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    Questions and answers from private messages about our future plans:

    Hello I would like to know if you have any predictions for the launch of the new edition of Volleyball Manager?

    And if they want to make a VolleyBall Manager edit the woman?


    1) Well we don't plann female version- in fact female volleyball and male volleyball are 2 quite different disciplines and we find it impossible to make just one game engine for these 2 disciplines - look for example on the level of good reception in male and female volleyball, percentage of succesfull attacks, number of digs during every game etc. Another problem is that male version has database with more than 10 k real players and we can't manage to make a second database with similar number of female players.
    2) I can't say anything about new version because for the time being I just don't know anything but I can assure you that one of our most credible co-workers nickname Bartek work on new database for season 2015-2016 so I really don't know whether there will be a new version but I am 100% sure this man will do a new database.

    3)When it will be published?
    For sure not before the beggining of new club's season after World Cup - probably October at best when majority of transfers will be approved

    Additions to VM - 2 saved games modified by editor when at the beginnin of new game you received additional 15 milion euros. Free to download but if you want to download a file bigger than 2 MB you need to register- dont worry half of young polish people use this for free.

    newest database
    complete logopack for every competitions in VM
    2 database when you manage a team with sugar daddy and additional 15 mln euros

    An additional gift from our fans for Happy New Year


    1. Newest logopacks and facepacks for polish Plusliga -author Gerrard

    Download link
    It is compatible with newest database so in first step download and install new database from previous post

    Volleyball Manager 2014 --> img --> tutaj kopiujemy foldery z paczki/please copy these files to this folder


    Logopack for every competition that is available in VM - author Asauchi

    A Merry Christmas and Best wishes for New Year.

    С Рождеством и наилучшими пожеланиями на Новый Год

    Um Feliz Natal e os melhores desejos para o Ano Novo .

    Najlepsze życzenia z okazji Bożego Narodzenia i wszystkiego najlepszego na Nowy Rok


    As a gift for Christmas we publish a final version of database for season 2014/2015
    - Bundesliga II, dutch and swiss competitions updated
    - fixes a lot of bugs in belgian, turkish, greek, romanian competitions and also french Pro B
    - newest transfer all over the world
    - updated skills of players from european competitions, Serie A, Pro A and Polish Plusliga

    In packed files you will find two new databases - unpack it to main folder in folder data

    But you can play in new database only if you were well-behaved during last year :drink:

    Link to download

    A lot of people ask us how to edit database
    I must inform you that in previous versions when one of game authors Wojciech Wojtas Sapiecha was still alive it was forbidden because of his point of view as database author
    But after his death we changed our mind in this aspect so from version VM 2012 it is possible. And VM 2014 is first version where you can do this in broad spectrum
    I might be wrong but at first step you need to find file editable (second alternative database file that you can choose when you want to start a new game).
    If you find this file you need to unpack this file - I suggest most popular and freeware Winrar - most of you should have this programme and if not download it.
    When you unpack this I suggest to create a new folder to collect all unpacked files.
    Then you need to open and edit one of these files- I suggest one of XML Editor programmes - most of them are for commercial use and you need of course to pay for them but some of a plenty of this kind of programmes are freeware - here you have the best comparison of them - choose one of freeware version available in web install these and use it to open and edit the file that you want.
    I suggest to use one of XML editor becuase it's the easiest way to edit the database
    But if you want to use Microsoft Office Excel you can use this but then you must check whether you arrange it in correct order - it is not so easy and you will have to spend some time on it if you change a lot of players' skilles or names so I really suggest to use one of XML Editor especially when some of them are freeware
    When you edit what you want then you need to pack the file by using winrar or some other programme and that save the result as VM_dbase_2014_15_editable.dat (you need just to overwrite the file with alternative database)
    And the end you need to choose this database when you start a new game

    2 important information
    -editing in this way is still under development so many VM users inform us that they have problems with that. To be honest I'm not an expert of editing the database so I hope other users will take part in this topic.

    Because in next six months we will celebrate 2 anniversaries of important events in VM history let's describe a little why VM was made and is still continued

    On 23th of March 2005 Tomasz Novrain Slusarek and Wojciech Wojtas Sapiecha created a an official forum of the game (next year will be 10th anniversary of creating VM Team community).
    They were old friends from primary school and when Wojciech started loosing his eyesight in secondary school they decided to play together in a computer games that were available for him to play thanks to computer voice reading a text from programme. Of course the best game in this area in the end of twentienth century was Championship Manager series so they were a really devoted players but in addition Wojciech was a big fan and expert of volleyball so that goes without saying that one day they decided to make a very very simple management simulation game like CM dedicated to volleyball. So it was the beginning of VM- although Novrain who was responsible for code programme is not a profesional computer scientist and Wojtas was blind (he was responsible for the database) they overcame these adversities and created such a game like VM.

    Unfortunately we have also second anniversary - this time of tragic event.
    On 18 of October 2009 Wojciech died on cancer (to the end of his live although his blindness and cancer he was full of life) and Tomasz decided to continue VM project in commemoration of his friend.

    Because I frequently received some question we inform that we rather dont plan female version of our game. For couple of times we thought about just making female database in VM but in fact female and male volleyball are 2 different disciplines and we rather will not make female database because we have even big problems with updating male database - we have not enough people to do this in the begining of the season and we are non-profi project so time of our database designers is limited due to other more important duties. So sorry we wont make it . Only chance is that some other people will make the database instead of us and this will be added as database to our programme if Tomasz Novrain Slusarek gives his permission.

