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    I just can't believe what I've been reading for days in a volleyball forum. Sometimes you are so used to seeing some people around, on TV or on the court and you feel as if they will be there in your life forever. I've been watching Ingrid for so long that she was like a friend of mine that I hadn't talk for a long time. I am so sorry for what happened to these innocent people and the way that they were murdered and the fact that Ingrid was expecting a baby just makes the situation more unbearable. We , mostly people watching her on court or on TV, feel very sad for this cruelty. I can't imagine what their families and friends are going through.

    Rest in Peace Ingrid Visser and Lodewijk Severin. Maybe you two were two much for this cruel world. I will always remember you smiling after scoring a point.

    I really did not like federation's attitude in this case. Not signing with Motta was a big mistake in my opinion but firing him without any explanation is unacceptable and very rude. Even an unsuccesful coach does not deserve such a behaviour. I agree with Starnight about the ex-federation president, he had his mistakes but his relationships with the coaches and the players were pretty good. Although he did not sign with Chiappini again, I know they two still have a good relationship. The federation have to be more transparent as Motta said. They owe an explanation to the public about why they fired Motta, what the new objectives of the federation (as they say so) about NT that an experienced coach like Motta can not handle are.

    I wish Barbolini success in the NT. Despite all the bad things I read about new coach, I have no prejudice against him.

    I really don't understand this decision. Turkey NT won bronze medal both in Europe and Grand Prix, succeeded to qualify for Olympic Games, at the moment it is the 7th best ranked team in the world. These all happened while Motta was the coach, and our "clever" federation somehow wasn't willing to extend his contract. I thought Motta's health condition was the problem but from what I read it is the federation who didn't want to extend the contract.

    Not only the success but also the qualty of the team has improved with Motta. The team has played as a team not as a Neslihan-centred team in recent compititions. Blocking and the defence abilities of the team was getting better. Plus he wasn't working only with the senior team but also with the junior one which won gold medal in 2011 Youth European Championship, World Championship and 2012 Junior European Championship.

    Really clever decision by TVF :down:

    Hi guys, Im new here and would appreciate if someone helps me. Im going to Turkey for tour and will be in Istanbul during 8-13 March where theres a game between Ezscabasi and Vakifbank at Burhan Felek. Can I get the tickets just outside the sports hall before the match ? And may I go down to the players and take a few photos with the players after the match ? Im a supporter of Vakifbank. Thank you. This will be my first time going to a volleyball match by the way.

    You can buy the tickets just before the game in the hall. Not sure if you can take photos right after the game but if you wait outside for the players leaving the hall, you can see most of them and take photos. Have a good time in Istanbul :drink:

    Is it true that Nilay agreed with Fenerbahce on the condition that she will play in starting six? On the other hand, I would love to see Naz in Foppa or Eczaci. Vakif is not the best choice for her at least for this season.

    Today is the day I am most proud to be a Turkish volleyball fan. I have been following this sport for years and spent a remarkable time of my life watching volleyball games. I watched games that our NT won and games that the team lost with a terrible game. There were times that I was very happy with the team's success and times that I was terribly disappointed. But no matter what I never stopped supporting this team, I never stopped watching their games. If they had lost against Poland today, I would be sad for a few days, wouldn't smile much but later I would wait for the next match of our NT impatiently.

    It is not easy to be a woman in my country. It is even harder to be a sportswoman in Turkey. You must be mentally strong to overcome all the difficulties coming from the society, your family, media etc. The role of Turkish Women's Volleyball team in Turkey is so important for Turkish people especially for the children. At the moment I've been working as a teacher in an eastern city of Turkey. Children, as usual, have all their passion to do some sports especially volleyball but they don't have a ball to play, a net let alone a gym. They still don't stop dreaming they fight for their dreams and one day they find themselves playing in the most prestigious sports event, Olympic Games.

    Here is a photo of the children that I took a few days ago from where I work. They don't have money to buy a net or a real volleyball. They made the net themselves with some kind of ropes.

    And here is their future...

    Most of all I am happy for the person in my avatar, a few years ago after the World Grand Prix Qualificiation in Cagliari where Turkey failed to qualify I wrote this for Neslihan

    I now see that she will play where she is sopposed to in summer. She will be in London, she will be in Olympic Games.

    Thank you Nesli, thank you Turkey Women's National Volleyball Team. :olympia:

    It is unbelievable what is going on in Baskent Sport Hall. :white: What is more interesting is that at the end of the game, the winning team's players , either Fenerbahce or Galatasaray, will go and clap this audience for ''supporting'' them. In this term ''supporting'' means turning the hall into the hell.