Japan - V.League V1 (Division 1, Women) 2021-2022

  • Speaking of Santiago, wasn't there a rumour(?) that she wants to naturalise. Is that still happening?

    Was it a rumor or just wishful tweeting? I remember seeing a few people here say it would be a good idea for Japan. She's a gift. I can't remember if there was some unhappiness from PHI folks about the idea or if they thought it would be cool

    Regarding Santiago, it was actually her who mentioned in her interviews in the Philippines that she got an offer for naturalization from her club (not JVA), so that she can play as local. She did not turn down the idea and mentioned that she is thinking about it.

    I'm unsure what the process and requirements are for playing local in vleague, but if she wants to also play in the NT, it will be much more complicated and would need a few years of residency considering also that she played for NT of another country. She's turning 26 now, so if they want to decide on these things, they might want to start with the process already.

  • Kurobe doing the lollypop serve

  • Kanasugi is gonna burn a hole in the floor :white:

    And we got beach action :!:

  • I hope the Junior Sparkles can lift Kurobe spirits here at the 7th inning stretch. Okayama is showing them no mercy

  • Speaking of Santiago, wasn't there a rumour(?) that she wants to naturalise. Is that still happening?

    It isn't a rumour. IIRC, she said something in an interview about someone from the Saitama coaching staff (not really sure if it's from Saitama) offering her assistance to get Japanese citizenship. She said that she declined because she wanted to be part of the rise of Philippine volleyball on the international stage, but she says that she might reconsider the offer in the future (she said something about wanting to compete in the Olympics).

  • This guy calling the Hitachi match

  • Mika is an MB, not an OH. Attacking type with a strong whip. From what I can remember she had a good serve but bad reception

    Mika is considered a better blocker than she is an attacker by most fans. She's not really the best, but she offers a stable performance whenever she's called upon. She's also one of the few PH MBs that has good floor defense (along with Majoy Baron And Aby Maraño, they all went to the same University). As far as I remember, she was always part of the top 3 best blockers in her college days, up until now in the pro leagues (aside from this season, not really as up to par as last season's performance).

    I don't really know her. The 2019 SEA Games and Grand Prix was when I tried to ramp up on PHI and I haven't seen a lot more than that

    She was out for most of the latter part of the 2019 season due to a minor knee injury she got in the All-Filipino Conference when she was still playing for Petron. She did get a few minutes of playing time in the 2019 SEA Games, but that was just in the bronze match against Indonesia (she played in the 4th and 5th sets).

    She wasn't selected for this year's NT, which caused some ruckus with the fans. She's one of the "pioneers" of PH volleyball since she was part of the ADMU-DLSU college rivalry (started in her first year) that made volleyball so popular in the Philippines. Currently one of the more well-known volleyball players, but she didn't play that well this season (her new club's setter didn't use their middles that much).

  • Any ideas why Himeji stacks their players in almost a straight queue on one side of the court when serving?

    They consider it fashionable :mirror:

  • I wonder if something happened to Shuna Omoto? Why is Miyagi playing MB?

  • someone @ me when SWP plays ;(

    will do

  • actually i should clarify.

    @ me when there's a replay of when she's actually playing

    im not staying up :lol::lol:

    You gotta get out of that Bermuda Triangle of Time Zones :rolll:

    I thought you subscribed to vtv?

  • I love it when an OP receives serve and then kills it from 3

  • Himeji is so ... unable. I love them anyway :rose: