French League 2023-2024

  • Wow, what kind of game did Mulhouse play for Legros to get 41 sets as an MB? :white::super: (in comparison, opposite Tchoudjang-Nana "only" has 25)

    She was amazing on that game,their main weapon in this match and almost in all season

    so sad for her it ended with an error of her

  • and Paris made it and qualified to final

    I doubt if they could do it...mulhouse looked more experience but the home court gives them strength

    Now they are underdogs against nantes,let's see what happen but an amazing season already

    They are qualified to the champions and I could see then there

  • Today is first final

    And I'm worried about french league next season,this one was so special,so balanced and all 4th semi finalist could be champion and french teams made good paper in european cup but next season as cause of LOVB they gonna get some players and other leagues as germany,italy or poland gonna snatch their players

    The situation of only semi finalist

    Nantes:mims,kurtagic and rotar (Italy) keene(Germany) karasoy (Turkey Fb)

    Paris:Herrera,Thater,Palgutova and Alanko (LOVB) Maglio (Turkey) also Gelin rumored to Italy

    Mulhouse:Siftar (Germany) Nana(?) Winters(?) Mayer(Poland) Snyder(?) Van Avermaet (Italy)

    Volero:Lyashko (Italy) Kotikova(?) Mihajlovic(?) Kochurina(?)

  • you can watch final here

    Paris leading 1-0

    Pd:idk if geo blocked

  • paris up 2-0

    Both teams are no titled so nerves in both sides even if nantes already played finals

    I think paris has a lot of advantage with his supporter

    In nantes bad game of karasoy and mims,also kurtagic is big NON FACTOR today

  • It's not series

    It's home and away games, and if is tied, they will count sets


    it's by win no matter the score,if each team win a match,they golden set

  • about my concerns of next seasons I saw some good news

    Nantes didn't make big moves only signed halimatouh bah that is one of biggest talent in France

    Paris signed Rachelle Morello and Jazmin White,great moves

    Mulhouse get Valentina Diouf,Maria Marin and Jazmin White

    Volero signed Natalia Suvorova a great rising star in Russia

  • Paris is champion of french league

    They won 3-1 against nantes,in last set they were leading by many points and at last part nantes went in set point but paris ended it

    Kaisa Alanko Mvp of the finals