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    well, For my opinion, both teams shouldn’t let their main starts to play in this upcoming match. It would be meaningless but most probably federation wants them to let those players play. Plus, both teams will want the cup.

    I heard their international players are not ready for Turkey super cup because WCH 2018 just finished. They are too tired to compete in such a short period of time. Let's see... The schedule of this season is tight anyway. The world club match will be coming soon.

    I thought Rouzier quit playing for France NT too early. He's more solid than Boyer at OP position. Boyer made too many dumb errors either in NT or in Verona. It's amazing to see Kubiak still maintain a good status even in Japan's league. Besides from Kurek, Kubiak is another go-to guy for POL NT in WCH 2018.

    It's hard for Kazan to defend the CEV title this year. NGapeth is no way close to Leon's level in scoring in clutch time. Both Maxim and NGapeth had terrible performance during WCH 2018. Hope they could adjust fast for club matches.

    Got to say WCH 2018 is a close one. Serbia, Italy or China all have a chance to win the champion. Congrats to Serbia! They finally got a big NT title. China performed well too. If their opposite or another wing spiker could support Zhu Ting a little bit more, the result may be different in Semi. And China NT always knew how to play against Serbia in a clutch game.

    Enogu is the future of Italy NT, given that she's such a young girl and a great jumper. It's a shame that Italy did not qualify for WC 2019. Now they can only focus on Tokyo 2020.

    Verona has a huge gap from the top four teams. It was clear on paper, yesterday Perugia proved it. There are going to be two different leagues: the great four fighting for every title and the rest of the world for the other placements.

    The game is simply a slaughter. Verona're not on the same lever as Perugia. They were poor at receiving, and got shut down multiple times by Perugia's monster blocks. It's nice to see Savani on court though. He still looks gorgeous.

    It's gonna be interesting to see Perugia's next game against Trentino though. A revenge for supercup semi?

    Perugia looks considerably weaker than last season. If you are thinking this is Zenit Kazan all over again because of Leon, I think you are going to be disappointed because of weaker italian middle blockers and outside hitters in the superlega, it's just not possible to recreate the same domination.

    I do agree with you on Lube. The club just defeated Perugia without Juantorena and Sokolov on the bench and Simon on opposite. That's an intimidating team once they are complete.

    I have watched Kazan's most games in last three years, including Russian league and CEV games. I highly doubt Kazan can continue to dominate CEV this season. There is no way Ngapeth could be compared with Leon, in case the team needs the core player to hit the key points. See how Ngapeth perform for France in this WCH. It's horrible. He's one of main reasons France did not make final 6. Ngapeth is on his down hill right now. He will have a big trouble dealing with high block in Russian league.

    Perugia's performance highly depends on Lanza's performance on receiving end because we know Leon is bad at receiving. Once Leon finds his chemistry with DeCecoo and Lanza is back on track, Perugia is still very competitive.

    Eh disagree. VNL and Olympics... All the dark horses will never make the playoffs just as it does for world championship.

    Truth be told, world championship is considered a tournament easiest to manipulate because of multiple pools avoiding the top 2,3 and 4 teams at once if you're the host and the chance of a weaker team getting through the final round goes up if they pick up the right draw to fall in such as Japan.

    VNL does not count. Strong teams do not send all their top players to VNL. It's more like a practise school for new, young players. Olympics is on the same level as WCH, but teams still play less matches than they do in WCH. In teams of the game strategy, manipulating could also happen in Olympics. Being a host always has advantages, otherwise who would like to host the game, given that volley market is much smaller than basketball or soccer.

    It takes time for Perugia and Lube to build chemistry among their new rosters. Once their spikers get used to the new setter, they'll be fine. I don't think Trentino or Modena are good enough to challenge Perugia or Lube in the near future, either in league or CEV.

    Man, volleyball world championship is just too long... 1st round, 2nd round, 3rd round, and then you have final 4. It's cruel to have to play 13 games in like 20 days including all the travels, what's the point here?

    That's why they called WCH the most difficult volley match. Only the best team can win the title. A dark horse barely stands a chance in such a long series.