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    another interview with giovanni guidetti for my twitter @voleiturquia

    1- What is the message after this club season?

    was a very difficult season for Vakifbank but I am really proud of my team ! In a big change season we were able to take 2 gold and 1 bronze medal !

    the Italian teams won all the championships played in cev. What happened to the Turkish teams this season?

    gio: the Italian league all the team play all matches with 4 foreigners in the court and 2-3 foreigners in the bench ... in turkey just 3+1 that means that the starting six of European cups play very few matches together !!! 3+1 don’t help the Turkish club and don’t help the national team because every Sunday 72 Turkish players are sitting in the bench

    2- What are the objectives for the selection season?

    gio: European championship and Olympic qualification are 2 main goal !

    3- When will we see Naz again in the selection?

    gio: she started to train already ! After July

    4This year we have numerous tournaments. who will play montreoux and who will play the league of nations?

    gio: I will alternate 18 players that I choose from the 25 big list for montreux and von

    5 names like derya cebecioglu, tugba, saliha, merve atilier were out of selection. Could you give a reason?

    gio: first they have to show them self goood in the league , after they will deserve national team

    Turkey did very well in the league of nations, but it was bad in the world championship. what happened?

    gio: vnl no expectations ... World championship Big expectations and for a young group big expectations and never good

    hande played in opposite and ebrar played as wing-spiker in the club some matches, will you keep them or will they play in your starting position?

    gio: hande and Ebrar are 1 very good attackers that can play both , diagonal or position 4 , let’s see what will be the best for the team

    Do you still believe that many players need to come out of the backup of great teams?

    gio: yes but because of 3+1 the big club need good Turkish in the bench !

    I do not know what mood Guidetti was in, but I also expected more elaborate answers. I and Giovanni talk eventually and he is usually very approachable.

    another interview with giovanni for my twitter @voleiturquia

    1- What do you expect from Turkey in this world championship in Japan?


    gio: we want to go Osaka , we dream to go Nagoya and with a miracle we can go yokoama !

    2- Is there any player with an injury?

    gio: all ok

    3- Why did you choose to only go with three midlle blockers?

    gio: we did all VNL like this and I need a third libero entering for reception

    4- Many thought that tugba or saliha would be the fourth wing-spiker, but you chose derya cebecioglu. could you tell me why?

    gio: i have the best Turkish players in Japan

    5 - What do you think turkey needs to improve? attack? reception? defense? serve?

    gio: We are young and we have to improve everything

    6- Which are the most difficult opponents in your opinion?

    Gio: all ! Our group is a hell !!!!

    official. derya cebecioglu is training with national team A, so i think derya will be the 4th wing-spkier. i can't like guldeniz in national team again. seyma, meliha and guldeniz are player better in reception and hande better in attack, so i prefeer derya. derya and hande in attack and seyma and meliha in reception.

    Guidetti taking a OH out to bring that 3rd libero is so stupid because her reception is actually worst than Hande/Meliha/Seyma....she always get aced and have some terrible passes...Hande is still young and she must be on the court and learn how to pass...if she gets taken out like they do with her in club...well she will be just Polen 2.0.

    hande baladin will play in 6 players in Galatasaray. about aylin, i really think that she play good but the problem in turkey isn't in reception. Giovanni are with 13 players. will back more 1 wing-spiker. he will play with 3 MB ( gunes, arici and erdem)

    if gamze does not come back, guidetti should go to montreux with elif and cansu, maybe the ones who do better will go to the world championship. the same goes for tugba-saliha

    I really do not know what to talk about elif sahin, I think we'll have to wait and see her playing. about cansu A. I definitely did not like it, we have several other players like sila, aslihan, ezgi dilik, cagla akin

    on the MB eda and beyza attack in zone 2, zehra is different. Turkey needs a MB as zehra, for me, asli is a very bad MB.

    Giovanni Guidetti summons 17 players for the world championship.

    Lifters: ozbay, aydinogullari and sahin

    Opposites: karakurt and boz

    Central: erdem, arici, gunes, kalaç

    Tips: senoglu, sahin, baladin, ercan and ismailoglu

    Liberos: akoz, orge and sarioglu

    Note: I missed the central akman and guveli. I do not like kalaç. The aydinogullari lifter should not be summoned, but kilic. Ozsoy, kirdar (ex sonsirma) and neslihan should not even come back. Alikaya Vitra lifter was not called, it looks like she's getting married, I do not know if she's going back to the world.

    apparently the three wing-spikers are determined. meliha-hande and seyma. I really do not like fulden. maybe seyma is still not sure of playing the World Cup. maybe tugba, neriman, derya cebecioglu (?) and saliha can play.

    I think the setters will be Cansu and gamze

    opposite meryem and ebrar

    libero simge and gizem

    MB eda, beyza, zehra and ??? - maybe yasemin? kubra want to go back? sude demirel?

    we will see how turkey will play in montreux (turkey will not be able to play with U19 players like derya, sude, merve atlier, ilkin) and we will see how these U19 players will play the European U19

    Tugba will definitely be in the long term set up of the NT, she is a great all rounder. Certain upgrade over Meliha and Seyma, both have done well but long term yes

    Guys i want to ask, my main wish is to see a high level out and out powerful consistent point getting OH or OPP for the NT, similar to Ebrar any others from the youths that might fill the role?

    I clearly remember Pelin aroguz. she was called the new neslihan and was born in 1997. she was a great promise but went to live in the United States.

    I think ceyda aktas is a good opposite, but she is very irregular.

    another player who was feeling in turquia was burcu yuzgenç, but this season we did not see her play. she born in 1999 - zehra generation.

    gozde yilmaz made some good games like opposite and wing-spiker but she always wants to be backed up right now.

    about neriman, I agree with her, but I think she deserves to win her place by playing, not by her name.

    * i'm from brazil