Wilfredo Leon in NT Poland 2019

  • One thing I'd like to underline: the Cuban players have the right to switch nationality if it's the only way to compete at the Olympics. The methods might not be ethical, but it's not their fault if Cuba refuses to let compete in the biggest event of an athlete's life. Anyone in this forum would switch nationality in a heartbeat if it meant competing at the Olympics, even more with chances of winning a medal. Let's not blame national federations for it, we're still far behind Qatar and Bahrain.

  • And for the unlucky who missed it in tv, where can we find it?

    I keep crossing only with news like this: http://www.federvolley.it/news…izzazione-il-tesseramento

    Here it's clear the Federation worked to have him playing in Italy, but not in the Italian NT...

    I have no idea. I remember during the Serie A1 matches they used to talk about him and how wonderful would be having him in NT since at the time Italy was going around the world with people like Birarelli and Beretta... But according to them he always said no because he's cuban and doesn't want to play against his country.

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