Serbian NT 2018

  • I loved it. Thank you for sharing.

  • I loved it. Thank you for sharing.

    You're welcome! I also found it interesting. We so rarely get to see any glimpse into his "real life" personality, and by all accounts, he's actually a rather funny guy off the court, albeit in a somewhat specific way.

    In other news, Jelena Nikolić is replacing Ivan Miljković as the vice president of the Serbian Volleyball Federation. I guess it confirms she'll be retiring as a player after this season.

  • MILENA RASIC: THE SILENT WARRIOR…e-silent-warrior?id=80405

    "One person who Rasic is hoping to be with on the court with at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is setter Maja Ognjenovic.

    “She’s the best setter on the planet and our team’s perfect brain. When everyone is expecting a ball on Tijana, Maja pushes it to Brankica [Mihajlovic] to hit against a single block. A great setter is someone who does something completely different from what the opponents think they will do. All players are different and the setter needs to know what kind of set fits each hitter and Maja knows us that well.”