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    Does anyone know how the matchup of Coppa Italia quarterfinals is determined? Is it based on the final ranking of the last season, the ranking of the current season up to a certain date, or something else?

    Watched Milano v Cisterna during this opening week of the new season of Superlega. It's too early to make conclusions of any team's strength, but here's my observation on Cisterna:

    1. They seem to strike the right balance in the OH lineup. Last season, Maar was very good at attack, but no one (Maar, Rinaldi, Raphaelli and L) in the team was good passers, making the team very vulnerable to lose momentum in a game. Both Sedlacek and Kaliberda are known for a stable reception. They also have Bayram to complete the OH lineup.
    2. The coach finally gives up on having both front-row OHs spiking from Pos 4 in all rotations. This tactic essentially took out a strong attack point from the opposite player when he stands at Pos 4, as there's only one occasion I recall Dirlic was given the set after he ran from Pos 4 to Pos 2. Dirlic has proven that he can still spike effectively even at the off-hand position, and the reinforced Kaliberda can spike from the right side well.
    3. Their bench seems really thin this season. Apart from having 3 OHs who can be used in rotations, there are almost no usable bench players.

    What about japan tho did they also got 0 points or lost some points?

    Only winning teams can earn points. Points gained by a winning team = points lost by a losing team. Technically, the smallest point a winning team can earn is 0.01 point; it's arbitrarily set by the ranking system. It happens when pre-match statistics shows that the higher-ranking team should win by, say, 3:1, and then that team under-performs and manages to win only by, say, 3:2. The losing team, even though they perform better than the statistical prediction, does not pick up points (indeed loses 0.01 point to be precise) because there's a rule stating that only a winner team can win points.

    Asian Championships? Asian Games? I still don’t see a biennial cadence for AVC a problem and a justification for it not being counted towards world ranking. It’s organized in even years for a reason.

    Looking at Pan American Cup, the strongest teams in the region don’t send their A teams to the competition. This is fine, but relative to each continent/region, the Pan American Cup is on par with the AVC, being treated as a second-tier event by the strong teams. But one is counted towards WR, and the other is not.

    It's also to ensure teams are playing regularly.

    With the AVC Cup only being biannual, the non-VNL AVC teams don't have any competitions right?

    AVC is not the only tournament in Asia. You can’t have every world-ranking tournament an annual event given a highly jammed calendar.

    Yes. the rules state the competitions must be annual.

    It's to prevent someone from creating a tournament for a year to game the system.

    AVC Cup should receive points next year (someone said they're moving it to annual)

    this rule is really stupid. AVC is organized by a continental confederation, and it has a regular cadence.

    Financial power to build a strong national team is one of the factors. More importantly, volleyball is a very physically demanding sport, even more than soccer; height and power are the more important factors than skills. In addition, FIVB is dominated by European countries. Their rule change over the years further amplifies European teams’ dominance of the sport, from libero to ball pressure. Asian teams like Thailand, Vietnam or Indonesia could be more skillful than many European teams, but they wouldn’t have a chance to shine at the world stage because the physical disadvantage is too huge. I doubt financial or personnel assistance could help develop these teams to become competitive at the world level, unless there’re significant rule changes to restore balance to favor players with good skills.

    Why is the annual Pan American Cup counted towards world ranking but not the biennial Asian Cup, given that both tournaments are organized by Continental Confederations? So the fact that the Asian Cup is biennial but not annual is the stupid dealbreaker?

    I do not know where to ask so here- what is difference between Pan American Cup from July and actual Pan American Cup?

    The tournament @ Mexico in July is called Pan American Cup Final Six, only played by six Norceca teams. It's indeed not relevant to the annual, "official" Pan American Cup, which is currently held in Canada, consisting of both Norceca and S American teams.

    Apart from a new OPP, the biggest surprise is that Mendez didn't select his son for WCh. Will his son get a free pass to Paris in 2024?

    Sensible choice. The depth of the squad is much improved upon the return of the injured players. Why is Sadat cut so soon?

    Kazemi seldom played in this VNL. What's his current condition?

    When did Karimi, Salehi and Mojarad pick up their injuries, and how's their recovery now? They seemed to be healthy at Tokyo last year.

    Knockout phases are more fun! That's what we all love about OG quarterfinals! With this system, a team become 3rd best doesn't have any realistic chance to go to top 6🤦

    Exactly. I think the FIVB is after the box office and future funding from the powerhouses more -- top teams have a higher chance to survive a round-robin system rather than one-off knockout matches.

    ohhh right I didn't realize.

    Again FIVB's obssession with giving seed 1 to hosts strikes....

    also FIVB's obsession with round robin system round after round, and FIVB's obsession with changing the competition formula.

    Why does FIVB always prefer to have round robin instead of QF? The only reason I can think of is to minimize the occurrence of surprise victories from the underdogs.

    I'm familiar with beach volleyball, but in a first moment I didn't recall Conde Senior in my mind, he's really good for his age (double-underager). So there's Conde's son, Aleksander Śliwka's brother, Paolo Porro's brother, Dante Boninfane's son, Vigor Bovolenta's son, Vlado Nikolov's son, and maybe Vlasov and Kirillov from Russia have something in common with Ilya and Irina, but I'm not familiar with that. There's also Bergmann's brother as OPP in Brazilian team. After all, volleyball is a family sport. :)

    There's also Erik Stoev, son of Martin Stoev, who is the head coach of the U19 NT, the former head coach of the senior NT, and a former NT player.