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    My opinion regarding Plak has never changed, when she was a bit younger (though she still is) people were saying that she might develop but now watching her play and literally nothing has been improved. She's a powerful attacker but a super clumsy volleyball player. I'd say the only thing she may choose to guarantee herself playing in a good team is being an OPP, as OH she's just a no.

    As for Kakolewska, I agree that she's clumsy but she somehow always does her job quietly both in block and attack.

    I'm pretty sure with a better setter she would play better by miles. When she's hitting first tempo the opponents have hard time to get the timing as she has a very distinctive way of hitting and also timing.

    I mean nobody'd say she's the best blocker or something, she's good enough for a middle class team of Serie A.

    That sounds so Russian to me, I mean their specific mentality - "They are my teammates, no more than that."

    I also love it, when volleyball is not everything, but just one simple piece of the player's life.

    Pietersen was such an interesting player as she appeared as MB, OPP and OH. At the beginning of her first career in NT, I used to want to call her "the new Caroline Wensink" or at least something similar. :D

    How cool, she studied Psychology, Beste geluk voor jou, Judith.

    I don't know how her current shape is but if she's fit enough, she could be more helpful than Vasileva.

    It seems like Scandicci are super ambitious to win the league this year, though I doubt it can happen.

    True s*it, I wish I could say "no man, that can't be true" though.

    I think the overall volleyball popularity isn't the same as let's say 10 years ago, that also includes my case, I barely watch it these days, mostly owing to my work and personal life, but also the fact that volleyball isn't as entertaining as it used to be, say, the level of players performance (obviously, I'm referring to Women's volleyball, I don't watch men's at all, so I can't say a thing) has dropped a lot, although the appearance of Haak, Egonu, Boskovic etc etc couldn't be more pleasing...

    The saddest fact is that the trolls don't know themselves, actually they think they're always the victims. Well, we all know what the truth is.

    I don't know when it has been like this, but yeah it's kinda sad that the good ones (old members) are leaving and the bad ones are occupying the forum.

    I hope Bongaerts moves to a club where she can play as starter next season, sure she has chances to learn from Hanke IMO the best setter in Bundesliga, but it's also very important to keep playing, especially for a setter.

    I really like Rahimova as a player, there's no doubt that she's a phenomenal but she's just not a team player. And her main problem is that she gets overwhelmed very easily, in particular when her balls get dug.