FIVB World Championship 2019 - Hamburg

  • Soo I know BV is not popular here, but I enjoy playing and watching it too..

    The championship started 3 days ago.. right not Heidrich and Verge Depre are playing against Bansley and Brandie. Good to see Joanna playing solid after her surgery.. but BB are playing much worse this year than last season which was really successful for them. Hope they pick up their game.

    My favorite teams are Klineman and Ross obviously, then my baby Menegatti with Orsi Toth, and Heidrich/Verge Depre. Hope to see all od them in F4

  • Sarah Pavan won today <3

    Amazing game with Humana-Paredes being a monster!

    Really entertaining game

  • That was a really good match! Definitely worthy of a WCH final.

    Melissa was ridiculous in defense today. Such a great game from her.

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    Bronze - Volleyball Nations League 2019 (W) Prediction Game

  • Melissa is AMAZING. However I felt bad for Alix, she is always close to something bigger in her career...

  • Really sad for Alix and April. Alix was a monster in the semis and had a good final game, April was not herself today. MHP did amaaazing, she was the reason Canada won today. Let's hope ATeam continues to improve and gets gold in Tokyo