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    What are you guys talking about passing prime?🤦 KYK singlehandedly eliminated 3 years later, also Natalia just came as MVP of the league from year before after a phenomenal season. Also the year before, KYK played with Larson who was not past her prime neither:roll: also it was definitely not a budget tied to 2 players

    First, it's not 3 years, more like year and a half. Second, yes, KYK played much better in the summer of 2021 than she did in the 2019/2020 season. Not only did she miss more than half the season (in-between injuries and covid), but when she did play she was a shadow of her former self offensively, with powderpuff spikes and jumps. If you don't remember, and only speak in light of what came both before and later, you shouldn't pretend to know what you speak of. And third, if you are going to troll it, do it better than pretending not to know how to read: I clearly said "a huge part of budget" not "the whole budget". There were rumours KYK was paid somewhere in the vicinity of 1 million (in fact, it was an open secret that the amount of money convinced her to come to Ecza rather than return to Fener), and Natalia maybe around half that.

    And finally, I don't care how Natalia played in the Brazilian league a year before; in the season she played for Eczacibasi, she played poorly, which even the most rabid Brazilian fans here will admit.

    They played with büşra-ceylan duo in the middle and gamze as a setter. Also their coach was motta. What did you expect?:gone:

    Btw ı think kyk did good job at that time but since she was far from her prime she got critizied a lot.

    Not to mention that both KYK and Natalia were past their prime and spent significant part of the their season there injured. A huge part of their budget was tied to these 2 players with very little to show for it, and they had next to no good local players. And then there was Covid...

    It was a perfect shitstorm and really not good an indication for not trying to pair 2 superstars.

    Off topic but it triggers me a bit, all I’ve gathered in the interviews where he commented on the two players is that he has never seen a player like Paola before and that she sure has immense potential, but Tijana is a more complete player. unless he scribbled something like ‘Egonu is the best in the world’ in a press release after landing her transfer lol

    I can't be bothered to find the exact quote but he said something to the effect of that he knows how to stop Boskovic while Egonu cannot be stopped. Regardless of which one do any one of us think is the better player, one thing that is for certain is that ol' Gui was talking out of his ass, because he has rarely defeated Tijana on an NT level, and NEVER when it really mattered (elimination rounds of ECH, WCH, and OG; in fact, he only has a single victory anywhere on any of those tournaments, in group stages in Rio).


    Do you know something specific?

    Ok sure Boskovic is better than Egonu this season and Paola does not play the volleyball that she can obviously but it seems weird to me that Vakifbank gave up on her so soon.

    Also if I remember right Guidetti has said before that he considers that Egonu is a better player than Boskovic.

    If this transfer will happen that means that Egonu will go to Eczacibasi.

    No need to even think that much on what is obviously either a wrong info or baseless rumour (or indeed a joke). This described scenario will never happen, for many different reasons.

    Welcome, btw.

    Okay, let's see if the mood has cooled down. Note that this thread's title is "Turkey 2023" not "Fight between Turkish and Serbian users".

    Seeing what is happening to Vakif and what has happened to USA last year does make you question whether that "this is what happens when you lose MBH" meme is really just a meme...

    You asked for it. Thread will be closed for few days for heads to cool. If heads won't cool after numerous warnings and such actions as these, then you are trespassing into spamming territory, and that would call for harsher measures than thread-closures.

    Omg when will they stop hijacking the thread, they are like pests.

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    Can you please do something about this in the future? Like Russian/Serbian/Italian NT, Busa, Boskovic etc. doesn't seem like very on-topic topics for this thread.

    If you want something stopped, it's generally not a good idea to first stir some shit up with several posts, and THEN call us mods for help. When I asked for this fight to be dropped, I wasn't just talking to Serbian users (plus madden), but EVERYONE. You, Meatballs, elvin, stop prolonging this fight. Bogdan, jelena, Madden54  volleySrb don't respond to these last few posts. And no one respond to THIS post with further arguments.

    Don't make me temporarily close the thread for a few days to let you all cool heads.

    Alright, as much as I enjoy some people getting dunked on, as they so richly deserve, this discourse is getting toxic and is likely to grow even more so. Let's all move on.

    I thought this place is better than twitter for actual discussions, but I guess not.

    Too much of twitter discourse and talking-points has entered the forum lately. Hopefully it's not a long-term trend, but I'm not optimistic.