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    I don't see what Lozano could have done more than this. China started to look somewhat respectable and this is how they reward the coach?

    I've read that there was a very serious fight between Boyer and Ngapeth and players now refuse to have anything to do with each other, including playing together. Is it true? Italian sources mentioned a Zidane-style headbutt and a punch to the teeth.:what:

    I would rather say that Dick Kooy is “headless chicken” than IF. Kooy closed his door to Dutch NT where he could play as starter. He should be/is aware that he is not the youngest and the only possibility to play in Italian NT is Juantorena’s injury. I doubt that Italian coach will build the next cycle roster with him in. And IF used decent player which they have right now. Better than others at the moment.

    Maybe playing as starter isn't enough for him? As far as I know all he cares are the Olympic games and the Dutch are not going there anytime soon. 1 percent chance is still better than zero.

    I doubt the Dutch federation would let Morrison go if they hadn't been in contact with someone already. They probably have a plan for the OQT and have already been negotiating with someone, otherwise it would be silly to sack a coach at this point.

    Don't overestimate the capabilities of Dutch volleyball federation. All those years wasted giving the job of NT coach to people who obviously had no idea what they were doing... Morrison should have never been given the job, and now looking for an emergency fix just a few months before the last chance to qualify, knowing that they'll be fired of they don't?

    I'm baffled that a very good Argentina still wasn't capable of beating the weakest Italy in decades. So this is how it feels like to be someone's Brazil.

    Netherlands looks at the end of its cycle, the home advantage can help only to a certain degree and we have no doubts the coach will not be able to fix this team in a few months out of nowhere. Turkey should make it, assuming it doesn't go to another tiebreak which they would probably lose up 10-1.

    If I were a big team and had the chance to lose my last pool match in order to eliminate another big team I'd take it... let's see how the tournament will be scheduled before jumping to conclusions. Last time Serbia didn't even make it to the semifinals. These tournaments always have some crazy surprises going on.

    Serbia is such a mystery to me. Trashed by Italy in the OQT, almost eliminated by Ukraine days ago and now back to invincible mode.

    Oh and about the expansion of the Olympic program: forget it. The Olympic committee said it clear, they want to contain costs and the number of athletes. An expansion to 16 teams will not happen before basketball expands to 24. And that is because basketball is an immensely popular world sport.

    Volleyball instead remains a niche where the same countries dominate for decades with little changes, and the big ones ($$$) rarely miss the qualification. Nobody will push for increased costs for the Olympic hosts in order to let Bulgaria, Slovenia, Egypt and Chile qualify.

    I never agreed with you more :lol:

    When it comes to Colantoni and Lucchetta commenting I take the volume off: Colantoni doesn't even know what he is saying, he doesn't know the names of the players or he messes up and he is not prepared technically. Lucchetta should provide technical comments but he's hopeless and ridicolous.

    Lucchetta is like those actors in Italian comedies in the 80s who managed to remain relevant by being parodies of themselves and repeating a catchphrase forever. Think Massimo Boldi. They simply don't know when to shut up and go away.

    I don' think so except Slovenia is nominated as host of OQT.

    Congrats to Slovenia. Slovenia played today at 110 % (better than game against Russia) and Poland max 70 %.

    All Polish team looked tired and too nervous. I do not know reason = transfer, own crowd or first game in new hall.

    Maybe it's good Poland lost SF today. It will be good lesson for whole team before OG.

    Why is it so difficult to admit their opponent was just better? This is the reason Poland is becoming more and more disliked, they always have this idea that they're going to win everything just by showing up. Heynen's ego is not doing anything good to this team either. If they don't take a humility pill soon, they will be taught another harsh lesson at the Olympic games, where I have no doubt they will be crowned champions months before the actual tournament starts.

    We've seen it happen, an easy 0:3 in the QF and 4 years of "nooo, we learned from that defeat, we're going to win gold next time for sure."

    I'm not YavorD but I think Bulgaria is not in the position to negotiate anything. Either they get a damn better coach willing to risk his reputation to deal with all this drama, or hope for a miracle in Berlin.