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    yes but Ataman said that one player already had a contract with another team for the next season and he couldn’t make her play her best and he was frustrated because it affected all team. He might have referred to a player or a few, don’t remember that well but I am sure about it. I think it was why she played poorly during CL F4.

    I knew he's taking about Gamze. Even in Turkish league, Gamze played awful when teams need her to fight for the last ticket for CEV 2019. Before Galatasaray's second game against Blaj in CEV semi, they already knew Gamze signed a new contract with ECZ. I remembered Gamze was benched for the whole game?

    Every year there seems to be a team that looks very strong on paper, but flops big time on court, and for some reason I think it's going to be Scandicci this time.

    Experience is the key. Even Fenerbahce looks weak this year. They still have players who have experiences on CEV games. Scandicci is still too young compared with those established teams.

    I agree that's what will happen but I think Motta will be quite flexible. If Gibby and Meliha play well when they get a chance or if Larson is not playing well then I see him changing plans quite quickly.

    Kim, Larson and Boskovic are most likely starters. They could be replaced if they play poorly. ECZ is famous for their bench strength. Motta is a smart guy.

    having two local setters will be good for Eczacı..i guess Gibbemeyer will play in some matches thanks to Meliha .

    who do you think Eczacı should sacrifice against teams like Vakıf , Gibbemeyer or Larson ?

    I think Lauren will be out. Beyza and Bursa are good enough to cover MB line. ECZ needs both Kim and Larson on reception, and Boskovic on attacking. It's interesting to see how Gamze performs in her debut show for ECZ. She's terrible on setting at the end of the last season.

    Just watched Muserskiy's game @sunbirds in Japan league. He played as OP and made 50+ spikes in a 3:2 game against JT. If he'll play as OP for his whole season in Japan, I'd rather to see he stay in Russia league as MB. At least he can rest his knees in Russia.

    Lucarelli always recovered from injury? Hope Funvic win the champion this year. They missed a big chance in playoff in last season. Being tired of watching Sada dominate superliga again. SESI-SP is also very competitive.

    well, For my opinion, both teams shouldn’t let their main starts to play in this upcoming match. It would be meaningless but most probably federation wants them to let those players play. Plus, both teams will want the cup.

    I heard their international players are not ready for Turkey super cup because WCH 2018 just finished. They are too tired to compete in such a short period of time. Let's see... The schedule of this season is tight anyway. The world club match will be coming soon.

    I thought Rouzier quit playing for France NT too early. He's more solid than Boyer at OP position. Boyer made too many dumb errors either in NT or in Verona. It's amazing to see Kubiak still maintain a good status even in Japan's league. Besides from Kurek, Kubiak is another go-to guy for POL NT in WCH 2018.

    It's hard for Kazan to defend the CEV title this year. NGapeth is no way close to Leon's level in scoring in clutch time. Both Maxim and NGapeth had terrible performance during WCH 2018. Hope they could adjust fast for club matches.

    Got to say WCH 2018 is a close one. Serbia, Italy or China all have a chance to win the champion. Congrats to Serbia! They finally got a big NT title. China performed well too. If their opposite or another wing spiker could support Zhu Ting a little bit more, the result may be different in Semi. And China NT always knew how to play against Serbia in a clutch game.

    Enogu is the future of Italy NT, given that she's such a young girl and a great jumper. It's a shame that Italy did not qualify for WC 2019. Now they can only focus on Tokyo 2020.

    Verona has a huge gap from the top four teams. It was clear on paper, yesterday Perugia proved it. There are going to be two different leagues: the great four fighting for every title and the rest of the world for the other placements.

    The game is simply a slaughter. Verona're not on the same lever as Perugia. They were poor at receiving, and got shut down multiple times by Perugia's monster blocks. It's nice to see Savani on court though. He still looks gorgeous.

    It's gonna be interesting to see Perugia's next game against Trentino though. A revenge for supercup semi?