Russia - Суперлига 2015/16

  • I'm with Semisonic, wanting Moscow to grab the win, but still Kazan are stronger IMO. Del core-Vasileva duo is pretty much balanced and if Yureva keeps the great shape she had in last season, even better and easier for them.
    Moscow with a better squad but they haven't been training altogether that much yet and most of their starters must be worn out physically. Kazan on the other hand, there's no much changes compared to last season and not that much tired yet. Well obviously Gamova's absence will badly affect them, however Isaeva, from what I've seen through whole summer can be a great replacement.

    Regardless of who takes the match, I believe it's going to be a very entertaining match.

  • Could someone share any link for D - Kazan-Moscow ? :box:

    Laola will broadcast it.
    2 very interesting matches at the same time. (Police-Sopot in Polish league and Kazan-Moscow) Hard to choose one :D

  • That explains the current absence of Fabiola and Fernanda. I really hope they won't reenact Omichka's bad situation, not paying for players and being banned in the transfer market, as a consequence they became a very limited team in the end.
    To be honest it was expected to end up like this, the club society bought too many good local players who are expensive and deserve more playing times, not sure about the payment. So sick.

  • What a shit tv production of Kazan - Dinamo Moscú so far... and now the stream is broken. :thumbdown:

  • Kazan reception is a nightmare

  • To don't be seen and identified with their players playing in that way

  • Did they hire some actual singers? :rolleyes:
    Kazan slowly finding their good shape.

  • Wow with the way they were bringing in players left and right, thought they had money to pay them. Now they have gotten expensive local players as well. I hope things stabalize for them.

    I missed the Moscow-Kazan game. Obmochaeva had 24 points from what I read. I am going to go watch the replay.

    The game just started...malova didn't play? Kazan's coaches clothes are awful!

  • Kazan vs Ekaterinburg is on.

    Kazan leading the match, but they are definitely not strong enough. Apparently Malkova took a spot away from Borodakova.

  • What's going on with Krasnodar?! Fe Garay is still in Brazil and doesn't seem to go to Russia any time soon... is it because of the delay on payments?! Something is weird...maybe she is not going back there?!

  • She isn't injuried. In fact, there are rumors she is not going back to Russia and is probably signing with another team in Brazil.

  • Well can't blame her if she isn't getting paid. That will ease the monetary problems for Krasnadar as well. Of course they have to pay her what they owe her.

    Gamova will hopefully be back in November


    She is recovering from knee injury and according to the head coach of the team from Kazan, Gamova will return to the court in the middle of November.

    “We plan her comeback in the middle of November. But, this is just our prediction. In the next week, she will have new medical exams and we will have precise date of the return” says Rishat Gilyazutdinov.…mova---injury-update.html