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    Serbian girls is traveling to Mexico in the following squad:

    s: Mandović, Baić

    opp: Zelenović

    oh: Tomić, Ivanović, Vajagić, Zubić

    mb: Kurtagić, Šućurović, Jaramazović

    l: Pakić, Kujundžić

    The "Srpski Telegraf" is a member of the "holy trinity" of the biggest garbage from newspapers and the media in general, so I would not pay too much attention to their sensationalist and ignorant texts and sources. On the other hand, the fact is that the contract has expired, and everyone knew it, the impression is also appropriate to what they wrote, that it is closer not to extension, but we will be waiting for the final decision.

    And now it is official that Serbia will play without Aleksandra Uzelac, it was strange to me to see her on the wide list, i thought that maybe the rule has changed. But no, Per FIVB regulations one player can't compete in more than two age category in one national team season.

    This year BVA Cup edition will be held in Turkey (Kusadasi) 17-19 September.

    Six teams will be split into 2 groups (3 of each), round robin system. First from each group will play in final, second placed teams will play in 3rd place battle and respectivly 3rd placed teams from each group will play for 5th place.

    Group A

    1. Jedinstvo Stara Pazova (SRB)

    2. Aris Thessaloniki (GRE)

    3. Janta Skopje (MKD)

    Group B

    1. Aydin Buyuksehir Belediyespor (TUR)

    2. CSO Voluntari 2005 (ROM)

    3. Drita Gnjilane (AP K&M)

    Schedule (local time, CET+1)


    1. Voluntari - Drita (11:00)

    2. Jedinstvo - Aris (15:00)

    3. Aydin - Drita (19:00)


    1. Jedinstvo - Janta (11:00)

    2. Aydin - Voluntari (15:00)

    3. Aris - Janta (19:00)


    1. 5th place battle (11:00)

    2. 3rd place battle (13:00)

    3. final (15:00)

    Winner will play in CEV Challenge Cup.

    Monthly subscription is only rational option!

    I apologize for abusing this topic, but there is actually a direct connection. Volleiballworld answered me and I would share the following sentence.

    This is ideal 9 months plan

    Raducanu :rose:

    Fernandez leave bad taste to me with that ironic smile and later reaction because of obvious accident, but anyway great and well deserved success for her.

    Raducanu's backhand is pure pleasure.

    This is far from over, i still think that Raducanu is favourite to close this in two, but Fernandez is silent killer. Dind't regret with my decision to watch this match.

    I haven't watched tennis a lot since Sharapova retired. Now I'm going to watch the final of US open, because I'm really curious how this young players will perform in the final and if they will be the future of women tennis! Who do you think is the favourite: Raducanu or Fernandez?:)

    Same situation here, just swap Sharapova with Ana :rose:. Of course I followed the results, but only sporadically watched the matches. But this 2 youngsters really inspired me to watch the full women's tennis match after a while. For me Raducanu is favourite, i really love that kind a playing style, ofc that is 100% subjective, but i think that if she will play like she played till this match on this tournament, no one can stop her.

    I asked VBW if the pass included the 2022 VNL and WCH and they didn't answer me. They said "refer to what is listed on the link"


    Just imagine make a subscription on 10th October (Italian league start) 2021 and big surprise when subscription will expire just before the semifinal and final of WCH (end of that competition is listed for 15th October).

    *I asked them few really exhaustive questions, and still no answer.

    Dalia Wilson training with Radnicki Blasters Beograd girls, I guess she will play there?…659695772090383041/?hl=en

    Really "interesting" choice, Radnicki is famous sport "institution" in Belgrade, but mostly historcly, their current status is poor. Volleyball team worked hard in previous years for place in Superleague, and they finally did it last year. I see that they have good program and they are rarely club that try to make a good (actually any) image on social networks but find it really weird to choice them when you have chance to develop yourself in Eczacibasi, probably a lot of things exist behind the scenes.

    *Also i catch some Dalia's pics from Belgrade earlier this year, wonder what is connection.

    People vote with their hearts, not with their brains.... Turkish Dream Team for the win :super:

    Major of them for sure and that is exactly reason why this voting is completely irrelevant. A joke of choice, especially if choosen player will get some € award. It's not a big deal really, dream team are often a messy choice even if it is not fan voting.Turkish fans definitely deserved to be awarded as most dedicated ones (european wise) and that is actually great thing for worldwide volleyball if they keep such a dedication during the league season. :drink:

    Just a question, because I really admire the Serbian NT but I don't now anything about the behind the scenes. Why isn't Jovana Stevanović part of the roster? Did she quit the national team or there is some other reason? She's an absolutely fantastic player and I cannot see many other MBs stronger than her around.

    She want to take a break from NT in 2019, as Rasic, Malesevic, Zivkovic did then, but this three did that in full cooperation and agreement with Terzic, while Jovana just informed him about her decision with which he disagreed, because he thought that she had not been in NT long enough to deserve such privileged status. And although Jovana informed him about her plans for that summer for the reasons already mentioned, Terzic understood her non-appearance at the preparations as a rejection of the invitation, and his principles are that whoever rejects the invitation for NT will never be invited again while he remain as head coach.

    Beside all volleyball related things which i won't commented, let everyone who have interest to watch it without "presumption", but evolution of Maja's hairstyle it's iconic non volleyball realted thing from this movie.