Japan - V.League V2 & V3 (Division 2 & 3, Women) 2023-2024

  • Japan - V.League V2 & V3 (Division 2 & 3, Women) 2023–2024



    V2 Participating teams (10)


    V2 Regular Round begins October 28, 2023 (Saturday) and ends March 10, 2024 (Sunday). Matches are played every Saturday and Sunday.

    • 10 teams play each other two times.
    • Top three teams advance to the Final Stage

    Final Stage is March 23–24, 2024. It's a Final 3

    • The 2nd and 3rd place teams from the Regular Round play a one match knockout
    • The winner of the match plays the winner of the Regular Round for the Title


    V3 Participating teams (4)

    V3 Regular Round begins November 25, 2023 (Saturday) and ends February 25, 2024 (Sunday)

    It's a four team Round Robin of five rounds. That's it. There is no V.Challenge Match as the V.League enters a new phase in the 2024-25 season

  • 2023–24 Season kicked off with Summer League

    2023 Summer League WEST2023 Summer League EAST
    1. FISU Universiade National Team :cup:
    2. JT Marvelous
    3. Okayama
    4. SAGA
    5. Himeji
    6. Forest Leaves
    7. Toyota
    8. Denso
    9. Toray
    10. The KLF (Kanoa Laulea’s Fukuoka)
    11. Hiroshima Oilers
    12. JA Gifu Riorena
    13. Kurashiki Ablaze
    14. Veertien Mie

    Best Player Award: Ameze Miyabe (FISU)
    Fighting Spirit Award: Mana Nishizaki (JT Marvelous)

    Fresh Star Award
    V1: Ayane Kitamado (SAGA)
    V2: Funa Okada (Forest Leaves)

    1. PFU :cup:

    2. NEC

    3. East Uni Girls

    4. Prestige

    5. Hitachi

    6. Brilliant Aries

    7. Saitama

    8. Breath Hamamatsu

    9. Gunma Bank

    10. Chiba Angel Cross

    11. Ligare Sendai

    12. Kurobe

    13. GSS Tokyo Sunbeams

    14. Artemis Hokkaido

    Best Player Award: Minami Takaso (PFU)

    Fighting Spirit Award: Mizuki Yanagida (NEC)

    Fresh Star Award

    V1: Nana Okamura (Prestige)

    V2: Natsuki Takano (Brilliant Aries)

  • I thought it was illegal for V.Leaguers to post nudity on their IG. The KLF breakin' all the rules. By my estimate Asumi Gaya is 87% nude in this photo

  • Asaka Tamaru is leaving Kurashiki Ablaze :white:

    If you watched the Philippines PVL Invitational you likely know who that is. She averaged nearly 30 points a match

    I wonder if she splashed so big some V1 team has their eyes on her :/

    It's weird if she is just quitting volleyball after that spectacular performance

  • I really hope she is just transferring to a better team. If not V1, maybe at V2? Please not a retirement.

  • In one of these local "championships" I wasn't following, The Kinki (Kansai) Championship

    1st Place: Himeji Victorina (Hyogo)
    2nd Place: Toray Arrows (Shiga)
    3rd Place: Tezukayama University (Nara), Kinrankai High School (Osaka)

    Avital Selinger's debut as Himeji Coach, and Angie Gromos started. Saki Tanaka MVP

    Toray played full strength, or what's left of it, except for Seki, which is a big miss

    All the videos

  • Gunma Bank Green Wings changes their name to Gunma Green Wings and did some back-end business changes with an eye on new SV.League vision requirements etc

    I predict they make it


  • GSS Tokyo Sunbeams :super:

    Starters in the Empress Cup Kanto Block for a ticket to the Final Round are a nice bag of transfer players

    S - Moe Kiyota - Himeji

    OH - Karin Nojima - Brilliant Aries (sis of NEC's Kasumi)

    I'm not sure who started because I missed the beginning but the three MBs working are

    Xintian Fu - Okayama

    Juna Kikuno - Super Cute

    Those two start set two so it was probably them

    Saori Kamisawa - Hitachi

    They might be root worthy again this year

  • I haven't seen word from any V2/3 teams that they are planning to stream matches this year. Brilliant Aries streamed their home games last year, I believe in consort with a local broadcaster, and they were better than any V1 streams. Their opener this weekend is at home and no word about streaming :(

    Breath Hamamatsu, Forest Leaves, and GSS Tokyo also streamed most matches last year. They were pretty poor quality but at least something

    I'm surprised The KLF, and to a lesser degree Kurashiki, haven't announced plans for streaming. They seem the most self-aware of contemporary branding. Artemis might stream some, as they streamed summer stuff, live only. They didn't leave anything up though

  • Not seeing anything from teams, but the V.League Schedule has Breath Hamamatsu, Himeji, and Brilliant Aries on Youtube :drink: Sendai says Youtube and IG. The others have just IG. I consider that the same as not broadcasting

  • Yay! Brilliant Aries and Himeji have "Upcoming" live matches in the queue. Himeji says "Victorina Himeji official match “100%” distribution tournament Powered by 全厚済" .

    I'm going take that as they have farmed it out to someone who does streaming and they will be decent broadcasts. 100% suggests we get all the matches. We'll soon find out

  • First one up tonight is Breath Hamamatsu v Ligare Sendai. Here's the link to the Hamamatsu Stream, which if it's like last year is mediocre at best, someone's uncle with an iPhone up in the stands kind of thing. Sendai is supposed to stream it as well. I'm hoping they spring for something real as a way of apologizing for what they did to Arisa Sato, but they also say it will stream on IG which is a way of saying "probably not"

    Starts in 20 minutes. I'll post Sendai's strea if they do it, and the other matches tonight as they get closer

    [update] Sendai says on their tweetbox they will be streaming on IG, nothing about youtube. #toobad

  • Hamamatsu stream is not bad. It's a single stationary cam from a rear corner but the arena is well lit. That makes a huge difference. A little odd looking mix and match of Taraflex flooring (on the out of bounds area) and whatever that baby poop stuff they voting in

    Hamamatsu slugger, Kaho Wakaizumi, last year's Rookie of the Year, looks like she's been spending time in the weight room. She used to be downright flubby in appearance. Now she looks more solid, if still a little drunk on her post swing recovery

    So far a fun match with each team taking a turn making a run

  • I love this V2 shit. It's more akin to Uni-Ball than V1. No foreigners for the most part and there's more "trying real hard" energy than in V1. Half the players swing like they mean it rather than trying not to make a mistake

    Sendai snatched OH Kanae Yagishita from my favorite team to name drop, the Yamanashi Chuo Bank Sporting Bears, that wealth of talent, and she's a clobber hound :rose:

  • My golly. Checked the livescore for Gunma v Gifu and Gifu won the first set 25–11 :huh:

  • I knew this Hamamatsu / Sendai match would go full set. Both teams look vastly improved. Fun times :box:

  • Yikes! JA Gifu 3–0 Gunma [11-25 22-25 19-25] ... somebody's gonna get their haircut after that :lol:

    Sendai wins the full set. One of those that going into it I thought I would be happy either way, but as it came down to it I got behind Sendai :drink: Fun fun match

  • Himeji in revised squirt things / Hiroshima

    It's only offered up to 720 and is a buffering nightmare before it even starts :white:

    ps - oh, and the stupid loud one drummer drumming all the time :thumbdown:

    pss - basically un-watchable :white:

  • The official Himeji stream has improved a lot. It's a good pro stream with replays and whatnot. This will be cool to have their matches broadcast this way :drink: