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    You are quite good at telling fairytales :pinch:

    He is saying true. Due to Polsat and Polkomtel money polish national team will play in F8 WL World Cup European Champioships and World Championships. 4 events in 3 years
    Poland become for FIVB second Japan and that is a fact A step by step level of playing become equal.

    I do not want to be iritatious but after a match between Bulgaria and Italy I said today people on the line are judgjing for Poland

    For me it is a shame for polish federation and FIVB
    Poland scored some points for ranking but now we can add to second Japan due to number of events in the future in Poland second name A second Italy
    It was a level on which people on the line judges for foreign team in Challenge Cup or CEV CUP in Bulgaria or Turkey

    I disagree - there're a lot of real volleyball fans. We just love volleyball ! Why ? It's partly combined with present show and history.
    I remember time when Polish football was on highest world level and the same time we were volleyball's world champion, Olympic gold medalist and five times european vice- champions ! Fans were with our team in weak time (1985-95). Look what is happening in Polish league competition or European Cups ? A lot of fans - they're supporting not only Skra but also much weaker teams or women clubs. Are you able to gather many times in European Cup's match 5-10.000 supporters outside
    Poland ?
    Polish volleyball fans are rather very polite and nice. We prefer to come with bigger goups or families because we like it. Polish volleyball fans are not fanatic - we appreciate other teams and especially their good performance, skills or fighting spirit.
    (I have a little bit different view of volleyball because I play it every week with my friends and I can understand much more details not obvious for standard fan ! )

    Do you remember Małyszomania? And remember skijumping before Małysz? I remember this 2 things. The same you could say about this fans also called the best fans of skijumping in the world . And they were a fan of succes not skijumping.

    But back to the point Main problem is polish training system is iunderinvested despite huge money in polish volleyball
    Polish parent must pay to allow their children play volleyball for example for camps. So some poor people are deprived of opportunities to become a good volleyball players. And this people are most motivated And a invested school on Spała produces mostly players for second league.

    Cuban players are phisically destined to play volleyball. And they have very good training system. If regime on Cuba will fall of course best cuban players will play in Europe and become better but best cuban coach will leave island and training system will fall.

    But China has the same volleyball tradition like Bulgaria? Is volleyball so popular in China like in Bulgaria? Most talented youngsters in China play volleyball? Are they the some tall?
    As I said we compare only countries with nearing volleyball tradition and training system

    I said volleyball tradition is also very important and also training system but when two countries like Brazil and Poland have these two things nearing and one country has 200 million of people and second 38 first country will probably have better players or maybe not better their best players but have much more good players which is also very important as a base for headway. There is also bigger chance to find a real star of volleyball

    If we compare with USA Brazil or Russia even with France (64 million) or Gremany (nearly 82 millions) it is only 38 million. Of course number of people is not everything volleyball tradition is always important but if in USA 27 million of people play in volleyball for relax it is hard to have better players than they have.

    The problem is as I said polish fans are mostly fans of succes not volleyball. I do not want to insult true fans of volleyball in Poland but it is not possible that so many people in Poland are interested in this discipline. Poland does not have success in other sports like football basketball or hockey so all hope is directed in volleyball. Everything is all right when polish volleyball players play well but when they play badly someone who is not interested in volleyball loose interest in what is going on on. And of course starts lamentations. One day after World Champioships polish commentators and fans said Poland is with Brazil one step ahead rest of the world and second year after European Championship they said polish volleyball is at the bottom. Both statements are false because for example Russia during World Champiosnhip play without not called-up Khamutskich but first of all without Tietiukhine and that seriuosly affected level of russian actions. The same you could say about Serbia that during this tournment have seriuos problems. And the other hand embarrasing performance during European Championship didnt mean polish team is such weak as it looked like although it was very costly due to World Cup.
    I think polish fans have also too high expectation. Polish have only 38 million people and USA have about 300 Brazil more thah 200 and Russia more than 140. It just demography although for example volleyball is not so popular in Russia. Another problem polish training system is weak and underinvested although there are such big money in polish volleyball Russia survive this ten years after crisis of 90' when coaches left Russia and played were not learned technique enough but I think after Putin goverment and big money in volleyball there are on their way to succes.It is seen clearly that polish players and polish volleyball have the same problem.

    It would be a funny if Poland get promotion because it is a World League and Poland play rather on level of European League. 2 embarasssing games someone will say they won with Bulgaria but Bulgaria played even worse. Every time I see Aleksiev he has nothing no attack no reception no service and he has to be replaced every set. Bulgarian fans will miss Konstantinow for long time


    BTW, Italy seems to be the most cosmopolitic volleyball NT team in
    Europe: Łasko, Baranowicz, Zaytsev, Travica. Their fathers played for
    different countries than they do :whistling:

    I would add Zlatanow which father also played for Bulgaria

    My post wrote yersterday
    Once more Bulgaria and Poland were the weakest teams of tournament. Italy in second and third set played not very well but if polish playes wasted 6 of last 7 services in second set when Italy and especialy their setter Travica had big crisis they cant won even a set. I hope Italy will also get promotion to semifinals because only this team appart from Argentina played on decent but not good level and Poland and Bulgaria played so horrible.

    Today we can saw bad results of handicap for host. 2 good matches in other group and embarrassing game between Poland and Bulgaria two weakest teams of tournament. If we also know that Bartman is injured and won't play in upcoming games I predict bad weekend for polish fans because what Jarosz has been playing for last 10 months is a shame and Gruszka is probably not prepared for this tournament. It's a pity two groups are so not balanced.

    Polish federation did the same like italian a year ago and that's important because without F8 of World League and World Cup there would be serious problems to play on olimpic games.
    So if you criticized Italian even if you are a fan of polish nt you must admit polish federation in upcoming years will be treated as second Japan. It is a pity because polish nt is strong team and do not need such a handicap. Other side of it is if you do not have money you cant watch volleyball on polish tv.

    One think I do not demand big knowledge but if someone doesnt know how many points is needed to win a set you cant call him fan of volleyball. Because he doesnt know anything about this discipline. Would call a fan of football someone who doesnt know that you cant score a goal with help of hand? Or young people waiting only for autograph of Kurek or Wlazły even if they play in opossite team what I see every time when I 'm on Politechnika hall. On league matches people are far more knowledgeable but on national team matches or Skra matches in CL there is full of random people.
    I mean disgrace becuase United States helped these polish emigrants to start new life, some of them also have american passport and they behave like this.
    What would you think if full hall of vietnamese or ukrainian fans would do the same on some sport event in Warsaw? What would say some polish polish political parties?. We still do not have many immigrants so we do not know what a problems can it be but there would be a big affair after such a behavior. Check what a really tacful american captain William Priddy said after this game. I do not say booed during iopposite service is wrong I only say people that lived in USA for many years should not behave like these because their are guests in this country.
    Making noise during anthem is also very strange behavior for me and if I would be foreigner sportsmen I would think it is big affront. I never do that and I cant understand why people cannot be silently for at maximum 2 minutes :thumbdown:
    And I remember a volleyball match in Poland during World League couple years ago when russian players were booed during their anthem. It is of course not the same like during football match of legia when polish fans shouted many times "Jebac Ruskich" and russian players wanted to protest and leave the pitch but you can't claim that even on volleyball hall polish fans do not have any bad behaviour

    I agree polish fan are very good I only wanted to show other side of it. The reason why volleyball is so popular in Poland. For me the only objective reason is lack of success in worldwide more popular discipline like football basketball even the same popular like hockey or rugby and a fact that volleyball is rather cheap discipline what is important when Poland is still a developing country. But understand I do not say that you like volleyball becuase of that but it is strange volleyball is popular nearly the same like football. How many volleyball sites do we have in Poland and even here how many polish users are on this forum? Compare it for example with situation in Russia with only one medium forum and how many russian users are here or on any other international forums?

    It is not a corect topic so that's end of dicusssion from me. I would only suggest to start maybe a new topic because popularity of volleyball is interesting issue

    Well polish fans also showed class in Chicago when american players went to serve. People lived there for more than 20 years and make such a disgrace for themselves.

    And I would not overrate polish fans. I go for match regularly and many people on hall especially on national team matches do not know basic rules of volleyball like how many points is needed to win a set (they still think 15) or even which is their team. They are rather fans of success not volleyball better look on skijumping I remembered this discipline before Małysz on Eurosport and hardly noone watched it that days. I also remember mdidle 90's (olimpic games in Atlanta) when volleyball was unknown in Poland and it's place took basketball.Then this discipline was the only one where polish players could achieve anything and except some succes of unpopular handball it is still true. That is main reason why volleyball is so popular in Poland. Another reason is that Poland is still a poor country and you can achive much with 15million zlotys like Skra and are not able to achieve anything in Europe with 15 million euro like Legia. The some situation is with basketball. Poland doesnt not also have billionaires like Russia or Ukraine.
    If volleyball would be a little bit more popular in Germany or France best players would play there not in Italy or Poland.

    Well I know for sure that Nowosybirsk is rather a poor team with financial problems. In last years club left one of best outsidehiters Nikolaj (Mykola) Pavlov and such a good players like William Priddy, Hector Soto, Aleksiej Kazakov, David Lee, Aleksandr Korneejew.
    What is more important although Nowosybirsk is big city it is rather not a good place for sport. Main city on russian sport map are Sankt Petersburg, Moscow and Kazan because this cities are richer than Nowosybirsk.

    You must also know that Kazan is a capital city of Tatarstan autonomic and what is more important the richest big region of Russia if we omit Moscow and Sankt Petersburg city region.

    And a fact that club has big sponsor is not everything for example Surgut has Gazprom as sponsor and has serious financial problems in last years.

    Lokomotiv is also an example that it is not whole true that russian clubs has a lot of money. Every season at least one team has serious financial problems or just has to transfer only weak players. You heard probably about 7 million euro offer of Juantorena but anyone added that this was a whole offer of compesation for Trento and 5 years wage so when we know this is not such a impressive offer. Even not such uknown clubs has financial problems for example Lokomotiv Belogorie when they won CEV Cup did not pay their players.

    YavorD I know for sure they have a serius financial problems because there was even a discussion about it and not even roumors but facts they have problems to pay players regularly.On the other hand they have big expactations.

    Official news about Volleyball Manager from it's author

    The truth also is they played in World Club Champioships on unclear rules mostly because of their sposor PGE financial contribution in it. This company allow Polsat Sport to show it on their tv station and thanks to that Skra played there and polish fan could watch it.
    Another question is why polish fan must pay for watching volleyball and other fans can watch less but not on paid channel. That's the reason why polish federation and polish clubs got and will probably get so many wild cards. But popularity of volleyball in Poland is droppping so in near future there can be small problems with money. Best polish clubs has shareholder companies of the State Treasury as sponsors so they are not so dependent on popularity of volleyball in Poland but there can be a problem if polish national team or club will still have dissapointing results in near future.