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    I still don't get how a team with the most match wins and the least losses ends up 3rd place... this points system is a bit of a farce. Surely the award should be for the effort of winning a match, not winning it quickly...... makes the whole playoff ranking rather false.

    I think this controversy will always last for volleyball. Unlike football, a volleyball match doesn't have a tie, and the current scoring system wants to mimic something akin to a tie.

    Very “smart” arrangement of the schedule from the Polish federation. France and Slovenia faces each other in the first match and the loser would have a slim chance of winning the pool. No matter whether France wins the match or not, it’s not going to be an easy challenge for them, and the match will likely end around 23:00. With a very short time of rest, France will then face Poland early in the afternoon the next day. I think that’s why Poland arranges their own match as the first one in the first two days, and why they don’t arrange to play France, presumably their strongest opponent of the pool, in the last match.

    Who's the head coach? Tetyukhin??

    Modena is simply painful to watch :gone: I'm wondering what Velasco will say to the media this time :roll:

    The only good news is that Kaliberda shows improved performance recently, and Christenson is back to court.

    Obviously, Modena simply has structural problem in team formation. I think the root cause is Zaytsev's subpar performance this season. It sounds like his vertical reach has dropped a lot. If Zaytsev can perform as a top-class opposite, then the team can afford to start with Uranut and a healthy Kaliberda, both of whom are well-rounded and acceptable reception. Bednorz in the back row is such a black hole. Kevin Tillie can't even deliver decent statistics in the Chinese Domestic League in the offensive end, so I believe he's considered a back-row specialist for the OHs on this team.

    A fully functional machinery works perfectly for Trentino today. The most impressive category is the team blocking element.

    We won/succeed in many tournament in the past, but now for the very first time I see our NT as main favourite in the nearest future. I didn't have such impression before (despite succeses) as this is volleyball and everything can happen, but such strange certainity appeared - WCHs + Leon, Gosh!

    True, with Leon, a player who's at his own tier in this planet, plus the team winning WCh. This team doesn't have holes on court, and Leon can stay focused on being the terminator!

    Milano could have beaten Lube today. Lube won with stronger serves. In this edition of SuperLega, there’re so many occasions that a team has been leading by 3-4 points most of the time in a set but failed in closing it. That happened particularly often in matches when the three top teams (excluding Perugia since they’re simply in a different tier) battle the four major challengers (Milano, Verona, Padova and Monza), usually ending in the top teams claiming the sets with come-from-behind victories. In the end, a slight edge in the absolute strength provides the experience and confidence to make a difference.

    Some people in Poland are alreadry becoming tired of how many tournaments we host lately - and we will probably host the male 2026 World Championship too.. It used to be an event, and now our federation already has problems to fill the stadiums.

    This is a worriesome sign for the global development of this sport. Can you elaborate on the last part — the Polish Volleyball federation already has problems to fill the stadiums? How’s the attendance of NT matches in Poland in the last two years?

    All the mess in 2019 is due to Japan being the perpetual host country of the World Cup and also the host of the Olympics next year. Is there another sports like volleyball in which one country enjoys such a special status? This doesn't make sense.

    Regarding the Olympic qualification format itself, while a system with 6 pools of 4 teams each fighting for a berth seems reasonable and "fair", with so many pools and such a short tournament, it won't be surprising to see some upsets, feeding Tokyo with some lower-tier teams. Japan tends to get some weaker opponents when they host a tournament so as to help their team reach a better ranking. FIVB seems to give them a hand, whilst profiting $1m from each host country.

    Contrariwise, though, it's good for us volleyball fans to have such an action-packed year ahead.

    Watched the replay of Modena vs Monza. It's another lousy performance from Modena which is very disorganized at the moment. They simply couldn't build the momentum to win when facing better-quality teams. I doubt even Christenson's return wouldn't make a big difference. This team has good-quality players in all positions, but stability is missing from many of them, and no one (perhaps the team management expected that person to be Zaytsev before the season started) steps up to carry the team at crunch time. Star players of this team still have brief moments to shine once in a while, but their overall value exhibited throughout the season is not better than some ordinary but stable players, like the OHs from Monza.

    Thanks for all the responses and solving this "mystery" to me :). I'd hope that there is a forum where men's volleyball would be discussed more, and inside.volley is already the best I've found. In the past I've heard from different sources that men's volleyball is way more popular than women's in Europe. However, I've observed the very opposite here. It's likely that English is not the first language in most European countries, so this forum is not representative of the fan population from Europe in general. A lot of members here are from (southeast) Asia, in which women's volleyball is more popular. Perhaps that explains why.

    Till 2002 women's volleyball was just an addiction in Italy.

    Was it because of players with model-like appearances like Piccinini and Cacciatori? So does popularity of men's volleyball surpass women's nowadays in Italy? I'm asking because I've found that the thread about women's Italian league is much longer than men's one.

    Tillie will be joining Modena this week. Good player but I'm not sure he's the type of difference-maker they need to have a legitimate shot at the title. At least we won't have to watch Kaliberda anymore.

    Tillie's best option at Superlega is to join Lube with very strong hitters but crappy reception. Modena is the second best choice I think - their reception is also very shaky. However, Modena does not have super hitters at both wings, and Zaytsev's shape is worrisome. Their weak link in reception is Bednorz, whose offensive power is however very important for the team. Who can Tillie replace? He'll likely be positioned as a back-row specialist for both starting OHs. If he's to start, a possibility I could think of is to let him play opposite Urnaut, and move Bednorz, who's arguably the strongest hitter for Modena at the moment, to OPP. This way, Modena may achieve better balance at both the offensive and defensive ends.

    They still have that tallest libero in the world, right?

    Kovacevic is a monster in Trentino, I do wonder if his level will drop back to earth in the NT season.

    Who’s the tallest libero?

    Kovacevic is decent but far from being a monster at Trentino. His performance in attack is not too stable.

    If Camejo and Butko can't be in the same team (because they are nationalized players), Camejo should be the principal option.

    Is Camejo playing as OH now? Russia already has good quality players at that position already, and Camejo is not top class.

    The finnish Tuomas Sammelvuo (Kuzbass Kemerovo) is the new coach of Russia. He was coach of his country in WC 2018.

    Has he achieved anything outstanding in the past? This doesn’t sound like particularly exciting news for Russian NT...

    Yes I remember he was such promising that time, I had the exact same thoughts he will be Muserskiy's heir-apparent but reality couldn't be farther from the truth now. It's a weird case with Vlasov, his contemporaries (Kiluka, Poletaev, Volkov) they all improved their game, but he regressed. Other than his attack (which is not pretty special tbh), all other elements he is pretty weak especially the blocking which is normally the asset of Russian MBs. I can name 10 Russian MBs who is currently better than him at the moment, I don't think he will be invited to the NT this year..

    In other news, Camejo now applied for Russian citizenship to FIVB, but I think this will take at least 6 months to take effect and so maybe we will only see him next year if ever he gets called in Russian NT.

    Perhaps FIVB should consider a special case for Cuba by allowing a team like “Cubans Overseas” to compete at FIVB NT-level and Olympic tournaments. 😅

    How many times do the top four teams of the Italian league (Perugia, Lube, Trentino and Modena) meet each other in all competitions this season? :roll: Lube is playing Modena for the second time this week...