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    They will need to travel same distance for friendly games as well🤦

    You do realize Golden/Silver League is home-away system. You need to travel to a lot.

    I make a very simple example. Group A include Singapore, Mongolia, Iran, Cambodia. Do you know how much miles a team need to travel to complete a home-away system league? This is only Group stage. Compared to a Group in Europe: Estonia, Spain, Belgium and Israel.:aww:

    It is all about how much they want to invest. No investment, no success, no points.

    Of course it needs investments. So you think only Europeans have money to invest in sports? Asians are so poor and can't make their own profitable tournaments.

    Asia already has 4 teams in VNL. The rest just need to build their way up throughout continental championships of qualification tournaments for OG, WCH, and VNL

    Nothing to do with how many Asian teams in VNL and how many European teams in VNL. I don't know why you complain about 4 Asians teams in VNL?

    Encouraging event profitable, national-wide impact friendly-match tourament to reward world ranking points is good for volleyball. Denmark can host one, Finland can host one, Chile can host one. Vietnam also can host one. it's free to host a tournament as long as you find investments.

    If you want to play with B team without losing ranking points, just don't host a friendly-match tourament that gains ranking points. I am not advocating ALL friendly-match touraments need to be rewarded with world ranking points.

    But if some countries especially some lower ranking countries really want to make A different and work hard to promote their own national teams and volleyball, they should be rewarded with world ranking points while they host a sucessful volleyball event. Of course, they need to win as well.

    I disagree with giving ranking points to friendlies. Those are the only options to test the young players in an international setting. Considering the importance of ranking points, no team would dare to send a B team or youngsters in big tournaments like VNL or Each anymore. So friendly games would be the only option.

    Small teams would have chance to play many games in Europe during Euro league. They are open to even smallest countries in the silver league. If there's such a demand, NORCECA or AVC can organize such tournaments for teams who can't play VNL.

    Vietnam is not gonna to send a B team to test young players. Stop talking about Top Teams, they don't have time to play other international matches.

    Europe is a small continent with lots of countries. Imagine you're in Asia, Saudi needs to fly over 8 hours to Indonisia/Malaysia/Singapore to play Asian version of Goldern or Silver Leauge. And Indonisia/Malaysia/Singapore take also 8 hours flight to middle east to play. Please stop thinking in European mindset.

    The last format of World League and Gran Prix seems a good solution.

    It's not. Lots of countries/associations struggle to pay the adminstration/entry fee to FIVB. FIVB owns the patent rights of All FIVB events. Lots of revenues go to FIVB like: cerntain amout of ticket sales, TV rights, advertising on the courts. I really don't want FIVB involve in lower ranking teams competition.

    Friendlies are basically near non-existent in the sport because of the lack of time between club and national team seasons.

    Let alone coaches are going to test rosters out in a match on a set by set basis.

    I have seen the USA men play twice in Portland for exhibitions.

    USA women played Japan and Brazil in exhibitions before World Cups or VNL seasons in the past. We are talking two matches at the most, non-scrimmage.

    DR played Okayama Seagulls in Tokyo run up last year.

    I feel sad that most of people only think of top teams.

    Finland national team is lack of time? Chile national team plays too many matches? Players from Vietnam and Phillipines complain about too?

    You have been missing my points. I said FIVB can regulate the friendly match tournament through some standards like minimum prize money/minimum TV airtime. No audience will pay their own money to watch a D team playing, sweetie. Not me!!!!!!

    Investors aren't stupid, they are not going to invest their money to have a D team to perform. You clearly don't know how football and NBA is running the show. Superstars to appear are mandatory in friendly matches in contracts. How hard they play is another story.

    Technically they could.

    Get the AVC to organize a "tournament" with 4 teams and bam... matches are eligible for world ranking points.

    If don't know how much it could shift rankings... but its something.

    It's a fair game. Vietnam wants to gain points. Why not Finland or Denmark wants to gain points too? You know Chile is interested in gaining points.

    Teams are getting points while some teams are losing. But defitnitly promoting volleyabll.

    it could also encourage gaming the ranking system.

    I don't think the rankings are that important to be gamed, but it's a possibility.

    No, it won't.

    {\displaystyle S_{\text{after}}=S_{\text{before}}+{K(R-E) \over 8}}

    K stands for the match importance. FIVB controls the "K" to control the outcomes. Further more, FIVB can set certain standards to regulate friendly matches that result world ranking points like minimun audience/minimun prize money/minimun TV boardcasting time etc.

    Especially, when talking about volleyball worldwild, we need more volleyball matches to be played within "weak teams".

    Why Vietnam and Australia can't play a profitable friendly match tournament to gain world ranking points while to cheer the local market at the same time?

    Volleyball needs more investment and airtime! World ranking points is the motivation and incentive to do so.

    The VNL is inherently unfair, with “core” teams chosen by nothing other than money

    I remember some reports said that the core teams will be reveiwed every 4 years. I can't find the source any more. Due to the cancellation of Covid, this year is the 4th VNL version. If it's true, the core teams will be reviewed. We may expect new core teams for 2023 VNL.

    Logical to me, too. But that raises a question. Do the coaches get together in advance to agree about what team they will send? A, A/B, B. Like user said, with the OG gold winners there, will countries go with anything less than their A Teams?

    I think the new system is pretty fair system. If you lose as B team versus lower ranking team, you can gain more points when your A team wins because of its own lower ranking.

    One thing needs to improve is that FIVB needs to recognize the results of friendly matches organized between 2 countries or more as parts of the ranking system. It encourges more and more countries or associations to organize friendly matches. Hope some of them will become yearly profitable events to help to grow volleyball. Football is doing this.

    New Salary guideline for Foreign player in Korean League
    Basic Salary is USD $400,000
    if it's the 2nd year playing in Korea: USD $550,000
    if it's the 3rd year playing in Korea: USD $600,000