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    Lanza has been the starting player for the NT in all major tournaments since 2015 and contributed a lot to a decent result of the team. He should not be easily removed from the squad as experience matters in major tournaments, even if his recent shape is not good enough to justify a starting position. In addition, none of the other OHs are particularly reliable.

    well maybe China and Japan can afford losing a gold medal but for Iran NOC every single possible gold medal matters here. the initial plan was sending the B team , they even appointed a coach and made a list but then the NOC pushed the volleyball federation into using the A team. apparently most of the players also wanted to go to the Asian Games.

    Iran B team just advanced to the AVC Cup final. I think if Kolakovic is going to make a change that will be Yali, Esfandiar or Karimi the setter. key players in this B team .

    for so many years under Kovac and later Lozano, Iran relied only on a limited group of players. I'm glad Kolakovic finally changed that bad habit. for example I never understood how come Mahdavi is the second setter for a decade ?! he was always a terrible setter.

    Yeah, Yali is a good prospect. Judging from his VNL performance, he's perhaps not strong enough to take the OPP position at the senior NT, but occasionally he spiked some difficult rallies. At a height of 209cm, he is an important future reinforcement.

    Regarding Mahdavi, in addition to Kovac and Lozano, Velasco is the one who kept using him for years. When I saw Salafzoon playing in World League last year, I was also wondering why the coaches never tried any setters other than Mahdavi before.

    Marouf's injury was nothing serious. at the moment only Mousavi and Ghaemi have slight injuries. and yes this is the final roster for the Asian Games and most probably the World Championship Kolakovic says having changes after the Asian Games is unlikely but not impossible

    Vadi is a better setter than Salafzoon. and as we knew MirzaJP is in Kolakovic's black list. he was supposed to play for Iran B team in AVC Cup but he rejected that. so I think even if Kolakovic is going to make a change there is no chance for MirzaJP.

    Thanks, Mosi. It's interesting to know that both China and Japan will send a B team to the Asian Games since it 'collides' with the World Championship, while Iran will send the same team to both tournaments.

    It's good to see that Iran NT suddenly has an influx of good-quality new players (for example, Shafiei, Sharifi, Toukhteh & Kazemi) this year. I think with the arrival of Sharifi, the value of Mirzajanpour is diminished. Sharifi is a decent passer, and offense-wise Mirzajanpour is not stable, while Sharifi also does a decent job in spiking. Mirzajanpour played very well in the entire year of 2014, and then mysteriously he's no longer the same player.

    According to…0%93_Men%27s_team_rosters:

    S: Marouf, Vadi

    MB: Mousavi, Shafiei, Faezi, Toukhteh

    OH: Ebadipour, Ghaemi, Manavinejad, Sharifi

    Opp: Ghafour, Kazemi

    L: Marandi, Hazratpour

    However, I've read earlier that Marouf was injured, so this list may not necessarily be the final roster.

    Other than that, this is obviously Iran's strongest lineup, despite notable absence of Salafzoon and Mirzajanpour.

    Well, I guess overall it's a deserved win for France mainly for the great first two sets. However their level dropped a lot afterwards, Toniutti totally forgot about his middles and forced Ngapeth way too much. They can thank Boyer for being at his best and saving their necks eventually.

    Still, very entertaining match overall!

    Le Goff and Le Roux are 7/8 and 5/6 in spiking efficiency, but Toniutti as usual is quite conservative and ignored his MBs most of the time. Le Goff is in top form indeed!

    Russell responsible for almost all the American's errors :wall:

    In Russell's 5th error in set 5 (reception), Ngapeth saved his ass by poorly executing the pipe attack.

    Russell scored 4 points in the beginning of the set BTW.

    The French Diva is going to cost his team the match and still Toniutti keeps feeding him with balls. Is he scared to get beaten up after the match if he doesn't set him enough or what??


    Toniutti is superstitious about Ngapeth. He's blocked so much in the last two sets, yet he still set a pipe to Ngapeth with so many attack options in the front row in that free ball opportunity.

    Set more to Boyer!

    Boyer in the after match interview said that they let the starters play in the third set because they wanted to face the USA rather than Russia tomorrow. Going to be a lit game :thumbup: .

    This is a natural choice. Russian players are really tall. When they're playing well, it'd be really tough for France due to height disadvantage.

    Because of Mauricio's injury yesterday, he and Murilo swapped their roles (OH vs L). Has the rule changed? I recall that in World League, each team used to designate 3 liberos in the 21-player squad. Players designated as liberos were not allowed to play as a regular player in any game. And now even in the same week, the coach has the freedom to choose any 2 players from the 14-palyer squad as liberos in any game?

    I'm surprised by this because Tillie is performing better than Ngapeth in VNL. He also performed better than Perrin in Beijing of the Chinese league according to Tomen in one of his posts.

    I think Tillie’s prime was in 2015. He really did an awesome job as N’gapeth’s opposite. He was injured during WL 2016, and when he’s back to the starting squad at Rio Olympics, he could hardly spike. He’s never back to his optimal shape since then.

    He has been injured way before the start of VNL. He still cant hit the ball becuase of his injured shoulder. So even if hes back to the WCH. I think Tillie will go with the one libero and have one OH wearing ibero shirt. Tillie has been underperforming since she had the surgery. I though he had shoulder problems back to 2017?? But he couldnt jump now even in Chinese league he wasnt performing well.

    Do you mean Clevenot has his shoulder injured?