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    Can anyone please shed me some light on the "ever popular" Yoshino? I no longer closely followed V-leauge, but whenever i saw her playing, she was nothing extraordinary. Did i miss something along the way?

    I imagine Kurogo may take it a little easy at first. I wonder much the Olympic bound players will play or not, avoiding any chance of injury. I bet Ishikawa plays a lot, though

    It's going to be fun with Kurogo and Ishikawa as dueling attackers. It would be so much more fun if Mari Horikawa was on the right side. I'd pay to see that :)

    U20 libero Rena Mizusugi is also a big upgrade. She contributed a lot to Toray's end season run last year. Now MB is their only un-spotlight position.

    Kulan who led Toray to the final last March is still there with them this season. So offensively, they have Kulan, Kurogo and Ishikawa at the moment, ultra strong & competitive! Mari Horikawa is another non-receiving OPP so she basically a back-up for Kulan now.

    on MB side, there's Kaho Ohno whose block skill is pretty decent while Nanami Inoue produces deadly slide and super quick on position number 3. Interestingly, Inoue has been consistently one of the best attacking MB in local league since her time in Denso then Hitachi but never made to the national team final list! Even during the MB crisis back in 2015, lol.

    During the 4th set against Serbia, I suddenly thought was it like Nakada fooled us all along and the team would present a much better game this upcoming Olympic. It's merely impossible for the whole coaching team to be unable to recognize how awful their game is, at this stage. However, this went away quite fast as i recalled how Manabe made me all believe on a glorius Olympic cycle then the team surpisingly collasped, being almost beaten by Thailand in WOQ 2016.

    Kantoku in Japanese is director, which is manager (in baseball terms). Actually for Japanese volleyball, this would be the head coach.

    Sato is a player-head coach at this time, while they look for a new head coach.

    When I look at the Japanese team, who is the leader of the team? I want the ball now person. It is Kurogo. There has not been one since Saori Kimura. Even then when she was captain, it was a different feel. Saori was not a normal leader, more like a mother hen. In 2010 Araki was the captain and she led well.

    True, Kimura is really one of a kind player but not a true leader like Araki or Takeshita.

    Talking about the match closer, I suddenly miss Yukiko Ebata a lot. She always delivered when we needed her the most. The injury at Montreux 2015, in a way, affected not only her career but imho, Japan's game as well.

    Nakada must have missed Kurogo alot like any of us here.

    Indonesia team clearly showed a huge improvement while my dear VNI team simply lost their driving forces to win. I don't know who to blame - the federation, the coach or the players themselves. Local fans are raving about how awful the sponsors (lol), the federation and the coach team are, but i believe the players also are not purely innocent.

    The way they played was pathetic, comparing to their performance at VTV cup a while ago. It's 2019 already and they were not able to receive or defense a ball properly, talking about a 10-year-experience-in-NT libero! Whilst i can't even remember the last time any of the 3 best MBs (1 in Thai leauge, 1 in local league, 1 in U23 Asia championship) had a kill block. 4T was not in her best shape right now (she will go to Japan after today's match) while the main setter and 2 main OHs are still recovering from injury. Hence, local fans are now talking about how the team is gonna compete with Malaysia and Myanmar for 4th place in the upcoming Seagames lol.

    As per Wikipedia:

    "Due to the frequency of the major family names such as Nguyễn, Trần, and , persons are often referred to by their middle name along with their given name in Vietnamese media and youth culture."

    Thailand easily tops this tournament while the rest compete for 2nd place. Vietnam lost 3 main positions including the main setter - Nguyen Linh Chi and 2 OHs - Duong Thi Hen and Dinh Thi Thuy, all due to injury. While 4T is not in her best shape right now so it's not gonna be a surprise if we place at the bottom.

    NEC Red Rockets have signed Polish OP Berenika Tomsia. Source:

    Tomsia played for Heungkuk Pink Spiders last season, helping them win the Korean V-League Championship.

    As if they don't have enough OPP and OH already!

