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    Firenze really miss an OH like Foecke. Btw how the hell Nwakalor scored 29 point and she hasn't played the first two sets.. Lega sites reports 0 error for her :what:.

    She played really good! She scored almost every ball she got, so it could be right she didn't make any error. Something I'm not used to by her:lol:

    firenze won 3-2

    Keep saying that cambi is weakest member team with the 2nd oh

    This team can do so much better but glad for them

    Yes Cambi only knows how to set the opposite...

    Van Gestel and Lazic are not the most stable outside hitters, Guerra is doing an okay job. Jasper positively surprised me! She did a decent job for Brescia in defense and also in offense she scored her points. I believe she could be more usefull than both van Gestel and Lazic for Firenze.

    Congrats Schwerin! Szakmary defenitly MVP, she played great. Also Imoudu played quite good.

    Dresdner lost to themselves today! So many unforced errors:wall:Such a shame they dind't sign another good offensive outside hitter, because Stigrot just isn't good enough. Storck played horrible today!

    Not the highest level so far, many many service errors... Eventually Schwerin won the first set.

    Gray is playing good for Dresdner so far! Her sets are at a high tempo.

    Schwerin with difficulties in reception as expected, but they attack well out of system and they have a good block.

    Based on the friendly matches both teams played I expect the following starting line-up:


    Imoudu - Spelman

    Szakmary - Alsmeier

    Barfield - Schölzel


    IMO they are weaker than last season, but they were able to sign a competitive team eventually. For me the setter position and outside hitter position will determine if they can play at a good level.

    Imoudu and Stoltenborg both are shaky setters. They need good reception otherwise their style is to predictable. I'm curious if the outside hitters can deliver this good reception... Alsmeier is a good receiver, but she is still young so you can't expect her to play the same role as Geerties did for many years in Schwerin. Szakmary isn't a good receiver. When she doesn't perform well, I expect Agost to take over her spot. Oude Luttikhuis is also an option, but in the friendly matches she played as opposite.

    Middle blockers are solid players and Spelman is a good opposite for the German league.


    Gray - Storck

    Geerties - Stigrot

    Weitzel - Gates


    Excited to watch Gray playing overseas. She has the potential to become a solid setter, because she has all the qualities a setter needs. Storck showed in Aachen she can take a lot of responsibility in offense, so curious of she can do the same for a top team. Dresden did a great job signing Geerties! She is a great receiver and I hope Gray is able to play a fast game with her, so she is also usefull in attack. Stigrot is lucky to have Geerties and Dürr next to her in serve receive, so she doesn't have to take a lot of responsibility in that departement and can focus on attack.

    Weitzel is one of the best prospects on the middle blocker position in the world, so hope she can develop further this season. Gates isn't a spectaculair player, but she does her job. Big advantage she has good connection with Gray on the slide attack.

    Can't name a winner, but if I have to say one team, my pick for now would be Schwerin, because they are the more experienced team.

    Hope to see a nice level of play tomorrow and may the best team win!:drink:

    VCW vs VFB has a stream but the focus isn’t even on the court.

    Haha yes! I'm getting dizzy watching the match:lol:

    Laura de Zwart is playing much much better than in Dresden! Wiesbaden's defense has no answer to her attack:obey:

    Also Muller contribute in a good way as a middle blocker. Although I think they depend a bit too much on their opposite in attack, because their outside hitters are weak attackers.

    Some great defensive work by Wong-Orantes!:super:

    Fenerbahçe Opet 2-3 Nilüfer Belediyespor (18/25, 22/25, 25/23, 25/22, 13/15)

    Vargas 36, Eda Erdem 13, Busa 10

    Sarah Wilhite 25(%49), Willow Johnson 17, Maglio 15, Yasemin Yıldırım 14(5block)

    Good to see that Wilhite is doing a good job! She really dissapointed so far playing overseas, but IMO she has to potential to be an allround outside hitter. Hope she can keep it up and take over after the Olympics for Larson/ Hill.

    I'm excited to see Stafford play more. Wondering if she can get an invite from the National Team?

    I think indeed she is a candidate to play for USA NT in the less important tournaments, like Pan American Cup. To get invited in the A-team, I'm not sure. Definitely not before the Olympics.

    She is a good middle blocker, but USA has lots of good middle blockers! Players like Ogbogu, Washington and H. Tapp can play for another Olympic cycle. And they have lots of talented middle blockers still playing in NCAA, who IMO are better prospects than Stafford. For example Rettke, Stivrens, Butler, Pitmann, Hord and Gray.