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    It's a simple calculation, really. If you've got an atrocious libero, and you want to win trophies in Turkey, you must either hire one OH who is really, really good at reception and defence and one terminating OH AND a top-notch Opp AND a good coach. Anything short of that is guaranteed to end in failure. That is more difficult to achieve than it even sounds (and it sounds difficult).

    That, or hire Guidetti and be called Vakifbank.

    you are bending my words again:what:

    I didn'T call them unsuccessfully.

    I know, and that is why I said "which is implied by your reasoning" in that post you quoted. I realise that this is a completely academic insignificant point to debate about, though, so I'll drop it before we bore everyone.

    But just as a parting thought, I still don't think it's valid to consider only those teams which exceed expectations "successful". What would you call Imoco if they win every single trophy remaining, which is exactly what is expected of them?

    that's not what I said. I said anything other than being second is not success because their roster is better than eczacibasi so to me it is given that they will be second at least. And if they would have beaten vakifbank then I would call it success

    That's an unusual definition of success. I'm not sure whether calling a team that fulfils expectations (being second best) "unsuccessful" (which is implied by your reasoning) is logical. But regardless of that, it should never be "given" that any team WILL live up to paper expectations.

    to be honest with the roster he had, it is not a success to be second-best this season (even that is a question mark considering their terrible shape against Vakıfbank)

    Seriously? You thought Fener should have been better than Vakif this year?:what:

    Anyway, won't be surprised if Terzic is responsible for many of players refusing offers. He spent most of his career surrounded by corruption (endemic and all-pervasive in Serbia), so wouldn't be surprised that is the the only way he knows how to operate.

    i doubt both teams can make a proper semi-final

    What?:what: What's a "proper semi-final"?

    Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if organizers made sure that Vakif and Imoco can't possible meet before the final. They, as well as everyone else, know who are 2 best teams in Europe right now.

    All jokes aside, this travesty could have been predicted (ahem and some of us did ahem) as soon as we knew who setters will be. Many got blinded by the fact that most of the spikers and MBs were below 25 years, and thought that would somehow magically make up for the fact that neither of the setters are among top 100 setters in the world (or just barely). Hopefully, this will definitely teach the management never again to stake their whole season on hoping to sign up 1 good setter, and when failing to do that, hoping that 2 bad-to-mediocre ones might do.

    Judging by the fact that they signed Maja, they at least got that message.

    and why do you assume what i said referred to your discussion? Why is it an issue for you when i simply ask what I wanna know? You wanna talk about current great setters go ahead. That doesnt mean my question should be dismissed because it doesnt fit your narrative. You dont wanna answer then ignore my question and stick to your discussion.

    Look, you asked a question, and I answered it. My further replies were only clarifying my point. I am NOT forcing anything on you. Discuss what you want.

    And why the hostility? I mean, I know the intent is not always easy to signal through text, but I really don't see how any of my posts here can be read as hostile or negative, so I'm not sure why you felt the need to respond with clear hostility...

    The discussion was about generational setters.

    It's about current great setters, so my point stands. Mentioning setters younger than Maja, Naz etc. (as if they are a same "generation"?) is still talking about active setters. The only one to mention retired greats was Matthias, and he did it in the context of that jokey competition of posting videos of players, not in the context of this discussion.

    Pornpun is following the next of Tomkom imo. Btw it is kinda weird to me that when people mentioned about Best Setters they often leave Alisha Glass’ name. I thought she was really good with her style of setting.

    That's because we are talking about current setters. What would be the point in that context to bring up a player who hasn't been active for almost half a decade?

    On court there are three times more pin hitters than setters. Statistically speaking, the number of good setters in the world can well be three times less than the number of good pin hitters you can name.

    Still doesn't account for such an extremely small number of great and consistent setters (half a dozen or so). Plus there are significantly more than 20 great pin hitters.

    You know, some may view this Maja-Naz-Joana debate as a setter version of the Big 3 endless debates of the past 2 years, but there's a fundamental difference between those 2 set of triplets. Boskovic-Egonu-Zhu are simple the 3 best players in the world of volleyball today, but there are many more excellent players. But it really seems that besides those 3 setters there are maybe Tomkom and Ding Xia and...that's about it as far as really good setters go today. Think about it for a moment: only 5 or so excellent setters in the world. That's...pretty bleak, isn't it? The art of setting is almost dying out.

    So, I have even less of a problem with debates about who is the best of that small pool, because we should enjoy in them while we still have them, because folks, we might be in for a world of blandness in the near future, if things don't change