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    Thanks. I asked because I think highly of De Giorgi and I find the timing a bit unreasonable to be honest. I wasn’t aware of those issues within the team.

    I believe Leal's issue is one of the biggest. His recent performance on court obviously showed that he's been struggling to focus (but to no avail). His contract renewal negotiation is a key to the Lube's fate this season.

    Having a quick glance, among all teams in Superlega this season, Nimir is the only OPP whom a team can rely on as the major offensive weapon. Almost all teams use OH as their go-to hitters. Of course, injuries play a factor (AA and Patry).

    Dzavoronok is such a strong outside hitter for Monza -- he is very tall, a high jumper and explosive. Very often he attacks when being fully exposed, because the opponents easily guess that no other spikers from Monza will get the set. In addition, he has to receive, definitely the busiest player on court in the whole league.

    Btw, why is Adis absent?

    right when we talked about Sharifi ,he just moved back to Turkey ! he will play in "Haliliye Belediye"

    Farhad Ghaemi on other hand is coming back to Iran to play for "Haraz Amol" after having an unsuccessful half season in Qatar. it seems he is far from his best nowadays.

    we have reached the mid season break in the Iranian league and all of a sudden all players want to change their club !! from what I know some teams are losing half of their main squad. for Saipa, it's almost all of their starters. :aww: it seems the car company who owns the club is upset about how Mousavi left them (they think he did something wrong and the IRIVF should not let him play in Italy) and they simply lost interest and let the whole team go.

    If the owner of the club doesn't Mousavi to leave, then how can his transfer to Italy happen?

    I think Tillie will do the same as he did in the olympic qualifiers. Patry as an starter and Winkelmuller or Whendt back-up (Winkelmuller is not playing in Turkey, so I think he will take Whendt).

    Given the fight he had with Ngapeth and that he has moved to Qatar, I give 0 chances for Boyer to go to Tokyo.

    Winkelmuller simply cannot be sent on court at this level. I believe Tillie will ask Boyer to be back if Patry's injury is serious. Otherwise, I'd rather bring 5 OHs to Tokyo instead of wasting the backup OPP quota.

    Following quite a few matches of Monza recently, I think they are very competent due to the following factors: (1) The main attacking duo, Džavoronok and Adis, are too powerful and tall for most teams (with the only exception of Perugia and Lube); (2) 6 jump servers in the starting lineup with tough serves at 4 rotations; (3) the height advantage of the team in blocking. Their players are not as famous as the strongest teams in the league, but all the 7 starting players are all of very decent quality with no weak links on court.

    This season is very interesting to watch. For at least 5 consecutive seasons (not counting the incomplete 2019-2020), the final four of Superlega has been dominated the same 'Big 4' -- Perugia, Lube, Modena and Trentino. In this season, Callipo, Milano and Monza have good chances of advancing to the final 4 behind Perguia and Lube. Callipo and Monza in particular may cause further surprises led by their tall hard hitters.

    I notice that Sedlacek was missing from the latest match of Monza against Milano. Was he quarantined due to COVID?

    Is Rychlicki really bad (I mean terrible) ? or he plays bad whenever I watch Lube ?

    tonight in the 5th set, De Cecco only set for him once at the match point when they were leading big time, he couldn't trust the guy after so many poor atacks. Pinali on the other side was 10 times better.

    Watching many games of Lube in the past two years, I don't think Rychlicki is ready to be a starting OPP for the team. He is obviously a weak link of the team. It's likely because of a very affordable salary that Lube keeps using him.

    Lavia got scrutinized in social media for the game.

    The worst offender was Grebennikov's father chiming in after a fan commented that Lavia should be in A2 but his old man disagreed saying he's being optimistic because his level of play should be in Romania and Belgium. :gone:

    Fun fact to know outside the court. Speaking of Grebennikov, it's also a bit unusual to see him struggling during the game. Thanks to Monza's tough serves, Grebennikov has made quite a few reception errors and not as solid in playing defense as his usual standard.

    5 blocks for Adis so far...:obey:

    Currently, there's a blockade party for Monza with Holt 5 and Galassi 3 against Modena.

    The match Monza vs Modena is a real blocking party (for Monza)! I enjoyed watching it so much. Holt is formidable at the front with top-notch judgment and speedy movement in blocking. Latvia collapsed starting from the middle of set 3. I doubt his reception faults and getting stuff blocked amounted to 10 points during that period. At one point, I was wondering if Giani has signed a contract with a non-replacement clause of Latvia lol. Fair to say, Latvia has found his soul back after extending his awful performance in the beginning of set 4.

    Who is the "official" backup opposite of the team? Is it James Shaw?