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    Meanwhile, Foluke Akinradewo was 16 for 21 = 76% hitting!!! :thumbup:
    They need to find a way to get the ball more to Foluke. That's hard when the team is passing only 20% excellent :pinch:

    Kosheleva attacking 83 times in 1 match is unhealthy for her and the team... Great numbers for her.. but long term it's bad, IMO

    i totally agree. they need better passing so not to tire kosheleva.

    I heard that Destinee has knee injury and that she will need surgery, Scavolini is not allowing her to do surgery because they are hoping that she will play F4. Destinee played from end of January with rupture in her meniscus. If this is true I cannot believe that club like Pesaro is doing this, this is really something what I cannot understand that result is more important than health of one person.

    Oh my goodness. That's why her performance declined a bit.

    She is doing really well, one of the best in her team Minas, that is a young group, but making a good league...deifnelty she is one of the good points of Brasil league.

    In statistics she is the fourth in most scorer, and sixth as best spiker

    thanks for the info.

    what is the current ranking of the teams right now? i visited the site but i couldn't understand it because it is in portoguese.

    USA has a very good offensive line up. I think Coach Hugh must try Hooker as OH this year. I know that her receiving is still not in good shape but it has improved over her stint in Pesaro. Fawcett however showed that she has a spot in NT with her performance as OPP in Minas. She's almost unstoppable from the backrow. For the setting job, I'd stick to Glass.

    I'm really excited in the US-Russia match. Can the athleticism of USA beat the experience to the Russian team?

    I think Destinee said that as a sign of frustration. The team is young and inexperienced... she's feeling the pressure of winning. I don't see anything wrong about it though but for the rest of her teammates it might be a little negative.

    I hope Japan can beat Brazil hahaha.

    What game are you referring to? When you watch the US games in Montreux when the two were both OHs Larson had more passing breakdowns. In the friendlies with Brazil Hodge scored a lot of points by just playing in 2 or 3 sets. I know I'm biased with Megan Hodge but at this point I don't think she is as error prone as everybody thinks she is. I hope she proves them wrong when she plays for Villa Cortese

    I based my observation during the matches in Grand Prix and friendly match against Brazil. Larson is not as effective as Hodge as of the moment but when in comes to floor defense and reception she's better than Hodge as of the moment. Plus Larson for me is growing to be the next Logan Tom.

    If Hooker will be a successful OH in Italian League then we might see changes in the line up of US in the future. If she will be an OH in NT then they can make a way for Nicole Fawcett (a heavy hitter which has similar play like Wang Yimei.)

    hooker was an OH back in texas.

    anyway, i guess inexperience prevailed that's why the USA lost. glass was obviously over thinking of plays to do. hodge should've been entered during the match just to test if something will change in the offense though i agree that larson is very steady and doesn't commit unnecessary errors unlike hodge.

    Hi guys, I saw some highlights in youtube of the US NCAA women's volleyball finals between University of Texas and Penn. State University. It looks like a good match and I seem can't find any file of the whole match. I hope someone could share it with me. Thank you and happy holidays.