    Still too complicated?
    I directed a movie how to use an editor but I am not sure whether you can watch it on youtube

    Should you have any questions, please post it below.

    I've several times asked how to use an editor in VM 2013 by private messages so this is an official manual from Novrain - game author
    [quote]This topic will be used to provide you with informations how to customize VM database, what is possible since VM 2012 has been officially released. The following description concerns VM ver. 1.33 (for information about VM 2013+ database customizing options click here: viewtopic.php?f=54&t=2572).

    To edit VM database you need to create XML file with the same name like original database file and store it in /data folder (example: if the original database is named VM_dbase_2011_12.dat, your file should be named VM_dbase_2011_12.xml. You can create such a file in Notepad. You can edit existing XML file in Notepad or in MS Excel, what is more user-friendly. Database changes can be applied only by the start of the new game. There is no option to change anything in the saved game file.

    You can edit:
    1. Existing player data.
    2. New player data.
    3. Team data.

    This is an example of the sample XML file content:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <ns1:VolBaseDataSet xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:xsi="">

    The beginning and the end is common for every XML file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <ns1:VolBaseDataSet xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:xsi="">

    -- here put your edited content


    Meaning of tags used for editing player data:

    <!-- player's unique ID -->

    <!-- name -->

    <!-- surname -->

    <!-- surname genitive in Polish language -->

    <!-- birth date in the format YYYY-MM-DD, if unkown: 1900-01-01 -->

    <!-- nationality ID, see national team database ID -->

    <!-- position, R: setter, A: diagonal, P: receiver, S: middle block, L: libero -->

    <!-- height, numeric value -->

    <!-- spike (cm), numeric value -->

    <!-- block (cm), numeric value -->

    <!-- strength, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- jumping, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- speed, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- stamina, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- agility, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- decisions, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- determination, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- charisma, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- intuition, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- creativity, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- attack, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- block, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- technique, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- positioning, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- serve, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- experience, range 1-20 -->

    <!-- team ID, when 0, player is on free transfer -->

    <!-- shirt number, range 0-18 -->

    <!-- contract length - must be greater than 0, when the player is assigned to any team -->
    <!-- -->

    Everything, what is placed between tags <ns1:Zawodnicy> and </ns1:Zawodnicy>, concerns one player. Please note that only some database are editable in the currently released game version.

    Existing player data editing options:
    1.1. Release player on free transfer
    1.2. Assign player to the team
    1.3. Remove player from database
    1.4. Change player's position

    To edit player data you need to find the following information in the game:
    - player ID: visible in player profile and in the transfer list
    - team ID: visible in team profile: team info board

    1.1. Release player on free transfer (1st example in the code)
    Player ID = 1042 (Miguel Angel Falasca) has been released from the team Skra Bełchatów. Team ID and shirt number have to be equal to 0.


    1.2. Assign player to the team (2nd example in the code)
    Player ID = 834 (Nico Freriks) joined Knack Roeselare team. His shirt number is 1. Roeselare database ID is 121. If there is currently any other player in Roeselare playing with shirt number = 1, he will be released on free transfer and Freriks will be added to the team squad.


    1.3. Remove player from database (3rd example in the code)
    Player ID = 705 (Sebastian Świderski) has finished his professional career. He will be replaced in the database by a randomly generated player. Database settings: team ID = -1, shirt number = 0.


    1.4. Change player's position (4th example in the code)
    Player ID = 2235 (Paul Lotman) is a receiver. His playing position has to be changed to "P" - see the specification for the tag "pozycja". His team ID = 275, shirt number = 2.


    Useful tips: the description above looks a bit complicated, but it is necessary for the basic understanding of this issue. I advice you editing XML data in MS Excel, what is much more convenient.

    Troubleshooting tips: please check if you don't use the same player's ID twice in the file. If you edited XML file in Notepad, please also try to open it later in MS Excel. If it opens without problems, you file was made technically correct. Don't use Polish signs in the XML file!

    We are searching people which would like to help VM TEAM to update database for season 2014/2015. If you want to help inform us about it - people responsible for database are Jor and Bartek on our forum. We especially are looking for people which would like to make their native competitions and also asian competitions or any other competitions that are out of date for some time becuase they are hard to scout.

    Information about new version
    I talked with Novrain VM's author and he told me that he tries to solve known bugs and implement new options but main task is to do so in conformity with the latin rule primum non nocere. And the fact that this is a non-profit project and he is a a amateur is another thread you must take under consideration when you wait for new version.

    From VM 2014 you will be able to edit the database in broad spectrum so there will be only our unofficial proposals od database for season 2014/2015 made by notable coworkers and that wont be confirmed by Novrain.

    More than a year ago we set up our group Volleyball Manager Zone on facebook. Everyone is welcome to join our community. It is a place for players and we plann to place there informations about Volleyball Manager. -our group for players
    A month ago we also created our account on twitter - it is called VolleyManager- you can become our fan on twitter and read recent information about this programme.

    Our recent website is dedicated for projected Volleyball Manager 2014 - it is english spoken area and you can visit it by simple clicking on this link - .

    And of course main source of minor informations is our official forum with english spoken topics-