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    Sensible choice. The depth of the squad is much improved upon the return of the injured players. Why is Sadat cut so soon?

    Kazemi seldom played in this VNL. What's his current condition?

    When did Karimi, Salehi and Mojarad pick up their injuries, and how's their recovery now? They seemed to be healthy at Tokyo last year.

    Knockout phases are more fun! That's what we all love about OG quarterfinals! With this system, a team become 3rd best doesn't have any realistic chance to go to top 6🤦

    Exactly. I think the FIVB is after the box office and future funding from the powerhouses more -- top teams have a higher chance to survive a round-robin system rather than one-off knockout matches.

    ohhh right I didn't realize.

    Again FIVB's obssession with giving seed 1 to hosts strikes....

    also FIVB's obsession with round robin system round after round, and FIVB's obsession with changing the competition formula.

    Why does FIVB always prefer to have round robin instead of QF? The only reason I can think of is to minimize the occurrence of surprise victories from the underdogs.

    I'm familiar with beach volleyball, but in a first moment I didn't recall Conde Senior in my mind, he's really good for his age (double-underager). So there's Conde's son, Aleksander Śliwka's brother, Paolo Porro's brother, Dante Boninfane's son, Vigor Bovolenta's son, Vlado Nikolov's son, and maybe Vlasov and Kirillov from Russia have something in common with Ilya and Irina, but I'm not familiar with that. There's also Bergmann's brother as OPP in Brazilian team. After all, volleyball is a family sport. :)

    There's also Erik Stoev, son of Martin Stoev, who is the head coach of the U19 NT, the former head coach of the senior NT, and a former NT player.

    I remember a player called German Johansen played in 2019 World Cup as an Opposite; his performance was fine. How's his growth in the past year?

    Do you mean when Argentina was 8-9 down and Conte had just scored a point? He said this: "Vamo ahi, vamo vamo", "dale, dale, buena bola". Later (before Lima ace) he said: "cabeza ahora, vamo vamo vamo". It is like this "Come on, come on, good ball (it is literally, but with good ball he meant = good serve). Then he said cabeza = head, but in this case he meant to stay focused and well, finished with more "come on, come on". There is a part I dont hear well cuz of the Mexican commentator is also talking. So I cant traslate that.

    Thanks, Leonardo! Lima did receive the mental boost from Conte and scored 4 points in a row! Apart from the two aces with power and tactics, in both attack occasions he managed to convert the half chances into points.

    Coincidentally, right after Conte scored to make it 8:9, the NBC commentator said "who is going to step up for Argentina from the serving line", and Lima answered that one minute after.

    When Lima scored that back row spike from the 5m area, the commentator said "he's the man possessed" to compliment his extraordinary performance.

    In the final moments of the QF match of Argentina vs Italy, Conte said something aloud to his teammates a couple of times right before Lima served. Can anyone help translate what he said?

    This team is confirmed now. Mirzajanpour didn't make it at the end.

    I have to say it's still hard to believe that Sharifi is going to play in Tokyo. he wasn't even in the VNL original squad (he got in when Manavinejad got injured) and Alekno didn't even use him for the first half of VNL. and he didn't really "shine" when he got some playing time. I can't understand why but I'm sure Alekno has his own reasons.

    but one thing is for sure, Iran will be in big trouble if either Ebadipour or M.Salehi has a bad day. Sharifi is going to Tokyo only because Fayazi, Mirzajanpour and Manavinejad got injured (and didn't fully recover in time) and Esfandiar didn't convince Alekno in VNL. Alekno claimed he gave Esfandiar lots of opportunities. more than what he deserved but he is overweight and his reception and block are mediocre (his reception is actually terrible) it's clear that Esfandiar was his choice but then he changed his mind.

    Understandable Sharifi can go to Tokyo, considering the team’s current condition. Iran needs at least one defensive/well-rounded OH as backup. Sharifi’s direct competitors are Fayazi, Manavi and Ghaemi; I believe Ghaemi was invited to join the training camp mostly because of Fayazi’s injury. Since his competitors are all injured or not in shape, Sharifi is the only option left.

    Mirzajanpour and Esfandiar are offensive-type OHs and they never compete with Sharifi for a place in the Olympic squad. I believe Alekno would like to bring one of them to Tokyo, but they didn’t make the cut simply because of performance. In addition, the unstable performance of Ebadipour is quite a concern. That paves way for Mirandi to grab the final seat.

    I think Iran is still short of one more OH in the reserve squad, but this hole simply cannot be filled at the moment. It’s a big misfortune that Fayazi is injured; he would be the best backup for Ebadipour, and could also play as Ebadipour’s opposite if needed.

    Gotcha. Sounds like the federation is the culprit; if a NT coach is fully in charge, they should not force Alekno to observe certain players. Alekno obviously has no interest in Ghaemi and had a shortlist in his mind when he's back to Iran, and therefore dropped him on the 1st day of training.

    While the Iranian Volleyball Federation managed to hire Alekno as the NT coach, which should be the best possible option, the time may be too short for Alekno to adapt to the team style and make an impact. I think reaching the QF is a realistic goal for the team. Anything better should be treated as a bonus.

    not really, clearly Iran had problems with reception but I don't know how a second libero can help. it was just obvious that Alekno invited Marandi for a reason. personally I can't understand what Marandi can add to the team more than Hazratpour. but well I guess Alekno knows more than me about volleyball :lol:

    btw Pourya Fayazi (his real name is Babak though) announced retirement from the national team on his social media couple hours ago. so I guess that means that list is really final. or at least Marandi is going to Tokyo for sure.

    Thanks. I've also read that Ghaemi is very dissatisfied with the treatment of the Iran Volleyball Federation. Do you know the details about the whole saga?

    having Marandi in the team was "expected" based on some interviews but I have to say I'm very surprised to see Sharifi there. Alekno rarely used him in VNL

    btw this list is not final. at least not yet. they said that few days ago that at some point they "have" to register a list for FIVB but whoever still in the camp still has a chance to make it. from that 16-man list, they dropped Esfandiar yesterday, 15 players are still there. I believe Sharifi and Mirzajanpour are competing for one spot while the other OH is either Fayyazi or the libero Marandi. the reserve MB is also between Gholami and Abedini.

    Did those interviews disclose the reasoning behind the selection of Marandi? IIRC, he's not in VNL at all.

    I think Alekno has taken high risks by bringing only 3 OHs. Ebadipour is far from being stable to stay on court the whole tournament. It's a bit surprising that Fayazi wasn't selected (because of injury?) - I think Iran needs two defensive OHs more than one OH and one back-row specialist.

    Iran's roster at Tokyo Olympics as released on FIVB:

    OH: Ebadipour, M. Salehi, Sharifi

    MB: Mousavi, Mojarad, Gholami

    S: Marouf, Karimi

    OPP: Kazemi, Ghafour

    L: A. Salehi, Marandi

    I have read that a gymnastics delegation participating in the team competition at Tokyo OG can bring in 4 alternates to replace any of the 4 regular athletes in case of injuries or COVID-19 infections. This 1:1 ratio of regular to alternates is very high. Are alternates allowed to travel to Tokyo for indoor volleyball?