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    I hope Bongaerts moves to a club where she can play as starter next season, sure she has chances to learn from Hanke IMO the best setter in Bundesliga, but it's also very important to keep playing, especially for a setter.

    I really like Rahimova as a player, there's no doubt that she's a phenomenal but she's just not a team player. And her main problem is that she gets overwhelmed very easily, in particular when her balls get dug.

    Sasha has been extremely unlucky with all the injuries she has suffered with. I don't think she could contribute A LOT to her new team, it actually surprises me that she's continuing her career, as much as I like her. Her best year in NT was undoubtedly 2013 when she won the European Championship, since then her level dropped a lot and couldn't make the cut for the Olympic Games 2016.

    I really like this Polish team, Smarzek is a beast, it's so fun to watch her play and I sincerely hope she keeps improving and the news that she's going to play for Bergamo is true. I like the new setter, she's obviously not delivering miracle sets but is decent and makes good decisions.

    Efimienko so far has been a positive surprise, I never knew she was this good at slide attacks. Kakolewska also needs to play abroad, finding a good and tall MB these days is very hard and she's relatively young, I don't see anything that stops her. I remember who said that but calling her as Polish Thaisa wouldn't be a bad idea for now.

    This trio (Medzryk-Grajber-Smarzek) reminds me of Werblinska-Rosner-Skowronska trio back then in terms of their role, though Natalia's float serves look way too smooth whereas Werblinska screwing everyone with her jump serves back then. Dang, I miss old Polish team :heart:

    Witkowska is doing all the dirty jobs along with Grajber on the back-row, she's really good and I actually think she's one of the best liberos in EU.

    How do you know I was happy with her words towards Turkey? Are you a mind reader? :roll: You could of course guess by reading but you don't see people's emotions, sorry if I was rude to say what I think about your league or NT, obviously I didn't mean to offend anyone.

    It was actually rather funny to see what she thought of Turkish league because I never had known players care how many fans come to watch their game, not more than that.

    :aww:I never understand why people keep bothering themselves for nothing, it's not necessary to like or watch it if you are not fond of that. I don't like Turkish league nor their NT so I don't watch it. You watch volleyball and any other sports to amuse yourself, obviously not in order to argue with other people or torture yourself by writing endlessly subjective topics.

    This whole Hooker thing once again shows why people shouldn't be obsessed with social media. She was an outstanding player (maybe she still is) but has never appeared any efforts to be a team player, just like Joana said and we already know she will never do that ;)
    Why on earth would you need someone like her if you already knew she'd kinda ruin the team vibes? That's not such a Sophie's choice, is it?

    I frankly don't see any development from Conegliano, they for sure will stay strong in the Italian championship but they need a better OH than Sylla in order to replace Bricio who's been a killer through the whole season, whenever Fabris was silent, Bricio was the lifesaver. Otherwise I'd try to get someone like Gennari to put next to Hill and their reception will be such perfection and it will allow Wolosz to play a lot with De Kruijf and Folie who are outstanding attackers.

    Yes, she is playing well. But no comparison to the 1st semifinal as you say.

    It's disgusting how all four coaches in this tournament are behaving like assholes :white: And the worst about it is that Guidetti has been the least annoying today. Zakoc is not arguing with the referees like the other coaches but his body language towards his players makes me sick.

    It's hands down Guidetti if there ever were the most annoying coach award, forever and always. I'm okay with Zakoc and Santarelli.