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    She entered at least in one match. It was a few weeks ago.

    She played the first match against Zareche on 17th of December and later on 28th. Then she played one game on January (Dinamo lost against Proton) and after that she's disappeared from Krasnodar's roster and league games. Apparently she had some health issues.

    Roster for WCH 2018 qualification tournament (via

    S: Ana Antonijević, Bojana Živković, Danica Radenković, Slađana Mirković

    Opp: Ana Bjelica, Sanja Malagurski, Tijana Bošković

    MB: Milena Rašić, Stefana Veljković, Jovana Stevanović, Mina Popović, Nađa Ninković, Ivana Kocić

    OH: Brankica Mihajlović, Tijana Malešević, Bjanka Buša, Bojana Milenković, Katarina Lazović, Ana Lazarević

    L: Silvija Popović, Jelena Blagojević

    Antonijević is back! No Ognjenović, Brakocević and Nikolić.

    From 2013 to 2016, Have four liberos (Miyashiro, N.Hagglund, Banwarth and Nicole Davis) all retired?

    Hagglund has been training in Anaheim along with Tori Dixon back in January, so I guess she's still in the picture. But the rest of them has retired.

    Maybe finally there's room for Logan to take the role of the NT libero :lol:

    I got a strange problem when I created a new thread for the USA NT - despite writing "USA NT 2017" in the thread's title, after posting it appears like this: "Usa Nt 2017" which looks just awful. When I tried to change it and added some dots ("U.S.A. NT 2017"), it still wouldn't let me use more than two capital letters ("U.s.a. Nt 2017") ?( Is there some post rule that doesn't allow users to use to many capital letters? I also tried with "Usa NT 2017", but it also changed itself back to what it is now. And I used chrome and mozilla, with the same results. Is it just me? And can any of the mods change the title to "USA NT 2017", so it would look properly?

    Tamari Miyashiro added to Women's National Team Coaching Staff. “During Tama’s years as a Women’s National Team player, nobody involved with our program was more selfless, more supportive and loyal to those around her, more humble and more dedicated to learning than she has been,” Kiraly said. “Those qualities always made Tama a prime candidate for making a strong transition into coaching, so we’re thrilled to have her join our coaching staff.”…ional-Team-Coaching-Staff

    Apparently Miyashiro has retired from volleyball last summer because of several injuries.

    thx but why did she give up playing for her club as well ? she could still have been the leader of her team there

    I don't know. She did have an injury at the beginning of the season and was out of the game till the middle of November, or something like that. And most of the time after that she looked like a shadow of her former self compared to the previous seasons. Then there was that whole "drama" during the CL Final Four tournament when she disappeared before the games and later she barely played during Superlegue finals (sf and bronze medal matches). At the end ofApril Kazan's chairman said that Gamova will not sign a new contract with the team. So maybe she wanted to retire after the OG and when that didn't work out, she's decided to quit earlier. We can only speculate right now.

    No, her body could just not any longer deal with the physical demand of playing volleyball, doctors could not manage to get her back in really sound shape. Remember she is 35 and played for Russia NT already with 18.

    That wasn't really the case. Couple of weeks ago Vladislav Fadeev, who is the director of Russian women's NT, revealed (I think I can use that word given the context), that Gamova wasn't injured at that time. She could go to Rio, she was healthy enough (unlike Sokolova). She had a meeting with Marichev and he told her that he sees Goncharova as the main Opp in the team and Gamova as a backup. And Katya wasn't much interested in that role. Fadeev said that he doesn't know all the details about the conversation between Marichev and Gamova, but that much he does know. Shortly after the meeting with the coach, Gamova announced her retirement.