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    Is there a scheduled format for the playoffs? I would love to come over and watch a game in the semis. Looking for info on the site of the Superlega Femminile, but my Italian isn't that good. Was wondering if there is a scheduled round for the 8th of April. And where this game will be played, at Scandicci (2nd) or Conegliano (3rd)? (Guessing that they will proceed the quarters)

    There was no net touch, it was an illegal block from Chaumont. Look above this post for the explanation. :teach:

    Wow Chaumont got robbed at the end of the first set. :mad: Vandoorn got called for blocking even though he didn't touch the net or step on the line. Wish there were announcers for these games

    Here is your annoucer! There was no fault in the blocking action of Vandoorn. But the fact that the setter, as backrow player, jumped with Vandoorn to try and block makes it an 'illegal block'. All players who jump near the net and try to block the ball (even if they don't touch the ball) are considered as one block together. So in the end the point was correctly given to Trento.

    I started watching just in the middle of 3rd set but WOW what an exciting match! So intensely played by both teams, it's a real fight :box:

    Now Golden set, I hope Laola knows... :roll:

    Such a good match. Teams are on the same level. Almost fatal meltdown by Minsk in the 3rd from 19-10 to 20-21. Then in the 4th Minsk trailed by 4 at 14-18, but got it back to 20-18. Fifth set deserved win by Stuttgart. And the Golden Set decided by the OH's from Minsk. Hryshkevich showing an outstanding level for a 18-year old player, she outperformed Daalderop. Congrats to Minsk!

    Did anyone else notice that the last challenge by Lube (Juantorena's spike out) was their 3rd challenge in the set?! They missed the other two...weird...

    The challenge on the 36th point was eventually requested by Kazan since the referee gave the block touch against Zenit.

    Kk15 I just rewatched the situation. Now I'm not sure. First I thought he made an attack attempt, but this was definitely a block by Solokov. I'll come back with the answer.

    (14.1.1 Blocking is the action of players close to the net to intercept the ball
    coming from the opponent by reaching higher than the top of the net,
    regardless of the height of the ball contact. Only front-row players are
    permitted to complete a block, but at the moment of the contact with
    the ball, a part of the body must be higher than the top of the net.

    What happened in that referee call? Why was it double touch? Or better, why the first touch wasn't considered block? the ball was going on the other side, I think ou can block a bagher as well if you want...

    Ball was not considered as a block since Leon didn't touch the ball. Then it's a try to attack the ball to the Zenit side (first touch), dropping from the net to the ground saving the ball is the second touch for Sokolov.