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    She´s a pretty tall (around 190cm) and powerfull build girl. She was playing together with Carli Lloyd for Cal in college. I think her biggest strength is her pretty heavy spikes. They are hard but maybe not so "standout", pretty similar to Klineman I would say. Her biggest weakness is her defense what I´ve seen, but some people rate her as a allround player though. I have not seen enough games of her to say about her future potential.

    Tarah Murray was a scoring machine for California. You can check her matches especifically the 2011 NCAA championships with Carli Lloyd on Youtube. She has better passing than Hodge. She's still diamond in a rough, I hope that the coach of Giaveno can unleash her full potential.

    Sonja Newcombe, Turkish league top scorer last season (before she left) and 2011 France league top scorer has not signed yet. Will she return to Turkey? Rumors are she may go to Azer. Anyone have news?

    I hope she goes to Italy or Asia perhaps. I don't understand why USA NT didn't give a second look at her. She's very stable receiver and can kill a bill better than some of the OH in the training pool

    Get rid of 2 playes. Only 12 heads are allowed in OG.

    I know many cubans starts early, some already in 15-16 yrs. age in NT like Leon and Carrillo, but I didnt wrote anything about manipulation, sometimes the birth dates are just wrong too, it happens quite often in Africa for ex, where they just give the child a birth date. I just think Santos already when she was like 23-24 had a look like 30, thats why im a bit suspicious.

    She just looks old. Must be the sunshine in Cuba :lol:

    Cubans really start young. The legendary Regla Torres started with the (senior) national team at the age of 13. There's no really need for Cuba to fake their players' ages since they don't really give a sh!t about the juniors event.

    It would be more odd if she could kill a ball I think :D

    Yesterday against Germany she had 4 kills in 28 atts.

    Her attacking game has really dipped in the past 2 years. If only Hodge can pass and play defense like her.

    Davis is really the worst passing libero I know.

    Hooker has improved her defense and she's doing lots of smart shots too. :box:

    out of topic: Is it true that Sokolova will not participate in the coming Olympics?

    22-25 in the second set.

    it's known now, once the reception of USA is down, any team can actually beat them. they have to learn how to kill the out of system balls.

    25-10 first set. the ball could hardly pass the US blockers. very solid blocking game indeed.

    please hugh use your bench players. oddly, tom cannot kill a ball.

    Thank god it's over...the only one in German team who played well was Lenka Dürr, everyone else should rather play European League than WGP :roll:

    I understand your disappointment. They played really bad especially Kozuch and Hanke. Hanke will be a great setter for the Russian team. :lol: Seriously, she hardly used her MBs since they are very abled players who can actually kill the ball.