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    As far as I heard, last agreement covers 1.8 million for 2 years (2021-2023). Maybe first season she earned little less, but for this season she is gonna earn a million.

    The previous one was just around 600k per year.

    TBH, after Larson's leaving, Eczacıbaşı had serious OH problem, even YKK-Natalia duo could not fill up this hole (they were not best shape, that's another issue). On the other hand, Voronkova could be a good answer for this problem, just Hande-Saliha-Yaprak trio should be used in efficient ways and times.

    Sinead could be an another solution for MB position. We do not have that type of MB for a while. She and Yasemin (and also Beyza) would be good MB duo, especially thinking that other front row players like Boskovic, Voronkova, and Hande, which are average height is around 190-192 cm. Very high blocks.

    Looking for wide squad, I think Ferhat could do more rotation than ever, especially in Sultanlar Ligi matches. I am expected to see many different starters.

    I must admit that Ferhat Akbaş is a big question mark for me, last season is passed like settling his game mentality, and he might still want to be set many plays on MB, but I do not accept that he "ruined" Crotian NT. They won Challenger Cup, and now they are VNL team, though (Even Santarelli could not do such thing in 4 years with them). About their last WCH performance, I think it is related with tiredness and very long and densed summer for them. They attended five different tournaments which are Golden League, Mediterranean Games, Challenger Cup, ECH23 QF, and WCH22, that's A LOT. Attending WCH22 was " winning a lottery" to them, due to Russia's rustification.

    I was found them and read them just now (I wasn't in there that time idk what was talking about that)... yeah highly biased speculations... I agree with other fellas that in this case.

    Anyway, I do not want to re-argue this issue. What happened, happened :gone:

    It wasn't even the same injury that had happened at Tokyo/made a mess with Eczacibasi.

    It was a head injury. Which knowing the timeline now, I'm 90% sure is this, from this tiktok

    She wasn't treated well at Eczacibasi. And this isn't really relevant to what happened here.

    IDK I think he was talking about Tokyo one when I was reading this

    That "head injury" was important that much? I never seen or heard anything about that on season period

    I dont understand "wasnt treated well" story. She was injured at OG, she had time for starting recovery, What should Eczacıbaşı be done for her extra? She played a very little time period, there was almost no room for her to play because of foreign player policy.

    (is this a mistranslation) what do you mean?

    I didn't your post cuz it was deleted, about why JT was not be with team at WCH. that was unforgivable you say, I dont understand her motivation and also behaviour.

    Second, about JT's previous injury, Karch spoke about it like "over there (Eczacıbaşı), she was not treated well for recovery and she should leave the and come back US for treatment", Even Karch was supported to her (an I think Karch was always rooting and investing her) and after all this, she was acting like that, yes it is totally unforgivable.

    P.S. Nothing to blame Eczacıbaşı about this injury incident.

    Another (and the most important) decisive victory from Serbia. Consecutive match winnings and also taking trophies. Congrats to back to back champions :super:

    They just sweep up the whole tournement, I never remember that level dominance maybe since Brazil 2008-2012, you should be so proud of that.

    Especially Tijana Boskovic... She proved that she is the best of bests. I am happy to see her new level of volleyball in club season period with Eczacıbaşı :cheesy:.

    One last thing about Jovana Stevanovic. At this tournament, she is seemed to me like Eda Erdem tbh. Same behaviour, same game style, and same leading.:win:

    Congrats for Serbia, even great effort from Poland, they survived this match with experience and being a tournament team.

    Nothing to say Boskovic, she is just being Boskovic. Stevanovic showed brilliant performance especially in critic moments. Aleksic showed great performance again. Busa did almost nothing in offence but she definitely did great jobs backline defence. Mihajlovic thinks she is not living in 2022, she is in 2018. Maybe this kind of struggling is needed for the team. Until here. for Serbia everything is so easy and needed little effort. Again for today's match, they are still in favourite side but maybe it's time to get overpass the Olympics' semi-final match. Good luck for them.:win:

    I expect a big flop from Eczacibasi. They have to use Maja-Voronkova-Boskovic (Fabris) trio + 2 local middles. Gap between Maja and Elif is too large. Maybe Voronkova can rest time to time and make one of the foreign middles play but still, I am not sure what did they improve compared to last year. Also Simge+Aybuke seems very risky considering how terrible Simge is.

    Nah, They could not be floppier than previous two seasons. I think we'll see so much rotation from Ferhat Akbaş, especially in Sultanlar Ligi period. Gap between Maja vs any decent setter is even too large, it is not directly related with Elif. She is inexperienced but she has some potential. There is only one foreign MB in Eczacıbaşı which is Laura Heyrman, I think she stays in bench mostly especially in League period. Beyza-Yasemin-Sinead trio looks solid.

    I am ok with Aybüke, Simge was showing bad performance especially in VNL and last season but because of very bad block-defence system (Both Eczacıbaşı and NT). She started so good in WCH, but just like the rest of the team, she flopped obviously.

    She will play in Beşiktaş. (I was thinking maybe they might include her with double license but nly 2 players can be double licensed. They included Defne Başyolcu and Dilay Özdemir with double license.)

    Libero Aybüke Çetinay Özel is given a chance and I hope she will use it well.

    I suppose Zeynep is "loaned" to Beşiktaş, not like using double license.

    Aybüke is playing with team right now in recent friendly mathes (against Chemik Police and Potsdam)

    I don't know why you get offended, it's not a serious team but just an option like I said. I'm ok to see anyone with the best stats join the national team. I didn't like Gamze either lately but GS didn't have the budget of teams like VB in the first place to be fair.

    I like Tuğba and I think I'm inclined to like her, she is among the better OHs in Turkey and should clearly be in the lineup at least, I don't think she should be starter necessarily either, but we should have stable reception line definitely. Why should I forget her exactly?

    Will be fun to watch next seasons performances, like I said, simple the bests should be there to me, I'm not partisan in my choices at all and am ok with rotations of any players. I don't stan any player. Not Tuğba either.

    Chill, I am not offended from anything, just sharing my opinion like you.

    Tuğba should have waited in her "punishment corner" for a while and one of them is this WCH. The biggest reason is this tweet though, very disrespectful move for other players, I mean her teammates even clubmates.

    I really disappointed and dissatisfied Cansu's whole summer game, but I never subbed her with Gamze. Gamze is the biggest reason of Galatasaray's big flops espceially in second round matches of Turkish League recent seasons.

    and please forget Tuğba for a while for the sake of other players :down:

    Talking about jerseys, a little bit off topic but Puma will become the clothing sponsor of Eczacıbaşı, with new season. There will be an another option for buying Boskovic's jersey :cheesy: