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    I loved the game from besiktas. Tugba and yasemim the best. Zehra played good also. Cagla playing in 6 players is good again. For me, lise played bad she is opposite. I want teams like besiktas. ( Young and good). National team u20 so strong

    SERAMIKSAN vs fenerbahce match
    i like game of sila. i think turkey have 4 goods setter for world champ. U23. arelya, cansu oz. sila and ezgi dilik

    polen again playing bad. meryem playing better :lol: :lol: :cheesy:

    I find the implication very funny with meryem haha. She made mistakes but was the highest scorer and is being the best Turkish opposition this season. And what about pollen? She has NEVER been a starter and this season is very bad

    I Think good for eczacibasi:

    Maja and nilay out
    Gamze and arelya come

    Adams and ceylan out
    Beyza or ozgenur come

    Gozde yilmaz out cause she no play in eczacibasi and eczacibasi no need of her.

    In turkey league
    Gamze - boskovic , beyza - busra, kosheleva - larson - Gulden. And in champions league busra out , Thaísa in

    i made one interview with giovanni guidetti for my twitter @voleiturquia. i made with ataman, aslihan kiliç and joyce also.

    1- your objectives for National team this year?
    gio: qualify for WC, one medal at EC and give chances to young players to show them self in Grand Prix and grow !

    2- i Think the big problem of turkey is players in back up of big teams. What you Think?
    GIOVANNI: I will not call players that never play so this is not my problem , maybe problem of the players that prefer stay in the bench of big team instead of playing in other team

    3- tugba and zehra are players of vakifbank but they are in besiktas playing in 6 players in A1 league. You Think its is good for tugba and zehra ? And its is example for others players?

    GIOVANNI: for sure is good for them ! Playing is always better than not playing , if connected with good training of course

    4- turkey is so strong in U18, U20 and U23 but in senior team no. For you, where is the problem?

    GIOVANNI: the problem , probably , is the choice ! In the past the focus was on winning juniors competitions instead of create new players , I will try to change this mentality

    5- this year are world champoonship u18, U20 and U23. You Will work with this team?

    giovanni: the one that is the coach of u23 will be my assistant coach and I willl try to have many players from u23 in my trainings ! I will not work too much
    with u18 and u20

    6- strong talents in small teams like beyza arici ( for me, one best turkish MB this season), meryem, fatma, tugba, burcu Will have opportunity in National team also? You can talk name of others good talents ?

    giovanni: every player that is playing good in their club will have a chance in national team for sure ! Doesn't matter if they are playing in team number 12 or in team number 1 ! Who is playing good will always have a chance !

    sorry but my english is very bad. follow me on twitter @voleiturquia

    i watched besiktas vs canakkale game and my observations:
    the big problem is in libero ( bihter IS HORRIBLE libero) and MB
    zehra start this season very good but now she is playing very very bad. yasemim is playing better.
    cagla no is playing bad for me.
    i like tugba.

    the wing spiker is playing well
    ceren kestirengoz played very bad ( only 3 attack ) and she no make good season.
    buse in reception is medium for bad
    one good MB this season turkish for me is beyza arici. she have good block and strong attack i want see her in national team u23 - senior.

    eczacibasi vs fenerbahce

    nilay is horible setter. why barbolini no chosen arelya ?
    ceylan is fiasco block. she is block play like one setter maybe naz block better than ceylan. i remeber turkish fans say: ceylan will learn with poljak hahahaha, the major mistakes in carrer of ceylan is stay in back up for 4 season.
    and busra? hahaha maybe busra and turkish fans believe that busra can play in good level. she is slow, only 185 heigth and bad attack.
    barbolini no believe so much in hande
    and i not think gozde gooood player but i think she need play more.

    melis yilmaz in recepetion is the best libero turkish this season.
    dicle when want play, play good
    eda continues very good
    polen continues in back up ( 4 season in back up)
    ezgi for me play better ( in fenerbahce) better than tomkom