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    Harmotto <3 She breathes leadership!

    I think she’s sort of a person born to be a leader, many American girls have mentioned her as a splendid role-model including Gibbemeyer. It was a really nice pleasure seeing her, not only because of her play but also her leadership, passion and leading the younger girls.

    Yeah, Moki is like the mom on the court, always encouraging her little girls, giving them tips, sharing tactics and so on. It was pretty hilarious when Arrighetti was in NT since she was always the grumpy daddy who screws the cheeky kids bullying his daughters :lol:

    Polish MBs can’t hit, they’re always late in attack, Nowicka played boring also against Japan yesterday but I kinda would have done the same, Kakolewska needs really good sets to hit otherwise she’s very clumsy. Alagierska (aka Tomsia II) and Witkowska just can’t hit.

    Hey where the hell am I? :tzz:

    I'm not a fan of Chirichella, despite she's extremely beautiful for my taste. :P

    Her blocking skills are too weak for a Serie A1 player. And her spiking is just average.

    Haha to me she’s the cutest player in Italian NT along with Ale Orro and Parrochiale. Of course the hottest aka Imma Sirressi is forever home, ImO she could have been as good as De Gennaro if she were given proper chances.

    Vasileva was a world class player when she was playing for Bergamo and Pink Spiders, now she’s a bit better than average/mediocre.

    Her reception now is equally bad as 10 years ago.

    Yeah, besides it doesn’t seem like Mazzanti will dare call older players, it’s just Moki and Lucia. Fahr is pretty amazing, when she‘s in front Italy gets stronger which gives Italy such a luxury problem since both Chirichella and Danesi are really good too. Oh wait, Lubian would hate me if I exclude her :white: I also like Rapah Folie but honestly I don’t realistically see her spot in NT.

    I’d still go with Lloyd as starter and Hancock as the back-up, the Olympic games are all about to show up, prove and make results.

    Carlini so far doesn’t really live up to the hypes I expected, though she’s a really good one. For now I prefer Micha.

    In addition I’d be extremely surprised if Gibby makes it to Tokyo, you may say she’s experienced but there’s also Akinradewo as THE experienced one, thus I’m sure Karch will take the ones with good shape, say Obogu. If he takes Adams he needs to make sure that she never serves, just let her block. Same for Polanska :lol:

    Funny that the US is full of talents aside from the libero position, perhaps Karch needs to persuade Banwarth to come back, otherwise of course Robinson gotta wear the libero jersey.

    Emil Ortolani and Mazzanti are married since 2016 if I remember correctly. Their lovely cute girl was already 2-3 years old :love:

    In an interview, after Monza was eliminated in the league semifinals by Imoco, Serena said that she won't be in NT anymore. She wants to take care of her daughter, after last year, when both her and Mazzanti were away for long periods.

    Thanks for the info,

    Their little girl indeed is lovely!

    When I saw Serena in Italian NT, she was the youngest of the team (Rinieri the oldest) and now we won’t see her anymore wearing Azzure jersey, that would be weird.

    Yeah, it would have been a home sweep. That last shot of Lippmann walking off made me sad

    Yeah, a volleyball night in Stuttgart with a win (especially against the Netherlands) would have been nice for the crowds.

    Lippmann is in fact the leader of German team, I wish Orthmann and the MBs could help her a bit more.

    It doesn't only belong to Goncharova. It is related to our natures and probably cold climate. You can't find any similing people in North part of country, we are more reserved here. I think people from North European countries culturally close to us, they are also cold blooded.

    I hate saying it but as a northern European it’s kinda true, foreigners often tell us we are boring, passionless and extremely cold. Moreover it’s really hard to make friends in Northern Europe if you’re from a culturally very different country. I don’t know how far it can apply for sportsmen though since they tend to be more passionate regardless of nations.