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    For anyone wondering how is it that Trump lost the election so convincingly, yet Democratic party has fewer seats in the Congress and didn't get the Senate, here's a little tip:

    And of course, many of those "Democratic" nominees for the Congress who FAILED to win the seat were quick to attack AOC how her "wing" of the party is to blame for the losses...

    I don't think Trump lost. He gained huge amount of votes after 3 years of governing. Hope the GOP will understand that Trump's policies are welcomed by the people, they should carry on those policies.

    Man I gave up on DAZN their streaming service is whack. What about Gaora? is it better over there?

    I just wanna see this presscon so bad lol. They never release it anywhere else. I was able to make an account already but I don't know if I'll be able to access anything.

    V.TV will not block oversea viewers. However, it doesn't provide English version for oversea viewers. And that's same organization calling commercialize volleyball. It's just like a joke. I can't believe they are only providing 720p videos in Japan considering Japan is a leading high tech country.

    That's interesting. I thought it was strictly for the girls. That's Yuki Ishii (and someone else) in the video.

    I agree with you that the girls back-burner it, but I don't know if that it's a bad idea

    It was old video. I think there was a report years ago saying Nakada thinks robots were not helpful and abandoned it.

    As much as im a fan of the THA team, I agreed about the Japanese team having better blocking than THA. Though when it comes to mbs attacking, THA are probably better. Especially Pleumjit, she is probably the world's best under 6 feet mb.

    And about Japanese sometimes not able to block the THA,? Has more to do with their tricky setters and the way they play. Always running decoys and one of the world best setter certainly helps.

    It's something to do with team blocking training. When you have assumed that you can't block any teams because of height, then they don't spend much time on training the blocking. Instead of, the women's team spend huge amount of time into ground defence training. So Japan always struggle a lot to win even when facing 3rd-tier teams like Azerbaijan or Croatia.

    Japan can't block the high ball attacks from Thailand or Taiwan, it's nothing to do with setters. This happened to the youth men's team as well. Men's team U23 lost to Taiwan last year in Asian Championship. The main reason was they can't block the captain of Taiwan although Japan Youth team is higher than Taiwan Youth team.

    Japan has robots to block them in training. Why can’t they learn from the robots?

    Ask Nakada, she doesn't agree to use robots to train. Only men's team is using robots.

    NOBODY, not FIVB, not Thailand and certainly not Taiwan have ever said that Japan cannot block them or any other team for that matter. Only you did. It's a matter of pushing your opinion on the matter despite Japan being miles better than them in that aspect.

    Look at the statics, Japan did not do well in blocking even when it faced to Taiwan or Thailand. Also I found your reply is rude and out of manner.

    because it gives a good understanding of getting to the ball or at least touching it.

    Japan’s numbers area always low. It you aren’t touching balls, you can’t expect them to be blocked.

    My argument on this will be just watch Japan vs Thailand or Japan vs Taiwan. The height of players in Thailand and Taiwan are similar with Japan. But Japan can't block them as well. You can't say they are lack of height. How to explain those that.

    They just lack of training on blocking. The coaches in Japan don't know anything about Team blocking.

    The problem with Japan though is that outside hitters are almost damn near interchangeable.

    Kurogo, Koga, Ishii, Mayu Ishikawa, Nabeya.
    the difference between these is really small on serve receive. Spiking kurogo is probably best. again differences are small.

    I think Japan has decent outside hitters, not world class, but they do just fine to me.

    The real problems of female team is team blocking. I know people say they are lack of height, but Japan even can't block Thailand well which is shorter than them. Japan should train more in team blocking specially in V.League.

    Men’s team has improved in the last couple of years. It has also helped that many players are overseas. Right now other than Kobata, I don’t know of any other Japanese female players that have gone overseas and been successful under Nakata.

    After Araki retires, blocking is going to be a nightmare for Japan. Middles are still undersized and really only deflect balls. Also Japanese offense uses the middles less.

    Yamada Nichika and Irisawa Mai are hope.