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    Conegliano will play A LOAD of games, it would be insane to keep starting 7 all the time, but for CL I have a feeling that the MBs will be de Kruijf and Ogbogu (Sorry if it’s not spelled like this 🙈). For OH it should be Hill-Sylla or Geerties-Sorokaite, or vice versa. Apart from Wolosz and De Gennaro I guess they will locate the players.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the setters this year will perform. Honestly last year it was kind of a bummer.

    Wolosz with de Kruijf-Obogu, Hancock with Chirichella-Veljkovic, Skorupa with Heyrman-Danesi, Malinov with again Stevanovic will be quite amusing to watch.

    Conegliano is seemingly the biggest candidate winner unless some unexpected injuries happen (like to Megan Hodge 2 years in a row) but Novara, Scandicci and Monza won’t let them win easily.

    Busto, Casalmaggiore, Bergamo and Firenze most likely will be fighting for 5th, or could beat the teams above, all depend on daily conditions since I don’t think there’s such a huge gap. To me honestly Busto is a dark-horse under Lavarini’s coaching, besides Lowe seems to be have gotten so much better physically and Herbots-Gennari OH is so nicely balanced. Casalmaggiore could surprise us as well, It’s going to be Antonijevic’s first year playing in Italy, curious how well she will do.

    Actually Poljak was a really outstanding setter, almost as soft as real setters :lol: I remember her setting better than Grbac in one game, Popovic didn’t manage to score the ball given by Grbac but as soon as she got one from Poljak she scored :lol:

    Speaking of Krsmanovic, I wish there were more players like her. Silent, almost invisible but getting her job done so well. Mina Popovic seems to be that sort of a player.

    Yeah, definitely a nightmarish day for Sanja, she’s never as good as she was after that injury.

    I also remember how Terzic encouraged Ana Antonijevic by saying she also could be really good as starter, not only Maja is great but so is Ana :heart:

    Stefana missed the whole 2011 NT season due to cardiac problems.

    If my memory serves right, she played in the World Cup 2011, I remember that Citakovic was registered on the wild roster as #11, so Stefana had to wear #17. I may be wrong though but I'm quite sure about it.

    Goncharova: “We made mistakes at decisive moments, I particularly missed the last ball. I feel overwhelmed at times in the game. We have to work harder to make progress both on court and in groups. ”

    I just saw a picture in IG of Goncharova seemingly in tears after the QF match with Italy, haters can say all they want about her, but she really cares for this team even if most of the time she hides her emotions

    Come to think about it, Goncha has been carrying the team for a good few years now. Back then, Gamova was in a similar postion but she had Sokolova to help her out. Gaahhhd I'm teary eyed as Im typing this ;(;(;(

    Yeah, some people are so into judging people by looking the surface, she looks as cold as frozen Siberian snow, but that doesn't necessarily describe her personality. If she didn't care about anything, she would probably have refused to play for NT.

    I guess she wasn't satisfied with the performance of Efimova and Voronkova, well what to say, let's see what happens.

    I’ve just started wondering what’s next for Russia and the Netherlands, keeping Pankov and Morrison or looking for some least Russian team secures a spot in the Olympic Games but the Dutch team haven’t and their chance realistically doesn’t seem to be that promising, especially observing the current performance. A few months ago I wrote that it was kinda unfair to blame Morrison for a bad outcome but I guess it’s right time to judge it now, the only positive factor I can come up with now is the fact that he brought Bongaerts over Stoltenborg, nothing more. Buijs has never been such a passer but recently she’s almost become a hole and her attack doesn’t cover up for it. Slöejtes, Bëlien, Knip, Schoot and most importantly Dijkema have underperformed since last year, basically all important players aside from de Kruijf. I remember Laura shaking hands being horribly nervous at the final against Serbia in ECH 2017, even today two years later she wasn’t better at all.

    Russia’s upcoming homework is pretty clear, they need Kosheleva-Scherban duo back. Goncha is no longer able to carry her team alone, she definitely needs some company to help her out. If possible and agreed by both side, A comeback of Malova would be great. Galkina is not such a digger to be honest, though her passing is still okayish, alright she sometimes makes errors but still for a Russian libero she’s solid. The biggest problem they should fix is Startseva, because I don’t think there’s anyone else left. Romanova is good but for the Olympics Russia will need the experienced one to play as starter.