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    What can you see on stats? If Blom for example is receiving 1/2 of the court and Seda and the libero both 1/4, ofcourse a the statistic of that receiver will be worse. My point: statistics are great, you can see who scored points etc, but it does not always gives a good representation of the play of a particular player in a match

    Blom is bad not only in the games she performs the same in training sessions and my opinion is not related to numbers in stats. I watched a lot of games live and I know size of the area which Blom has responsible to recover on the court. Almost every game second libero is substituted for her. We know Blom's potential that's why I say "not as expected" and 46% pos/31% exc. in 7 games is too low for a player like Blom besides I am sure she is not happy with that but I still trust her to perform much better.

    I heard some rumor states that one of the best middle blockers in Europe might make a move to join an Italian Club within current season. And to the rumor the team has two candidates who are currently playing outside of Italy.

    Fenerbahce's options in reception are not enough to eliminate Italian teams in next rounds. Receiving problems were so clear even such an easy game. Yes, Blom's missing forced Cigdem stay on the pitch to receive because Seda has just recovered from injury and she is not a perfect receiver but so far Blom also hasnt played as expected. Her reception stats are much worse than Seda in Turkish League which serves are not so hard to force her. And Gamova's shape is going down in every game. It's not related to the setters. She has lost her flexibilty and is moving slower compared to her first games and I dont know why. Maybe it's because the team works on physically hard tranings to gain strength. I hope it's just temporary not pernament.

    Baranska would be perfect choice for the most teams in Turkish League where many awfull hitters just stand on the pitch with playing nothing else except making money. I wonder how much Baranska gets paid in Bielsko. She is one of the most underrated players I have ever seen I guess.

    It's really hard to understand how come VGSTT (damn even the abbreviation is too long) takes fourth place with such a strong squad. :mad:

    No surprise for me on Vakifbank side. They might only beat the teams on lower levels but it's very hard for them to handle the teams like Fener, Eczaci and Galatasaray with current system and coaching. Their roster looks like gorgeous and rich but no harmony in the team. There are so much players in the squad but actually most of them are needless and no effective usage. So for me their roster is not rich just too large. A litle resistive and balanced team easily beat Vakifbank because they have so much back doors which can be exploited and moreover no progress on the team to overcome the problems for beginning of the season. Contrary to expectations they go back at every game.

    Vakifbank has no chance for F4 in ECL nor Turkish league title with this awfull system, setter and coaching performance. After Guidetti had at last realized Nikolic was an easy target by Fenerbahce's serves he tried to keep her away from receiving and used Gizem to tolarate her but Gizem has no capability to handle all back-court by herself so she made many errors. Vakifbank could pass the ball to the setter in only 8 of 23 receptions in third set. Thats one of the main reasons why that set score was so terrible for Vakifbank. And Gozde is not a right choice for the team. She is not a bad setter but not enough for this level. She made easy passing errors even when receptions are acceptable rate. She has big timing problems with attackers (especially middle blockers). Neslihan got flu four days ago and she looked very tired today but Guidetti kept her persistently on the court so she played very bad (%22 kill rate). But he had chance to replace her with Nikolic. So that could be also a solution for reception problems changing Nikolic's position someone else like Gozde or Guldeniz but he didnt use his options enough. Bahar also was very terrible. I think she needed to be replaced by Duygu long time ago but Guidetti didnt choice it. I dont know why Guidetti didnt think to use Duygu but she must play I guess. So I think Guidetti cant run the team good enough and it's very hard Vakifbank gets the goals with his coaching.

    As for Fenerbahce, they looked very stressed in the first set especially Naz but they made to get through a way to come back and win the game. They didnt attack today at their regular rate and made many easy errors in the first set but they kept receptions stabile most of the game. Even they might won the first set if the referee hadnt given a wrong block-out decision when the gap was 3 points. Fenerbahce has self-confidence players (like Osmokrovic, Gamova) who can set the game and attack bravely even if the setter misses the ball. Vakifbank's players wait the setter get the ball and set the game even when the setter is not at right position. This is one of the most important differencies between both teams and very big advantage in such a chaotic game like this one. Nihan Yeldan injured her hands but she preferred to play. She was good though. I think she is getting improve thanks to Alice and Osmokrovic help in receiving. She had to handle receptions all by herself last year in Vakifbank so she was one of the most criticized players of the team's failure.

    One more note: Alice blom was targeted by a hard spike of Poljak in second or third set. The ball hit her face in very close distance. Her face looked very bad and her nose was bleeding. I dindt think that she managed to get back to the game but she did it and played the rest of the game with a taped nose. You can see it on the following picture.

    Schedule for Matchday 5 (Local Time)

    November 15, Sunday

    16.00 Karşıyaka DYO - İller Bankası
    17.00 MKE Ankaragücü - Fenerbahçe Acıbadem
    17.30 Nilüfer Belediyesi - Ereğli Belediyesi (Live on DSpor)
    17.30 Yeşilyurt - Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta TT
    18.00 Eczacıbaşı Zentiva - Beylikdüzü

    November 19, Thursday

    19.00 Galatasaray - Beşiktaş (Live on DSpor and maybe there might be internet streaming)

    Turkish Cup Second Round Game Schedule

    November 11

    16.30 Beylikdüzü - Eczacıbaşı Zentiva
    17.00 Pursaklar Belediyesi - Nilüfer Belediyes.
    18.30 Beşiktaş - Vakıfbank Güneş Sigorta TT (Live on NTVSpor/Sipru)

    November 12

    13.30 Ereğli Belediyesi - Fenerbahçe Acıbadem
    17.00 Karşıyaka DYO - İller Bankası
    18.30 İBA Kimya TED Kolejliler - MKE Ankaragücü

    Yeşilyurt and Galatasaray directly qualified without playing as a result of their opponents' withdrawals.

    Debby is getting to used to live in Istanbul. Last Thursday she and Alice Blom with some players from Fenerbahce Acibadem met to drink and talk in a place where near Fenerbahce's football stadium. And that night there was UEFA EL game between Fenerbahce and Steau Bucuresti. After the meeting Debby left the place to get home but she came accross many thousands of Fenerbahce fans who were going to the stadium to watch the football game. So she was stuck in heavy traffic (it's a very regular and classic scene for Istanbul in football match days) and hardly reached her home after a few hours. Now before going out the first thing she will do is to check the football schedule to learn if there is a game on her way. Well, Debby is so lucky that she will not come accross any Fenerbahce and Galatasaray game till next year because the crowd in those games would be much more terrific than any other game in Istanbul.

    A super cup compilation clip from Fenerbahce TV

    You can download full game using the following link. Recording third set an error occurred on NTV stream so I missed about 3-4 minutes and file was aparted two pieces. Since I had no time to bring them together I packaged third set into a rar file. Total file size is approximately 500 mb.

    Photos from the game…60839339/with/4053723879/

    Galatasaray won the last set 25-22 and the game 3-1. That was a very big surprise for VGS. Here in Turkey no one expected Galatasaray won just one set :) Vakifbank need much more proggress and a better setter if they want to reach their goals. And it's impossible to handle receiving problems with Nikolic. The team looks very weak compared to Eczacibasi and Fenerbahce at the moment.

    Galatasaray won the third set 25-15.

    Vakifbank is very awful today. Terrible setting, receiving and blocking. If they keep playing like that they have no chance against Eczacibasi and Fenerbahce. If setter Elif would make her performance one-level higher, Galatasaray might win this game easily.