock maneuvering. Not only that ball have to be ideal, but also have to be tactically well-arranged, such attacks are blocked extremely effectively if the blocker prejudges well. I don't want to be gloomy, but my experience related to Popovic and not too big, but again knowledge of Gamza's abilities tells me that they will hardly find a smooth connection.