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    Bauer's efficiency is due to the good receive as well as good toss by the setter plus the confidence that her setter is giving her by continuously feeding her the ball. If France NT can get a setter much like Carli Lloyd then Bauer can continue to play this good.

    7 blocks of Lloyd is just incredible. How many 5'10" setter can actually do this? And her blocking performance is really consistent getting 2 or more blocks per match. This girl is the future of US NT as setter not Glass nor Spicer.

    well, intelligence is not proportional to class.

    hooker is still immature, i'm sure time will come that the right sense will come in her. deleting her twitter (if she would) for now is one of it.

    If Megan Hodge will stabilize her reception then Atom will have a chance to go to the next round. Clearly, Hodge alone can out hit Rabita girls with the good distribution of ball by Glass to their other teammates.

    No injury please.

    I feel so bad for the Sopot team. No wonder they play without fire in them. I hope the management and players will arrive with an agreement. Hodge and Glass are starting to play their potential. I hope they could upset Rabita again.

    I love Carly Lloyd too. She's very athletic. Very good blocker compared to other setters. She's definitely on the radar of the US volleyball organization though I think it's already too late for her to join the US NT bound for the Olympics. Spicer and Glass will have a run for their money to get that first setter position after the Olympics.

    Anyway, I'm quite saddened by the dismal performance of Pesaro. I hope it's not all too late for them to get to the semis. Obviously they have problems with reception.

    yamamay doesn't have the best players on paper but we know that volleyball is all about team chemistry and that's more than enough to beat Galatasaray or any other team full of superstars.

    Meanwhile, Foluke Akinradewo was 16 for 21 = 76% hitting!!! :thumbup:
    They need to find a way to get the ball more to Foluke. That's hard when the team is passing only 20% excellent :pinch:

    Kosheleva attacking 83 times in 1 match is unhealthy for her and the team... Great numbers for her.. but long term it's bad, IMO

    i totally agree. they need better passing so not to tire kosheleva.

    I heard that Destinee has knee injury and that she will need surgery, Scavolini is not allowing her to do surgery because they are hoping that she will play F4. Destinee played from end of January with rupture in her meniscus. If this is true I cannot believe that club like Pesaro is doing this, this is really something what I cannot understand that result is more important than health of one person.

    Oh my goodness. That's why her performance declined a bit.