Brazil NT 2022

  • Léo got called. Again. Lucão twisted his ankle, so he'll travel to France soon. Possibly to be cut from the team for the third time.

    Honestly, at this point this is just pathetic lmao

    Aaaand he just did. So Lucão is going after all.

  • I'm loving that even Russia is ahead of Brazil, and it seems it isn't enough for them.. way to go!

  • The way they handled this Léo situation just makes me wish even more that they (especially the coaching staff) get destroyed this WCH.

  • It's weird tho, because in my eyes, Leo is the most ready from this '02 group to play on this level (it's partially because MB is just easier position in comparison to OPP/OH), yet he's gotten the least chances so far (even when Mauricio got cut, Isac has been injured, so was Lucas).

    But yeah, from the last U21 WCH, Italy (winner) has one player (Michieletto) in WCH roster, Poland (3rd team) has none, the same with Argentina (4th team), Bulgaria has two (6th team), the same with Brazil (Adriano, Darlan), and there should be Leo as well if not for Renan being blackmailed by Felipe, lol. So as much as I like these guys (especially Leo and Darlan), they got their chances really early considering that e.g. Italy won both U19 and U21 WCHs in this age category and the only guy already introduced to the senior team is Michieletto (despite the fact that Porro, Rinaldi or Stefani played regularly in Serie A), in Poland, only Urbanowicz was called up to the wide squad for VNL, while we were great during this tournament a year ago.

    Renan is deservedly criticized for his overall input, but it's not like these guys are not introduced very early, and IMHO it's understandable to play with veterans considering the generational gap - you definitely need some rejuvenation project (much further than senior NT) then, but that's something we've already discussed. It may be meaningless since we were preparing for U-18 ECH, but your U-18 (2005/06) team played series of friendlies with Poland on July and didn't win a single set. The problem is we were really weak in this age category for our standards, didn't even qualify for U-19 WCH the next year after finishing 8th at ECH, and after reading reviews of these friendlies against Brazil I thought we may be legit. :gone:

    As for U-20 team, playing Panamerican Cup and now going to Italy to play series of friendlies with Italian U-20 team (ECH champion in this age category, recently crashed EYOF with dominant performance) is actually a good scheduling, these guys like Arthur may be hopefully ready for 2028.

  • Yeah, I agree. I have tons of issues with Renan, of course, but the problem goes way deeper with the quality of players available and coming up. There's a huge gap between the adults and the youngsters and that's gonna take some time to fix. However, even if there aren't many good players available, those that could be tested and given experience should do so instead of being played around like Léo. Darlan was only given a shot this year because both Alan and Roque were injured -- I highly doubt he would've gotten playing time if that was not the case.

    Anyway, more than being sad about the decline in quality of the team (which had to happen one time or another), the thing that frustrates me the most is that there's no joy in the team and in watching them anymore. That "fighting spirit" is gone and they just look like a bunch of players barely doing their job on court. Renan not being able to do anything with what he has certainly doesn't help either.

  • I'm bored with their lineup. Nothing new

  • As for U-20 team, playing Panamerican Cup and now going to Italy to play series of friendlies with Italian U-20 team (ECH champion in this age category, recently crashed EYOF with dominant performance) is actually a good scheduling, these guys like Arthur may be hopefully ready for 2028.

    Italy won 3-0, 3-0, 3-1 and 3-1.

    ITALIA-BRASILE 3-0 (25-23, 25-19, 25-20)

    ITALIA: Orioli 15, Eccher 6, Boninfante 2, Porro 10, Balestra 6, Bovolenta 9; Staforini (L), Fanizza, Volpe 1. Ne: Iervolino, Arguelles, Russo, Laurenzano (L), Ambrose, Penna, Roberti. All. Battocchio.

    BRASILE: Bento 11, Franca 13, Amorin 6, Bargmann 9, Nascimento 6, Cardoso 1; Baioco (L), Souza, Oishi, Castro. Ne: Stragliotto (L), Parada, Neufeld, Machado, Oliveira, Bruno, Conceicao, Henrique. All. Novaes.

    DURATA SET: 28’, 26’, 26’.

    ITALIA: 3 a, 11 bs, 10 mv, 16 et.

    BRASILE: 4 a, 18 bs, 4 mv, 26 et.

    ITALIA-BRASILE 3-0 (25-20, 25-23, 25-17)

    ITALIA: Orioli 5, Ambrose 2, Boninfante 1, Porro 12, Balestra 8, Bovolenta 13; Staforini (L), Iervolino, Eccher 3, Arguelles 2, Fanizza, Russo, Roberti. Ne: Volpe, Laurenzano (L), Penna. All. Battocchio.

    BRASILE: Bento 4, Franca 5, Castro 9, Bergmann 6, Nascimento 8, Cardoso 1; Baioco (L), Souza, Oishi 1, Oliveira, Amorin 4. Ne: Stragliotto (L), Parada, Neufeld, Machado, Bruno, Conceicao, Henrique. All. Novaes.

