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    I wanted to write the same, and actually 6 teams from 3 countries !

    I didn't follow this competition that much in past couple of years. did FIVB announced a reason for not inviting African teams here ? unlike North America, we have Continental Club Championship in Africa.

    the Iranian team "Khatam Ardakan" is not even a good team in Asian standards, let alone in such competition. they are a mid table team in Iranian league right now, and because of last minute injuries of Shahram Mahmoudi and Mehdi Marandi they can't even bring that team to Poland. I highly doubt this team can win a set here. maybe FIVB won't invite any Asian team next year :lol:

    By what criteria is this mid ranked Iranian team invited to this competition? Isn’t there Asian club championship?

    I was mostly joking: I'm not following the match properly (I'm at my PC at the same time), so I'm not that in to the match (yet).

    But I don't know if I'm distracted because the match isn't that appealing, or if I don't find the match that appealing because I'm distracted :P

    Mamdani , you changed your photo! I almost didn't recognize you ;)

    I see. For me, it's the World Championship that's just concluded. Comparing in terms of the importance, this tournament is more like exhibition matches (of course it's not).

    It's actually a huge problem and I think deserves a mention, it's not just Muslims though... Anywhere with too much (radical) religion and women will be 2nd class. Other then that there is indeed more factors, a lot of countries all around the world don't take female sports serious still Muslim or not but the world is moving forward slowly but surely and that's why I think it's so amazing that in sports like volleyball women get paid more then men!! It's the only one anyway, let the females have that :D

    is it true that women volleyball players get paid more than men? I’ve read news articles about this, but doubt if that’s really the case since, say, in Europe, men’s volleyball gets followed and more media attention.

    Thanks for the info. It's a joke that FIVB still hasn't finalized the OG qualification system.

    5/8 hit rate. I don't know that they only picked the best players from the final four.

    Here's the list of actual awardees:

    MVP: Kurek (POL)

    Opp: Anderson (USA)

    OH: Kubiak (POL), Souza (BRA)

    MB: Nowakowski (POL), Lucas (BRA)

    S: Christenson (USA)

    L: Zatorski (POL)

    My guess (not my pick :-) )of the best players' awards:

    MVP: Kurek (POL)

    Opp: Anderson (USA)

    OH: Sander (USA), Souza (BRA)

    MB: Kurkaev (RUS), Anzani (ITA)

    S: Christenson (USA)

    L: Zatorski (POL)

    What a good game! This is a real final. Big Congrats to the Polish team. Many players from this team don't have the experience in playing in such a big final game, but they handled this so well.

    I do joked about him too but he already improved in VNL final. I thought he scored the a lot of points against Russia. It was only a matter of time he'll get to his previous form before the infamous polish meltdown in world cup 2015 because as scarpetta have said.He had a light club season to prepare for the nt season.

    Was he resting for injuries during the clubs season?

    Haven't watched the match too carefully, but it sounds like Kurek and Kubiak have swapped positions several times when both of them are in the front row in order to have Kurek blocking Wallace. It works!

    Congrats to the USA.. it's probably not the color they hoped for, and they really played great great volleyball this WCH.

    Sander should definitely get an award.. today he had some shoulder pain, thats why he wasn't as impressive. Anderson was important for their success too, but Sander deserves it more

    agree. Sander has a more compelling performance than Anderson this wch and deserves the best OH award.