    Thuy officially signed with the club Japanese Denso Airy Bees

    I'm going with this as official because I so want it to be true: Source

    Tran Thi Thanh Thuy owners after the probationary period and negotiations have officially signed with the club Denso Airy Bees (Japan), becoming the 2nd foreign soldiers in the club attended V.League 2019/2020 season.It's amazing the stuff you can find on the Social Medias


    The whole delay is all about the VFV (Vietnam Federation of Volleyball). They asked her to come back for 20 days to join in the South East Asian Games in which Denso consitstently refused. However, after some "deep" negotiation, 10% of 4T's earning will be given back for VFV so off she goes now. 10% or whatever, this is such a huge step forward in her career, she has to be there!

    ai kurogo is injured :(

    time for koga to shine (? or spectacularly fail to impress again)... hope'm wrong, rooting for jp still

    miyashita's setting in the dom rep game is like flashback to a-game harukaaaaa PLAY HER MORE

    Seriously??? Kurogo is injured?? I was surprised to see her sitting in the crowd last night. Hopefully minor injury only. The team desperately needs Kurogo now. Watching Ishii and Koga could not kill the balls many times in a row despite loads of great set from Miyashita at the end of set 3 yesterday was indeed uncomfortable.

    4T already returned home after probation week. VTV Binh Dien Long An (or Long An) - her local club and Denso are still in deep negotiation process regarding a few schedule conflicts. Both Long An and Vietnam national team desperately need 4T to join in national league in late september, Southest Asian Games in late november and Asean Grand Prix in december respectively. Meanwhile Denso presumbly refuses to release her back that much. So i'm afraid she can not make it to Japan this time round, as well.

    Why Japan is sending such a weak team?
    They didn't have to play at olympic qualification so they shoudn't be tired.

    Why North Korea and Vietnam are not there?

    It looks he is going to be Korea-Thailand final

    This Japan team is clearly not weak at all, most of them are just back from Mexico with the U20 world champion title in their bags. And it's not the first time Japan sent their B team to this competition.

    North Korea to play in South Korea? You're dreaming huh, lol.

    Vietnam is certainly not interested in either Asia Championship or Olympic qualification as this nation's volleyball federation was more than willing to pay for the withdraw fine a few months ago. Similar to the Philippines, they take the South East Asia Games (Seagames) 2019 more serious, as well as the upcoming 2019 South East Asian Grand Prix.

    And never look down on any Chinese team.

    Gosh, i think this guy is really good at motivating speech, based on his always hyper mood, lol. FYI, his 2008 squad was always on fire, even Iwasaka was on her very rare beasty mode and scared the hell out of the young Chinese team.

    Kumi Nakada used to be a greatly competitive, fierce and decisive player but i didn't see any of these characters at national team so far.

    So this B team will take part in the Asia championship later this month in Korea?

    That's for a different VTV Cup that happened in May. As far as I can tell AVC isn't helping this one, but their web site fools me, freezes my browser, and whatnot.

    Haha, FYI

    Arrival at Hotel

    An article (with images) in Vietnamese about their training routine…ban-20190801224129896.htm

    Only info about the host team is available. There is no official source to check on registerred squad and match results so all we can do is watching the match live to get what's going on :-D.

    Oh so this coach was probably also behind the unbeaten squad with Nagaoka, Kotoe Inoue, Kawaii, Iwasaka, Akutegawa, Kodaira, Minemura etc who won the 2008 U19 Asia Championship and didnot drop a single set along the way. They destroyed the young China team with Ding Xia, Yang Jun Jing, Liu Xiao Tong, Zeng Chunlei etc at the final. But i highly doubt they can repeat this feat if these 2 squads ever meet again.

    Sarina Koga. I just don't know. She could be one of these players who was great at 18 and then fizzles by 22. Like Sakura Doi--she was a freaking beast in the HS matches I watched. Anybody know that name? Arisa Inoue? Kotona Hayashi remains to be seen. As does Kurogo, imo.

    Sakura Doi was always a part of JP underage team to participate in every regional and international competitions from 2011up until 2015 . However, she failed to carry the team to final round at 2011 U17 world championship then easily faded away at subsequent tournaments. Those attacker who shined the most during that time were Momoka Oda, Aya Horie, Misaki Yamauchi (played as MB with an ultra quick slide) & especially Arisa Inoue who single handedly led the JP U19 team to the 2013 World U20 final only to lose to Zhuting. I believe she was also in the wide roster of Japan national team back in 2013. I didnot really follow any High School contest but Sakura Doi clearly did not show any of her beast side at those international matches back then.

    The same case applied for Mizuki Tanaka of JT. She was also an unstopable beast at the 2014 national HS final match. Some people in her high school team even said she was an upgrade version of Risa Shinnabe. but now she remains to be a decent spiker, no more no less.

    So the whole thing is from Miyashita personally :-(. Thanks so much for your clarification, Ryu Takamiya.

    It's been forever since the last time Japan sent their A team to an Asian Games. Or JVA and Nakada aim to collect all Asian crowns this time round?!