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    yeah Piacenza is at its lowest, they lost to Taranto less than a week ago. I see JW heavily ahead, but i wouldn’t be surprised by an upset, Piacenza has a lot of great players

    It's unfortunate that a team so stacked doesn't seem to have the consistency needed to aim for the titles.

    It took me a while to open this article, and let Google Translate do the rest (see quote below). So if I understand correctly from, they are looking to relocate because of costs? It would be a shame if they need to "downsize"... For as long as I'm following A1 they always seem to have a nice balanced group with young (italian) talents and foreigners who use it to develop themselves onto bigger teams.

    Unfortunately it's not just about relocating, it's like selling their permance in Serie A1 to another team and maybe take their place in Serie A2. Even worse, they could restart from lower series. Very concerning news if you think of what Firenze has been in these latest season, as you correctly pointed out.

    Thankyou! I think I (only) started watching some Italian matches around 2016-2017 but mostly Novara with Dijkema/Pietersen/Plak. It was Robin's first year with Imoco, but I saw on Volleybox that she had Danesi and Folie as other MBs though, so no way to assume she was a starter haha as those are great as well.

    And all I remember from her year in Piacenza is a picture with Lise van Hecke in pink wigs after their championship win, but no idea if she was a starter or bench player back then :rolll: but it's an impressive record! I guess Moki is one of the contenders to overtake the record with 6 wins now, are there still other active players who would come close? Maybe Fahr?

    I don't think so, it's something quite rare and only comparable to what Ravenna did back in the 1980's and 1990's, when it was a powerhouse and won eleven consecutive championship. I guess one of these players (Manuela Benelli is the first name that goes through my mind) might have similar numbers to the one Robin de Kruijf and Monica De Gennaro have.

    I have the feel these are issues that won't be there with a different coaching staff. We're talking about the same team that took a convincing victory in Istanbul against VakıfBank. As much as the defending Champions League title holder aren't as deadly as the past, it's still a team that can do damages (and tomorrow I can sense we'll see a proof of that): that means you need some sort of quality in order to sweep them on the road and Milano certainly proved that. I'm not denying Orro's erratic perfomances or the unstable showing of the OH unit, I'm just putting a lot of emphasis on Gaspari's hectic management because I do believe that the huge difference between these two teams is the mentality (Gennari's subs is a great example).

    I didn't expect Catania to avoid relegation, but considering the circumstances I must say they played their season at the best of their possibilities. Hopefully they can evolve in a solid structure, which is much needed in the Southern Italy.

    Considering that Trento and Perugia are a lock, the themes for the last two regular season matches are the race for the third place and the last playoff spot respectively. I watched Milano securing a convincing 3-0 victory against Verona, complicating quite a bit Stoytchev's aim to that position. Still, it might be too late for the chasers to catch up, considering that next week Lube will play against Piacenza and a three point win from one of these two will give the winner the spot.

    Talking about the 8th seed, Modena made a huge step forward with back-to-back wins against Taranto and Cisterna. The latter was the most important one because was against the direct competitor and even though Cisterna seems more "alive" compared to Modena, I don't see them outscoring Giuliani's team considering they have to play Verona and Monza.

    How was Plummer today? Her stats look good to me (basically the same of Robinson, except she received a 3 times bigger amount of services, as usual), but I saw she was benched for Gennari (and de Krujif).

    Was it just because Lubian once more was unable to block a spike or something else?

    She dropped a little bit as the match went by, but she had a good impact in the first two sets, both on attack and pass. Not a bad match from her in my opinion.

    Just use both Cambi and Akrari who can produce points from the most unusual sets :rolll: jk, but your MBs can be a great factor for NT I think (especially if Fahr joins). Just need a setter who feels momentum and dares to be creative :box:

    Pity we can't make Marchiaro join the party... :lol: We'll see what Velasco will do in a few months.

    I do not think so. The matter is also technical. Egonu has some weaknesses. Is well known but in Milano they cannot make up them like in Vakif and Imoko but constantly expose her to her weaknesses and one of the reasons is the weakness of the OH .Every OSS is going to Paola and she can not kill so many OOS ball and without any help . Well Sylla 10 points and 6 errors with 32% , Nika 2 points with 9% and Kara with 3 points and 9%:gone::gone::gone:. Even Boskovic had much more help from Hande and Saliha duo than Egonu have from her OH. Well as long the OH can not kill balls all the OSS will go to Egonu and she will making errors like today. Simple.

    Also Imoco had too many erros today. When Haak had 14 errors in a single match???? This is one of the reason which Milano manage to go in the tie break.

    I understand what you're saying, but then it's not just about players' talent, it's also a matter of putting them in the best condition possible to express it. A thing that Guidetti was able to do when it mattered, the same can't be said about Gaspari. This was a game a game that a team like VakıfBank wouldn't have lost nine times out of ten. As a matter of fact, I do believe that Conegliano will have ann ever harder time in Istanbul on Tuesday.

    I hope for Italian NT there will be a setter besides (or instead, but I'm afraid that won't happen) Orro who can have a more equal distribution, because Orro is just too opposite-dependant (72/145 :white:)

    It would help, but it won't change the overall picture unfortunately. We're behind most of the contenders, plus we still have to get a ticket for Paris.

    Well either Gaspari or Egonu will have to go, aside from that yesterday’s discussion there was also 2 timeouts in 4th and 5th set where Egonu refused to stand with the team and listen to Gaspari..

    It’s disresepctful but I can understand her frustration, I wish Boskovic stood up to Ferhat’s stupidity more as well

    Milano is a tinderbox waiting for the smallest spark to explode I'm afraid, way too much money spent for zero rewards.

    Talking about being disrespectful, Rai always finds a way to be terrible, ending the broadcast without even showing the award ceremony. God Football can't be left waiting for even five minute more... :wall::down:

    What can I say, Conegliano's mentality is what makes the difference in Italy. Technically Milano finally showed they can keep up and challenge the title holders, but that back-to-back line fault from Egonu (together with other details) simply sums up that thing.