    DURATA SET: 24’, 28’, 24’

    ITALIA: 8 a, 14 bs, 4 mv, 22 et.

    BRASILE: 2 a, 16 bs, 4 mv, 29 et.

    ITALIA-BRASILE 3-1 (20-25, 25-20, 25-22, 25-23)

    ITALIA: Eccher 7, Boninfante 1, Iervolino 5, Volpe 8, Bovolenta 22, Orioli 11; Laurenzano (L), Arguelles 1, Fanizza 1, Ambrose, Roberti 7. Ne: Porro, Balestra, Staforini (L), Russo, Penna. All. Battocchio.

    BRASILE: Bergmann 6, Nascimento 12, Cardoso, Bento 21, Franca 6, Amorin 12; Baioco (L), Souza 2, Oishi, Oliveira 4, Castro 1. Ne: Stragliotto (L), Parada, Neufeld, Machado, Bruno, Conceicao, Henrique. All. Novaes.

    DURATA SET: 28’, 26’, 31’, 32’

    ITALIA: 4 a, 11 bs, 14 mv, 26 et.

    BRASILE: 3 a, 16 bs, 19 mv, 32 et.

    ITALIA-BRASILE 3-1 (25-19, 23-25, 31-29, 28-26)

    ITALIA: Roberti 19, Ambrose 2, Russo 5, Porro 20, Volpe 9, Arguelles 16; Laurenzano (L), Boninfante, Iervolino 2, Balestra 1, Fanizza. Ne: Orioli, Eccher, Bovolenta, Staforini (L), Penna. All. Battocchio.

    BRASILE: Bergmann 13, Nascimento 9, Cardoso, Bento 20, Franca 7, Amorin 7; Baioco (L), Souza 1, Oishi, Oliveira, Castro 2. Ne: Stragliotto (L), Parada, Neufeld, Machado, Bruno, Conceicao. All. Novaes.

    DURATA SET: 23’, 27’, 42’ 39’

    ITALIA: 9 a, 22 bs, 12 mv, 40 et

    BRASILE: 4 a, 14 bs, 9 mv, 43 et

  • Huh, I wonder why Samuel (Neufeld) didn't play in any of the 4 matches :what:

    Anyway, yikes all around lol This generation has nothing going on for them.

  • Even though junior results in general are quite good determinant for senior's perspectives (Brazil has declined in junior competition and it is directly very visible in senior NT already) - I wouldn't be that pessimistic. In Poland, we had 93/94 generation that was results-wise quite terrible (didn't make it to both U19 and U21 WCH, was outside of medal phase in ECH organized in Poland) - and then in senior national team we have Janusz, Bieniek, Bednorz, Butryn, Kaczmarek, so extremely strong representation for basically one year (1994, besides Butryn) from this generation. But we struggled in this specific junior team due to lack of reception and weak libero. And that's a case with this Brazilian as well, reception-setting link was by far the weakest point during the Panamerican Cup, but these boys individually may figure it out after they physically/technically develop. The other thing, and we've discussed this couple of times already, is that Brazil lacks setters and all-round OHs, this generation is nothing different, and the conclusion is quite obvious when we are all aware of what Brazilian volleyball has been associated with past 30 years (uhm, crazy setters and all-round OHs).

    But jaeden85 has regularly claimed that these 03/04 boys should get a chance in a senior NT, so nine game-losing streak against Canada B/Mexico/Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic/Italy U-20 shows how far from that they actually are. And not because losing to senior teams or Italy (which is top3 European team in this generation) is even that bad.

    Getting back to the senior team, with Cachopa starting against Japan, there is some potential freshness, or at least symptoms of that, so maybe we'll have something positive to discuss in a week from now in context of yours elders as well.

  • Yep, I agree that developing players with better skills regardless of results is much more important. While good results certainly help, given that all of the older guys have either gold or silver in U21 and U23 championships, only a handful of them ever make it internationally while the majority become local average players at best. And that's always important to remember before thinking certain players should be given a shot in the adult NT just because they take part ijn youth tournaments.

    But yeah, I wouldn't care about the youth categories flopping if despite that we actually had any promising (tall) setters and all-around OHs lol All I can hope for is that someone has a crazy development out of the blue and manages to cut the line, but I'm not counting on it.

  • Players for Week 2

    S: Bruno, Cachopa

    MB: Flavio, Judson, Otavio, Lucas

    OP: Alan, Felipe Roque

    OH: Honorato, Arthur, Adriano, Lucarelli

    L: Maique, Thales

  • Manila here.

    My first VNL match Brasil lost 😅

  • I dunno so many fault serves from Brasil. Alan and Lucarelli not getting warmed up. Honorato stayed in the game for too long

  • I like Otavio, Flavio and Roque though

  • Maybe Artur could have stayed instead of Vaccari

  • Maybe SEA locations are Brasil’s kryptonite?

  • Can definitely see Arthur, Lukas Bergmann, Thierry and Darlan join the senior NT in 2025 full time.