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    Uchiseto lost me after 2 receive failure in the very last few points of set 4. Mayu played well today while Airi and Inoue look a bit out of place. Wish Hammy and Yamada would get more court time instead of Ogawa, at least the formers managed to have some block touches lol. Even Seki got a kill block today but not Ogawa haha.

    4T is on PFU's player page now, and it appears to be updated with 退団 or 任意引退 players removed and new players added. I think we got her :woohoo:

    Per local news, she signed with PFU for 2 seasons (22-23 and 23-24) at ~200k USD/season. Although fans said she should go to Turkey instead of being an MB for another 2 years in Japan, I wish she will play for PFU (or any other JPN club after 2024) as long as she can. 200k is an awful lot of money. I mean, being a champion in the annual Vietnam league only gets you 3k USD, and that's for the whole team lol.

    Amazing crowd tonight! :cheesy: Hayashi is so good this game! Some angles of her shots are just beautiful to watch live.

    For once i thought JPN was playing on their home turf, the crowd is indeed amazing tonight!!

    Do you think Koga can surpass Saori's peak times? Both achievement-wise and performance-wise.

    By the way I always thought Nagaoka would be the new 'ace player' for Japan after Saori's retirement, I guess so many injuries took a toll on her

    Achievement-wise, it's really hard for any JPN OH to reach Saori's level. At 24, she already got 3 consecutive V-league crowns, 1 Asia Championship gold medal, 1 World Championship bronze medal and countless individual awards in both domestic and international tournaments. And by 26 (the same age of Koga now), She already bagged an Olympic medal. I also thought Nagaoka or Risa would match Saori's achievements at the end of their pro careers but the injuries did them bad.

    Performance-wise, Koga at the moment is a bit better on the net (block and attack) but still has a long way to go in order to match Saori's skills on the floor.

    I feel like no one can stop Japan in this tournament and they can possibly win the title. Hoping for the bes

    Im not sure whether JPN is too good or everyone else simply doesn't take this tournament seriously. Can't remember when was the last time JPN won against CHN with a set like 25-12. Let's see if Manabe can still play his magic against the real team A of Italy/USA/Brazil in later stages.

    Only 1 block?? Interesting... I assume the middles are attacking more than blocking?

    Shimamura shed some lights with 3 kill blocks in USA match :rose:.

    I wanna see Hammy instead of Ogawa and Kaneda instead of Mayu don't fight me

    I second this, Hammy or Hirayama can also attack from zone 2 like an Opp.

    Anyone has a link for the USA-JPN replay? The qq vid was removed. Thank you so much!

    Here you go:…-league-2022-06-juni-2022

    What about Shimamura? Or has she not played any matches so far yet? (I didn't get too watch any of Japan's matches due to the timing)

    She played from the 2nd set in the last match with DOM, subbing for Yamada and scored 1 block.

    It hurts to see after 3 matches, the best JPN blocker is Koga with 5 kill blocks. Meanwhile Yamada and Ogawa only got 1 each. Blocking wise, this is the worst MB line within this tournament thus far :rolleyes:.

    Was that the old Denso Coach who did the translating for Koga in the after match interview?

    Kawakita? He was Saori Kimura's "spokesperson" while she's with Vakifbank too. This guy spent quite a long time in USA Volleyball scene as technical analyst and assistant coach.

    Well at least Vietnam gave them a fight, I wish to see them in more international tournaments, they definitely have potential

    yes, at least they tried their best and did not give up half way through like previous batch. I love how they shared laughter and joked around a lot while stayed focused as soon as the ball was in play. This is something i never see before in any previous team.

    However, their federation is so incompetent that i doubt this team will have a chance to join in any international tournaments this year. Their mindset is that if VN doesn't get a chance for podium then all better stay home lol. They also usually cite funding as a critical issue but apart from football, volleyball is always the most anticipated sport in Vietnam, period.

    Who is no. 10 in Vietnam? This player looks very masculine.

    She's been around since 2015 and 100% female, unlike the Manganang "sisters" lol.

    I remember to read somewhere Manabe specially asked the London team to join the training camp with this batch, sorta as mentors then share as much experiences/tips as possible. JVA even came up with a weird name for this "mentor team" that im unable to recall for now. So they were at the press conference for a reason :D.

    I don’t know if Thailand is much stronger or the other teams just got weaker. We used to have Thailand having to play deuce points and that was with Onuma, Nootsara, Pleumjit and all. So far no team has been able to score more than 15 points against Thailand.

    TH remains the same as ever while IND losing Manganang sisters (or brothers from earlier this year lol), PH losing all the US peeps who could properly receive while MY is building their team from scratch. Can't ask for more. Let's wait for TH-VN match to see if 4T can help the team to level up the point up to 20 or even win a set. However watching how they played against IND the other day, i highly doubt it'll happen^^.

    But the tournament has not had any excitement so far. Rather disappointing :(

    It was always like that for the last 20 years, TH took the gold and VN came right behind. Thing just started to get a bit more interesting a few year back when PH and IND stepped up their games. Both defeated VN in Seagames 29 and IND came 2nd eventually. In Seagames 30, both still managed to take VN to the tier-break. However the order in this edition seems to go back like before 2017.

    After watching the first 2 matches, it looks like Thailand is gonna take their 15th gold medal again ^^. IND was so lost without Managang while both PH and VN’s receiving systems were all over the place.

    MIP of the day are IND and VN Ops.

    I dont get the hype about Jaja. She played like a taller version of Nana Iwasaka and didn’t show anything special to me oh the match against Malaysia.

    It's odd that nobody has ever said the Next Takeshita and Takeshita herself hasn't exactly successfully trained any player to be on her level. Didn't she also train Toray's veteran setter/acting captain atm? Pretty sure I saw a video of it somewhere.

    Here comes Yuki Kawai - the most promising setter back in ... 2006-2008 :lol:. She was only a few in Japan to get all the possible accolades for setter on any youth/junior tournaments she participated, both domestic and international levels. Yanagimoto chose her as a back up for Takeshita during 2007-2008 period. The latter then encouraged her to join JT where she played til the sudden retirement in 2011.

    Manabe's team back then was more fond of Toray's Nakamichi who could no longer play at high level after the disaster WCH 2014 in Italy.

    Anybody have a good site to follow the upcoming SEA Games? Volleytrails is loose, volleybox is untrustworthy, wikipedia is thin. AVC site doesn't cover it? Is there an "official" site kind of a thing? A site that will have B forms and official rosters? Some good tweetboxers?

    Majoy Baron is my future wife :heart: should be there once the event kicks off.

    Ogawa is a really good attacking MB too, but not a good blocker compared to the others.

    Ogawa is a bit short (1.78m) for MB standard. Not sure if it's gonna work out for her like Mai Yamaguchi or she's gonna be another Mai Okumura in national team.

    I think SAGA's Asuka Hamamatsu might give everyone a run for their money. She's kind of a quiet beast who should make everyone better, trying to keep her from stealing their spot.

    The MBs from NEC (Shimamura + Yamada, and actually even Nojima but she's not in NT) and the local MBs from Hisamitsu (Hirayama + Hamamatsu) are my favorite MBs for the National Team this year.

    I just rewached the V-league final 1 - JT vs SAGA and was quite surprised to see Hamamatsu there instead of Hirayama. Her offense game looked pretty solid though, obvs not in Foluke's level but a lot better than Akutagawa and Thatdao on the other side.