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Sunday, July 13th 2008, 1:07pm

Jovana Brakocevic

When, where and why did you start to play volleyball?
I start 1999 because my mom made me to do it, I didnt like it but she couldnt see me every day that I dont do nothing.

The most important success and the biggest defeat in your career?
Important - european championship and now going to OG.
Defeat, I dont know because I am learning from everything that happens to me, so every thing is a sucsess in it's way.

How does the lost game affect you? Are you becoming more angry (in a sport way) and try hard to smash your next opponents, or you feel weak and disappointed, and need some time to recover?
I am angree and desapointed but in my next game I am trying to correct my mistakes and do my best to win.

What do you think about the new ball? Will it influence on the performance of the teams?
I dont want to coment the new ball.

Do you think Serbia has some chance of winning OG? What teams do you consider to be favorites?
Every team has a chance, but I think the best teams are:Brasil, Russia, Italy, China, Poland...

Have you ever taken part in the beach volley competitions?
I dont play beach volley because I am lousey beachvolley player:)

Do you have any problems because of being tall?
Yes, sometimes but only to find clothes and shoes.

Who is your best friend of foreign volleyball players?
I have good friends but best are not from volleyball.

What do you like to do most of all, except playing volleyball? Your biggest hobby?
My biggest hobby is painting.

Do you have any dream?
Yes I have, but I would like to keep it for my self, it's my dream...:)

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Sunday, July 13th 2008, 9:28pm

RE: Jovana Brakocevic

Seems that she doesn't like to talk much hehehe... :D

When, where and why did you start to play volleyball?
I start 1999 because my mom made me to do it, I didnt like it but she couldnt see me every day that I dont do nothing.

:lol: :lol: :lol:
The funniest answer to that question. And big respect to mama! :lol:
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Monday, July 14th 2008, 7:52pm

And a very honest answer too! It reminds me of my mom a little bit. :whistle:


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Tuesday, September 9th 2008, 1:59pm

She's so cool

She's so pretty and so cool! But I kind of like it that she doesn't talk much. People need privacy.



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Tuesday, June 23rd 2009, 4:58pm

She is very sympathic :) I like them all. :thumbsup:
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Wednesday, June 24th 2009, 7:33am

Wow the girl's answers are so cool. But I can feel the sense of humor.

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