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    My friend got his subscription from

    I want to subscribe but time difference is a deal breaker. I can't be awake at 2:30

    Elevensports do upload some of the games at their site.

    Thanks. Let me check it out. FloVolleyball purchased the streaming right of the Italian Men’s league last year, but they didn’t renew it this year. :down:

    What time zone are you in?

    The dates of the 2020 finals indeed were scheduled in 2018. They should have known well in advance when FIVB granted USAV to host the finals in 2019-2021. It’s likely that USAV doesn’t receive any bid for the 2020 finals due to the July 4 weekend.

    Is there more news about this Twilight saga?If France loses in the qualification tournament in January, then the team doesn’t need to worry about missing either one of them in the next two years at least.

    I don't see what Lozano could have done more than this. China started to look somewhat respectable and this is how they reward the coach?

    The Chinese team has better players yet got worse result than the previous cycle. Look at their VNL performance. The team is weak both mentally and technically. In what aspect do you think China started to look somewhat respectable?

    Argentina has the best attacker and best setter in statistics but probably neither will be in all star team. I hope for one of them at least.

    Loser definitely deserves to be in the all star team.

    Is Lima injured as well? He’s been sitting on the bench all the time. I only started watching near the end of set 1, so don’t know what happened beforehand.

    don't they have to wait a few years before they can represent another country? is it 5 years?

    I think there has to be a 2-year gap for an athlete to represent another country; this rule is imposed by FIVB. Each country obviously has its own naturalization policy such that the process can be long or short.

    I would rather say that Dick Kooy is “headless chicken” than IF. Kooy closed his door to Dutch NT where he could play as starter. He should be/is aware that he is not the youngest and the only possibility to play in Italian NT is Juantorena’s injury. I doubt that Italian coach will build the next cycle roster with him in. And IF used decent player which they have right now. Better than others at the moment.

    I don't think he cared about the Dutch NT. If the Dutch NT is strong enough to be semifinal favorites, Dick Kooy wouldn't close his door to the Dutch NT himself, even if he got Italian citizenship favorable to his career to play for the Italian clubs.

    The first two sets of BRA vs USA were high quality. Very intense. Both sides showed amazing attack and defense.

    Bruno outplayed Micah in this game. Both Micah and Anderson choked.

    I agreed that the first 2 sets of this match is of very high quality. The defense and the explosive offense fully reminded the audience that this is a match between volleyball superpowers. Although USA lost in straight sets, this is one of the most entertaining games in this World Cup lack of top-class rivalry.

    I’m curious about the intention of the Italian volleyball federation to recruit Dick Kooy to play in the World Cup. Given that Dick Kooy is already 32yo, he’s unlikely to be used for the next Olympic cycle. But at the moment, Juantorena is with the NT as a naturalized player.

    Argentina simply imploded after the second set. They were playing crazy good and then suddenly tons of errors (especially from serve) and couldn't kill any attacks even from good reception (Italy drastically improved block defense too). Frustrating to watch but understandable since most players are inexperienced.

    I feel like they have been like this the last three matches, playing superb in the first two sets and then the level drops suddenly. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with their spikers’ stamina.

    I always enjoy watching Argentina's play. They have excellent ball control. The whole team plays very smooth on court.

    They're really playing some beautiful volleyball. This is more than just winning a game.

    It's the same squad as SA championship.

    And those were the only 5 players of this wc squad that played in OQT (though I can't remember if Danani was there, I know González was the starter libero but I can't recall if Danani was also taken to China or not).

    Yes, Danani was in China, and played on court, too (not a starter like you said).