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    Well, once again, let me repeat: you don't need written rules to behave yourself, a common sense should be enough. Why do you need a rules section? Do you think crovolley is behaving like this because there is no rules section in the forum?:aww:

    People like Matthias's work because we appreciate the fact that he has been neutral, considerate and reliable person in any conflict for more than 10 years and his contributions to this forum made this place such a pleasant forum to follow. I would definitely prefer someone like him instead an impulsive person feeding the drama herself.

    Please stop blaming Matthias for your lack of ability to ignore crovolley. I have the feeling that most of you guys simply enjoy bashing him instead of blocking/ignoring him. He is clearly a troll but when everyone keeps talking about him instead of blocking doesn't help at all

    Um...that's not how moderating works or how the dynamics of internet forums operate. You assign all the perceived positive atmosphere you associate with this site to Matthias' influence, but you clearly don't wan't to associate the negative ones to him. That's a contradiction #1. But the much bigger problem is that when you have a completely hands-free, no-interference "moderation" (and what exactly is being "moderated" then?), then the atmosphere and dynamics of the site depend completely on its membership, and what that membership brings with it, either toxicity and attention-seeking insecurity, or healthy debate and discussion.

    But as with real life, negative voices are always the loudest, and even one rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. Witness: this site. That's the whole purpose of internet moderation: to remove rotten apples. That is why Matthias is a failure as a moderator, whether you realise it or not. We shouldn't have to be forced to ignore him (especially since the ignore function does not seem to be working!).

    So that proves our point that he was the only or one of the only active users with mod powers.

    We are a community (good or bad) on an almost dead site guys.

    I'm honestly thinking of making a different site soon, I could make one with better features anyway where you can actually ignore/block a user for a start lmao and with maybe a rules section.

    I say go for it. Just remember to give us a heads up when/if you finish.:win:

    Generally acting like an immature child and troling for attention which he so obviously didn't get from his parents is one thing, but pretending to be concerned about numbers in countries he doesn't like, and all but gloating about the fact there will be less deaths in his country than in those others is surely, SURELY taking things too far. If mathias still won't ban him after this, than he is nothing but a spineless coward.

    i think that Haak its better than any bulgarian player and so far she can win games by herself.

    Decidedly not. At least not at the highest level of international volleyball (I'm sure she can win a game against Slovakia or Greece etc by herself sometime), and not yet. She might grow to be such a force soon, but she isn't one yet.

    France is participating next OG anyways as a host so they won't need to qualify. Of course they won't be medal contender by addition of Haak but at least they can get some sets from other teams otherwise it would be ridiculously easy games.

    And about Bulgaria example, they very very rarely played with all top players at the same time. Vasileva, Rabadzhieva or Nikolova skipped tournament either by choice or due to their injuries that's why they are very underachieved

    Not the only reason, though. Only after 2015 did some of the key players start to skip various tournaments (and even then, they still had 2 or 3 world-class players, more than most countries). But it doesn't excuse their lack of success in ECh 2013 or 2015, and especially WCh 2014, where they played in full line-up of 5 world-class players, and still only finished 11th.

    In addition to what sloth says, you are simply not a mod, no matter how much you clearly wish to be, and have no power to enforce anything. So deal with it, boy.

    As for Haak, I'm not sure whether France could have strong enough squad to play in OG, even with her. Always have in mind the example of Bulgaria; names alone will not guarantee you success on the international scene.

    Great example of 'I don't judge you, but I do'

    However, Umu DOES have a point, however distasteful it might be to talk about it. For the best case of physique dragging (literally!) a player down just look at Plak. Hande does not want to be Plak 2.0, does she?

    So it should be with players playing right now?

    Yes, and in current form (otherwise I would have put Akinradewo instead of Ogbogu).

    See, unlike you, I sacrificed MB position, in that it was the last position to be put together, which forced me to, besides de Kruijf and Eda, pick players I don't consider among the Top 8 (or even 10) MBs in the world.:P

    To make it more difficult (as if it needs any more of that!), try to construct 14 player current squad with the limitation of only 1 player per country. Its more tricky than you might think because some of the best players right now in the world are in countries with more than 1 world-class players, and you have to think not just who are the best players in the best teams in the world, but which of the national players from the top countries are the most indispensable on their respective positions vis-a-vis the rest of the world. Here's my try:

    Setters: Joanna Wolosz, Nootsara Tomkom

    OH: Zhu Ting, KYK, Gabi, Samantha Bricio

    OPP: Tijana Boskovic, Isabelle Haak

    MB: Robin de Kruijf, Eda Erdem Dundar, Irina Fetisova, Chiaka Ogbogu

    LIB: De Gennaro, Brenda Castillo

    I'll only do current, because the all-time would be too difficult for me to choose.

    Starting team:

    Maja - Boskovic

    Zhu - Gabi

    Eda - Veljkovic

    De Gennaro

    Substitute team:

    Naz - Egonu

    Kim Yeon-Koung - Mihajlovic

    de Kruijf - Yuan

    Simge Akoz

    Many people in Serbia also initially didn't take it too seriously, but government then started closing one thing after another, and introducing and then extending police hour/curfew, which is now half a day (from 17h until 5h), which forced people to take it more seriously.

    Also, yaay for being back!:flower:

    On one hand, I see what you mean, but on the other, being in an Olympic year or the year of World Championship has never stopped Brazil and USA from trying their hardest with their best (or nearly best) squads to win WGP/VNL, so...

    Some will no doubt consider it of lesser importance and thus not send their full-on A squad, but some will. That happens to all except the biggest 2 tournaments in the world (above named), so it's not exactly something revolutionary new.

    Hang in there, sloth. It really is tragic that you have such a buffoon at this important moment in time. You stay protected and isolated as much as you possibly can, and hopefully you are young and healthy, so that even if your country's health-system collapses, you won't be at risk.

    Same goes for all other Brazilian fellow posters.