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    omg! harmotto is the only non A team player on the court but she's playing her A game. if she will continue with this performance she could actually take bown's first 6 place.

    USA is blocking very well. i expect hugh will experiment with his bench players on the second set.

    Margareta Kozuch and Maren Brinker are very close to Unedo Yamamay Busto Arsizio.
    They also want Valentina Arrighetti, but if she dosen't come, they want to sign with Ilaria Garzaro.


    Wrong choice I guess. What they need is a steady receiver. Brinker is far from that. They should just get Sonja Newcombe instead for that position. And Kozuch, an overhyped player. She's not even in the top 10 opp in the world.

    Hooker, Havelkova and Scherban as hitters. Dinamo Krasnodar seems to be very strong this coming season.

    Where will Olga Bukreeva go? I think she should find another club where she can be in the starting six, otherwise, her talent will be put to waste.

    Is Krasnodar going to play in CEV Champions League? The team looks great but is the setter any good? Hooker likes fast ball and Havelko likes high balls.

    i used to believe that atom girls are overrated. but after all the hardship of losing players and months of play without salary that piles up to their emotional drawback they still manage to win and make it to the finals. bravo girls.

    ps. 57% passing of hodge is very welcoming. keep improving and she may get that ticket to london.

    Curious what would Hooker write on twitter if She played that season in Sopot with his financial problems?

    Sopot officers will probably experience tongue lashing from Hooker and definitely she'll leave immediately :lol: . I do see that she's enjoying her stay in Osasco. You can actually see her celebrating with her teammates whenever they win points unlike in Pesaro.

    poor glass. she should've just joined a marathon LOL.

    it's been 2 years since hodge played professionally and her receive has improved but not enough to be a little above average. she will never get the OH position from larson if she will not improve better this aspect of her game.

    Bauer's efficiency is due to the good receive as well as good toss by the setter plus the confidence that her setter is giving her by continuously feeding her the ball. If France NT can get a setter much like Carli Lloyd then Bauer can continue to play this good.

    7 blocks of Lloyd is just incredible. How many 5'10" setter can actually do this? And her blocking performance is really consistent getting 2 or more blocks per match. This girl is the future of US NT as setter not Glass nor Spicer.

    well, intelligence is not proportional to class.

    hooker is still immature, i'm sure time will come that the right sense will come in her. deleting her twitter (if she would) for now is one of it.

    If Megan Hodge will stabilize her reception then Atom will have a chance to go to the next round. Clearly, Hodge alone can out hit Rabita girls with the good distribution of ball by Glass to their other teammates.

    No injury please.

    I feel so bad for the Sopot team. No wonder they play without fire in them. I hope the management and players will arrive with an agreement. Hodge and Glass are starting to play their potential. I hope they could upset Rabita again.