Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Would also like to point out the improved hairstyle in the actual product

    Mesmerizing <3

  • This Thursday for me is going to be a marathon of volleyball. The VNL Semis start at 7:00am, go until noon or so. Take a break, and then the Summer League takes off at 4 or 5:00pm, and with 12 matches two at a time, goes until after midnight :cheesy:

  • V1 is going with the "Final 3" option this upcoming season.


  • Bummer. Opening night is a Friday night match with beer and hot dogs at 18:15 Japan time, which is 2:15am for me. I'll be there, but sheesh.


  • is there a link to rewatch summer league matches? 🤞🏻

    They are only on the vtv I can’t imagine they mean enough to anyone to restream out in the wild :(

  • is there a link to rewatch summer league matches? 🤞🏻

    You may have seen this ... there are a couple at:

    Saitama v Kurobe:


    Brilliant Aries v University:


    The index is:


    More might show up?

    News about is here:


    I'm not sure but I think they might stream one live tonight

  • omg thank youuu :cup:

    Stop me if you've heard this ...

    If you watch the Uni game, keep an eye on the setter, #6 Hitomi Shiode. I think she's going to be a better draft pick this year than SAGA's Manami Mandai. Mandai was great in college but I fear she might turn out to be too hyper for the big leagues. Shiode is calm, cool, and collected. The Uni backup dub sub setter is #10 Tsukasa Nakagawa from the Legendary 2019 U20 Squad. She's only 3rd year

    The Captain, #1, whose name at this point in time we think is Kurumi Takama, is peculiar. Not sure there's anything spectacular about her but she radiates fan favorite vibes :) (at least in college).

    The East is playing mostly non-seniors. Those are the two I think will enter V1 this season.

  • Pro-tip for watching the Summer Streams:

    Download the 1080 version and play it in VLC at 2 X magnification. Since the "action" is all stationary mid court camera, at 2x you don't miss much and you can see things better. The zoomer will zoom on the setter and then often on whomever made the last point, usually centered on the screen, so you get a better look at them. I think it's important to see a player's eyes to determine if they are any good or not

  • I don't understand the Summer League . There's a Qualifying Round, a Ranking Round, and a Merry-go-Round, or something. Too many matches in one day, and then trying to catch up on replays. It's all a blur. It seems like everybody is losing something. Except PFU and Kurobe. They're playing well. One of them will win it.

    The standings, or something might be out there, but I can't be bothered

    Highlight of the Tournament for me is Ligare Sendai, Arisa Sato's team. I think they've won a match or two. They look fabulous: jock-y and athletic, exquisite floor defense. They're delicious. I don't know where it came from. I've seen a handful of their matches over the last year or two and they didn't look this good. It's the same players, mostly. I guess they've just practiced a lot.

    A big addition for Ligare Sendai, however, is Yuki Egawa. She won the Scoring award in 18/19 with V2's Prestige International, was kinda injured in 19/20, and then left Prestige. She disappeared for a while and then landed with Sendai. She's one of these 171cm southpaw beasts. Traditional OP. Takes no prisoners.

    A little birdy joked to me (I think) that Aya Watanabe was going to join Sendai. I think it's going to happen. Watanabe made the NT wide roster this year and then announced she wanted a Transfer from Toyota. She was born in Miyagi Prefecture, home of Ligare Sendai, went to Furukawa Gakuen High School where Arisa Sato went (one year together), and played for Sendai Belle Fille until they disbanded. She's 30 y/old and I think she will play a little ball in her home town in the sunset of her career and help her old high school mate, Arisa, get Ligare Sendai off the ground.

    Ligare Sendai is new to V.League 2 this year and it's my policy to root for the new team unless they are Forest Leaves Kumamoto. I tried, I really tried rooting for Kumamoto based on their Legendary 18/19 squad and tragic demise, but I don't think they won a single set last year :aww:

    Match of the night should be Sendai v Hitachi. Let's hope that goofy web site streams it !

    #gogoSendai :super:

    ps - another highlight of this Summer League for me was watching Red Rocket's ballet dancer middle blocker secret weapon Kasumi Nojima play against her little sister Karin, who just joined Brilliant Aries. #10 Karin plays OH and is considerably shorter (181 to 173) but she packs a wallop. Big energy, too. Color me impressed. Karin is getting a good deal of playing time during the tournament :rose:

  • PFU is going to be fun this year. Valdes has nailed at least two players in the back of the head on serve :cheesy:

    4T might have a little trouble cracking this rotation. Not as hard as Denso but PFU's got some swingers now: Valdes, Shiima, and Takaso (such a brainy player) are solid; Captain Horiguchi and Goya not too shabby. 4T is tall, tho.

    Haven't seen Airi Tahara, and Kanoha isn't playing much at all

  • PFU just beat the Red Rockets. I thought the Red Rockets had lost all their matches. They looked pretty bad. But they won a couple, and lost to Kurobe and PFU.

    PFU and Kurobe play later. I think that will decide the Champion

    Star charts are here. I can't understand them :rolll:

  • Hitachi made a bunch of pancakes and juiced up on the carbs to take the first set against Sendai 25–21

    Sendai's got a weird rotation. Yui Takano is their best attacker, imo, and hits from the right side. She must have seniority there, so Yuki Egawa lines up in the middle and hits from all over the place. It's cool, and she's capable, but it's hard to follow :)

  • Arisa Sato <3

    She just did what I've always wanted someone to do. Hitachi sends a sky ball over for a free play to Sendai and Arisa receives it but instead of passing it to the setter she sets the ball quickly to the OH who kills before Hitachi knew what hit them :rose:

  • Tie Break :super:

    Sendai's starting lineup: Yu, Yui, Yuna, Yuki, Mayu, and Shion :)

  • Best match of the Tournament :!:

    Osanai was killing it from the right side

    Hitachi 2–1 Sendai

  • Final Results Eastern Tournament

    Fresh Star V1

    Fresh Star V2