Turkey NT 2012

  • Turkey NT will play 3 tournaments this year. (Olympics Qualifications,Grand Prix,European League) Because of the tightness calender,EL and GP will be at the same period so Motta will create two rosters.The biggest goal is Olympics qualification tournament no doubt.Girls wanna go to London a lot.Motta still didn't announced the rosters but i don't think the roster will change a lot,just a few modification (Naz,Seda etc. )

    Main Roster

    Setters : Ozge Cemberci,Naz Aydemir
    Opposites : Neslihan Darnel,Seda Tokatlioglu,Polen Uslupehlivan
    Outside Hitters : Gozde Sonsirma,Neriman Ozsoy,Esra Gumus (C),Guldeniz Onal
    Middle Blockers : Eda Erdem,Bahar Toksoy,Busra Cansu,Ipek Soroglu (?) (No Ergul please :wall: )
    Liberos : Gulden Kayalar,Gizem Guresen,Merve Dalbeler (?)

    European League Roster

    Setters : Asuman Karakoyun,Tugce Hocaoglu
    Outside Hitters : Selime Ilyasoglu,Ezgi Dagdelenler,Elif Onur,Melis Durul
    Opposites : Ceren Kestirengoz,Gozde Yilmaz
    Middle Blockers : Nesve Buyukbayram,Diclenur Babat,Ozgenur Yurdagulen
    Liberos : Buse Kayacan,Gizem Orge

    Setters : Ozge and Naz are playing very well this season so i think they will be the main couple of team.Nilay would a great option but NT trainers never try to invite her i don't know why :teach: I think Asuman will play in European League and her backup should be Tugce Hocaoglu (Ece Hocaoglu's sister) from Yesilyurt.She plays very quite well this season.

    Opposites : Neslihan injured in last CL match but her injury will last 3 weeks so she will be ready to play OGQT in Ankara.Seda seems quite healthy and she is playing a good season so far not her best but ok.I am not sure what Motta is planning for Polen but big possible he will keep her with Senior team always as +2 to have a back up to Seda.

    Outside Hitters : Gozde is playing her one of best seasons so she will be a big key player for NT.Neriman shows a unbalanced performance in abroad,she had to change her club but in NT camp she will be ready i think.Esra is performing not so good but her experience will be neccessary for team.Guldeniz will be a good option too.It's important to send Ezgi Dagdelenler to European League roster as starter.She is the most promising player of Turkish NT in this position.

    Middle Blockers : Eda is playing her best always in NT.I wish a balanced season for Bahar this year :lol: Busra Cansu will probably the backup of those players.I hope Motta will not invite Ergul to NY anymore :teach:

    Liberos : Gulden is a living legend and Gizem is the future of NT.It will be nice to watch them again together in NT.Merve Dalbeler from Fenerbahce Universal is playing a very good season so far so it's worth to invite her NT camp.Gizem Orge and Buse Kayacan should go to European League.

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
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  • Do not forget, that it is very important to be in Final 4 of european league because here we will get the WGP ticket !
    Otherwise i agree with mostly

  • i would like to see kubra akman in the european leauge's roster.
    StarNight ı agree with you for main roster. maybe gökçen,duygu or nilay would be better than ipek in the roster.
    if ı were motta,
    European League Roster

    Setters : Nilay(if he doesnt invite her to main roster), Asuman Karakoyun
    Outside Hitters : Selime Ilyasoglu,Ezgi Dagdelenler,Elif Onur,Ceren Kestirengoz ( if she will be ready after operation on this period ı would prefer to see damla cakiroglu)
    Opposites : Polen Uslupehlivan, Gozde Yilmaz or Seray Altay
    Middle Blockers :Kubra Akman,Diclenur Babat,and 2 more players who has more experience like Gokcen/Nilay/Ipek/Duygu (who wont be in the main roster)
    Liberos : Dilara Bagci,Gizem Orge

  • I think Motta will not send any player to European League roster from Junior NT.He needs to think 90-93 generations too.Nilay's situation is a big mystery for our NT.Big possible this season she won't get any invite from NT managment too.I hope they will suprise us :D

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

  • Nilay is great setter and I dont understand why she hasnt been invited to the NT yet, she would be great option no doubt !
    Main roster seems to be strong but like mesut wrote maybe someone would be better option than Ipek Soroglu, I think Nilay Konar is stable MB and she has a good season this year.

