HL Japan vs Holland 06

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    Wow...Im a Japan volley big Fan.Thank you so much Colossus...I Love it :P

    thx for the reply....this match is very valueable cos the recent japan cant do this any more

    in yeltsin, oooo, japan trying out new players; poor reception, less tactics....wont see the quick play

    i dont know if japan will sink lower than last years ranking no 6 in GP and WCH :?:

  • Colossus....what is a web site of the Armbell forum of volleyball???

  • Colossus, do you maybe have WCH06 Japan vs Serbia??

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    i can't open it. is it a part file?

    thanks in advance

    never mind. i figured it out anyway. :roll:

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    never mind. i figured it out anyway. :roll:

    sorry to reply late
    no, its not a part file, it is the highlight also with almost the whole 4th set 8)

    to samba player, very sorry i dont have jpan vs serbia :wink2: