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    Actually, it isn't, and you are yet again showing your ignorance by only looking at total number of deaths (and even there, they are on a relateively high place at #14). Their official mortality rate is over 10%, and in that regard they are among 10 worst countries in the world. To be precise, among 8 worst countries.

    How is this post not offensive to crovolley? #JUSTASKING

    Everyone has their own opinion about the guy... the point is, this is not the place for this type of stuff... I will take further actions if you guys don't drop this subject

    How is "His (President) Response to Covid" not related to the topic ?

    Anyhow, I'll comply. Starting today, I will no longer reply to anything related to politics.

    It is not related about the warm weather, many Asian countries have pretty warm weather (Malaysia etc) also when outbreak started, it was summer in the south hemisphere (Brasil, Australia etc) so it is not about the climate, this is just the result of strict lockdown policies all over the world

    I'm from the Philippines, I think having a warmer, hot, humid weather lessens transmissions by indirect contact.

    Every country is different. Urban areas are severely affected than that of the Rural areas.

    In economies like the west, they will suffer if they don't open their businesses in the soonest possible time. But this is not applicable in countries like mine, majority are just earning under USD 12.00 ~ 7.00 per day. The best that our Government can do is to give subsidies to those living under the poverty line.

    We need to combat the virus first and foremost. If not, this may go on and on until we get the vaccine and not everyone can afford that vaccine. Death without their loved ones is just brutal. No one should experience that.

    I am not sure about your mechanism in determining offensive posts.

    What is offensive to some may just be the norm to others, especially since this site caters to international volleyball fans. (with different cultures)

    How about instead of censorship we practice TOLERANCE.

    I haven't watched the final so thanks for spoiler 😁 This season was boring. I stopped watching after 10 episodes. I was rooting for Shonee.

    Opps sorry. I dont like Shonee, but that's ok. To each their own 🤭🤭🤭

    I found out that she's a fan favorite. I just dont like weak players having the nos. and voting out players who literally is playing hard to win physical challenges for their tribe and avoid tribal.

    They're good when its about balance and endurance (that has to do with their weight). But pre-merge they're useless.

    suggestions on Netflix

    - Elite (3 seasons)

    - La Casa de Papel (4th season airs Apr. 3)

    - Siempre Bruja (2 seasons) if you want something light

    - Seven Seeds (Anime)

    - Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (2 seasons)

    - The Witcher

    - Locke & Key

    - El Club

    - Queen of the South

    - HTGAW

    - Suits

    - The Originals

    American shows that I am watching

    - The Resident

    - Chicago PD and FD

    - 9-1-1

    - Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy

    - Survivor: Winners at War (disappointed that most of the old-schoolers are out)

    - S.W.A.T.

    - Seal Team

    Shows that you can binge after their season ended.

    - Good Trouble

    - 9-1-1 Lone Star

    Filipino Movies/Series - (N) if on Netflix

    - Hello, Love, Goodbye

    - Just A Stranger (N)

    - Aya and Sid (N)

    - Amo (Netflix Series)

    OMG. Paulina is Life :obey:

    S: Antoine Brizard (Micah Christenson)

    Opp: Krisztian Padar (Viktor Poletaev, Jean Patry)

    OH: Trevor Clevenot, Taylor Sander (Thibault Rossard, Timothee Carle, Yacine Louati)

    MB: Bart Chinenyeze, Flavio Gualberto (Ilia Vlasov)

    L: Jenia Grebennikov