  • I'd prefer Meryem instead of Polen as third OPP. She's the only Turkish player that can spike over block. And she generally plays well when she is being used economically :lol: She's a bit unstable for long things though.

  • Well, lets start to talk about Nt :D First of all the very important tournament for us is OGQT no doubt. The players, staff, federation and all the sport media wants to see our girls in London and I think we have quite a good chance to make that dream come true! We will be playing in front of our fans.. Our NTs in all sports can make a big surprises in front of Turkish spectators and I pray for another :lol:

    We showed some good volleyball in last ECH. Our problem for many years (especially after Natalia retired from NT because of pregnancy) was not to find a good scoring player beside Neslihan. It was clearly seen that Neriman made that job well. Neslihan is a great player but in important matches, she can't do the all things alone( I don't want to be rude to other players but that is true). As we saw, with Neriman and Eda's big helps we won bronze medal. I hope the other players would help as much as Eda and Neriman in QT in Ankara. As for the roster, that is my list:

    Setters: Naz Aydemir, Özge Çemberci
    OPPs: Neslihan Darnel, Seda Tokatlıoğlu
    OHs: Gözde Sonsırma, Neriman Özsoy, Esra Gümüş and Natalia Hanikoğlu*
    Middles: Bahar Toksoy, Eda Erdem, Büşra Cansu
    Liberos: Gülden Kuzubaşıoğlu, Gizem Güreşen

    *She can be useful with her experience and reception.

    Setters: Naz and Özge are our 2 best setters. However both of them are not stable. One match they can play super well, the other one they can play as poor as like a 5th class player. Naz is having a great season (I don't think that she is the reason why Fenerbahçe doesn't play as expected). Özge had a great season last year and she still has but I pick Naz because her connection with Neslihan is better. But she has to use Eda as much as Özge.

    OPPs: Neslihan will play for sure. :super: I always thank to God that my lovely Seda is back to her great shape( she isn't in the top but will be in near future:D). We do need her in NT. We can use her both as OH(in front of the net) and with a double substitution(opp-setter). Hope that she won't be injuried anymore :rose:

    OHs: It seems like Gözde and Neriman will play in that position and I think this couple seems best. Gözde's reception and fast attacks, Neriman's spiking skills are very important. Neriman is shaky at receiving but as I said we need her power at attacking. Esra can be used in the backrow as a substitution for Neriman. As for Natalia, the reason why I choose her to my list is that she is very experienced, her serves and reception can make a good job and she has done a lot for our NT and I belive that she deserves to play in Olympic Games(If we qualify of course:D)

    Middles: Bahar-Eda due will play no doubt. I think they are the best servers as a couple of middle players :lol:

    Libero: We used different tactical in ECH with using Gülden for recetion and Gizem for digging. However I think this time Motta should use Gizem all the time. She started to season with a very bad game which surprised me a lot but then she showed that she hasn't died yet :lol:

    I will write European League and World Grand Prix roster later :D :wavy:

  • Setters: Naz Aydemir, Özge Çemberci
    OPPs: Neslihan Darnel, Seda Tokatlıoğlu
    OHs: Gözde Sonsırma, Neriman Özsoy, Esra Gümüş and Natalia Hanikoğlu*
    Middles: Bahar Toksoy, Eda Erdem, Büşra Cansu
    Liberos: Gülden Kuzubaşıoğlu, Gizem Güreşen

    Yes, yes, yes I want her in NT again :!: There are any rumors in Turkey about her comeback?

  • At this moment Natali is very useless for NT there are better recievers and attackers than her,her reception and attacks are not strong as much as before and she is very overweight and slow :teach:

    2010/2011 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Turkish Cup Winner :cup:
    2011/2012 Eczacıbaşı VitrA - Super Cup Winner :cup:

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  • I am absolutley against natalie in NT. We created a young team in the last years and have to adapt new young players for the future ! And we have to adapt new players for esras position.

    No natalie, no ergül, no nihan, no Gökcen

  • Actually I haven't read anything about her comeback, that is only my wish :rose: You like her a lot ? :win:

    Maybe I'm not a great fan but I feel a sentiment. When I started to be interested in volleyball she was kind of star. She and Darnel led Turkish NT to silver medal in 2003. I think it would be a great finish of her career to play at OG :P