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    Who is the "official" backup opposite of the team? Is it James Shaw?

    I would love to see Vuk Todorovic as starting setter (IMO she is already better than Jovović), i like Jovović because of his personality, but he is not amazing setter at all.

    Vuk IMO have potential to become very good.

    * Fun fact that i played against him in the Belgrade city school competition (bronze medal match) when i was 14, she was alpha and omega of his team he was the best attacker, best server, best blocker,.... everything, and me as captain and my teammates, simply we couldn't do anything, although we was a very balanced team.

    What is Todorovic’s position back then?

    oh absolutely not, my chance to be the head coach is probably higher than Kolakovic :rolll:

    they wanted to fire him for a very long time, first after 2018 World Championship (didn't have the money to pay 2-3 years of his contract) and then next year after the World Cup, (nobody was in charge of the federation and when the new guy came he thought that's stupid to change the coach right before the Olympic Qualifiers) this virus thing just gave them an opportunity to terminate the contract with mutual agreement. they are happy to not pay him for another 5-6 months.

    believe it or not they are after Velasco to lead the team only for the Olympics, in case that plan fails Iran will probably participate with a local coach. there are 3 candidates already. I don't think they hire a completely new guy right now, on paper we have one year left for the Olympics but NTs will be inactive in most of it.

    indeed I don’t find Kolakovic is an effective coach. His record when leading the Serbian NT is not impressive neither.

    but is there a chance Velasco is back to leading Iran NT again? Is he on the market now?

    Personally I find Kovac not bad, at least better than Kolakovic and Lozano.

    This is the his interview from that he gave to Serbian main sport media "Sport Klub"

    I was not fired, as some media reported. The leaders of the Volleyball Federation of Iran contacted me, we had a conversation, at the basis of which it was clear that it was time to break up. Namely, my contract expires on September 1, and the agreement was for my engagement to end with the Olympic Games in Japan. However, due to the coronavirus, the Games have been canceled until 2021, and the volleyball players of Iran will therefore not have any activities or big competitions for a year and a half. "Given that Iran is a country that has been severely affected by the coronavirus, that it must take care of the economic, in addition to the health situation in the country, an agreed termination of cooperation was proposed, and I agreed to that," Kolakovic told Sport Klub. "My wish was to participate in the Olympic Games with Iran, to make my dream come true, to be a participant in the largest sports festival in the world for the fourth time. Many asked me why I did not change my decision and wait for the Olympic Games. I would do that in case that i lead Montenegro or Serbia, but like this, I really couldn't wait for an extremely long period without activity, and it wouldn't be fair to the leaders of the Volleyball Federation of Iran, with whom I had a great cooperation, and we will have a conversation in the near future. to grow friendly because we achieved great results and had a great cooperation. "

    Thanks for providing this context. That makes sense considering the current economic and health situation in Iran. In this case, I believe there's still a possibility that Kolakovic will appear in the Olympic Games as Iran's head coach. It depends on whether Kolakovic's club commitment allows him to do so, and the progress of finding a new head coach from the Iranian Volleyball federation.

    Both teams played to their max and poured their hearts out, even though not everyone is in their best shape.

    Lube deservedly wins the trophy, and I hope Juantorena to win the MVP award; he totally deserves it.

    [UPDATE] He did win the MVP.

    I’m not sure which thread I should put this post on, so admins please feel free to move my post to the appropriate thread if you find it to fit better.

    I’ve just stumbled upon the fact that Maarten van Garderen switched to play beach volleyball in 2017 summer, and immediately achieved a 4th-place finish at the World Championship! Has he ever played professional beach volleyball again after that summer?

    For a player of his caliber, would he earn more as an indoor volleyball player?

    FIVB allows at most 1 naturalized player who has played for another country of the same age category.

    Muserskiy played for the Ukrainian youth team but not the senior team. I'm not sure about Kliuka but I don't think he's played for Belarus NT before. Both of them are not subject to this rule.

    Butko and Bakun played for the senior NT of Belarus and Ukraine respectively in the past, so they can't play in the Russian NT at the same time.…liczby-zawodnikow/1y2gtyl

    30-players roster will be kept, but if a team will advance to the finals 10 players which played in at least in 9 matches from inter round will have to play in the finals and each of these 10 players will have to play at least 30% of each match during the finals.

    For me it’s a bit complicated and don’t know how FIVB wants to track it, but ok.

    The 30% threshold appears to be based on the number of rallies played. Does this rule require each team to rotate their squad during the final round? :roll: In a hypothetically scenario where only 7 players play all the matches during the final round without being substituted, 3 of the 10 players won't meet the 30% requirement.

    FIVB decided to limit the number of players in rosters for VNL. Original idea was that each team would call only 14 players but after protests of almost all NT federations the number was increased to 18 players. On February the final decision will be made.

    What a joke. On one hand, FIVB has just claimed that they would prioritize over athletes' health. On the other hand, they made such a decision to force each federation to send their A squad to this tournament 5 or 6 weeks in a row.