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    Guidetti dissed Busa😂 i disagree with him. Robinson might be the better receiver in general but in this specific 2-player receiving system, Busa is more useful than Robinson

    He also puts Egonu over Boskovic every time in his interviews. Probably because he could win against teams with Boskovic but not the teams with Egonu:cheesy:

    I honestly thinks it's because he is salty that she basically cost him 2 European golds (or at least 1 gold and 1 silver). I don't think Italy with Egonu directly prevented him from winning medals in any of the 4 biggest competitions...

    I'm just wondering, are these just your free estimates, or is there some reliable information that the contract was that much, and that it is now signed for the same amount?

    your comment purely relies on assumption about her salary. You assumed that she gets exact same salary after 3 years without any official indication. Believe me no one is that naive😏 even if Boskovic is, she has agent to get her best financial contract.

    That's why, it is crazy to believe she would accept same/similar salary she was making 3 years ago. Especially considering the fact that FB was officially trying to sign her with a 'money is not a problem' attitude.

    All in all, Boskovic is probably one of the highest paid players right now, if not the highest

    You're right, I'm just assuming. Hey, I'm the first to hope that I'm talking out of my ass and that it's not truth!:lol:

    At the risk of sounding a cold-hearted materialist, I am just frustrated on her behalf, because let's be honest, she likely settled for 700-800 thousand per year ballpark (the same as her previous 3-year contract), when she could have easily demand at least 1 million per year. That's a huge difference. That right there is at least 1 million $ less than she could have earned. If it were the difference between 25 and 30 million (like in NBA for top players), then I wouldn't care, because you are extremely rich regardless.

    Another thing to consider from the above is that she will have sacrificed (if she stays many more years under the same conditions) more money than vast majority of players will have earned over the course of their careers! That's an insane thought right there. It would be one thing if club can't possibly pay any player that amount (like with Conegliano and Egonu, who is also sacrificing a ridiculous amount of money), but they can.

    I don't know, it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, guys.:|

    It's always better to make more money (And I don't understand why she signed a two year contract, she'll still be top level in a year) but making 10 vs 15 million in a career is not much different, in my opinion. If she enjoys Eczacibasi, then that's great.

    edit: I think she's been there since she was 18 in 2015?

    Yeah. And as for signing 2 years, she signed 3 years in 2018, even though it makes no sense for a superstar like her to sign such a long contract (even if you want to stay in that club your whole career!), because they will pay you much less per year for such a long contract than for a 1-year one (on the other hand, scrubs would kill for 3-year contracts with well-off clubs).


    She's gonna spend the entirety of her peak in Eczacibasi. Everything about her indicates a quiet girl with no taste for adventures who when once finds her home won't budge from it until chased away, and it's clear she found one.

    I only hope (against hope) that she will at least make them pay handsomely for it. But knowing her, she has probably willingly reduced her market price by at least 30-40 %.

    IMO only wolosz is extremely necessary

    Look imoco in past few years and they reminds same style

    Even now with egonu

    Is obvious that her and other upgrade imoco's level but their play remains the same

    Even with fabris and that 2017 team that made into cl final

    You don't understand. The reason they have played the same for last several years is BECAUSE of Wolosz (only slightly modified this year by the presence of such a dominant opp as Egonu). So, if she leaves, there will no longer be the same style, and thus Imoco doesn't have it's own "identity of play as divorced from their players' strengths and playing style", like I said in a previous post.

    Imo ferhat isn't bad but eçza needs someone that gave them an identity of play

    Vakif and imoco have and that's why they're best of the world

    Players comes,players leave and they play the same

    Doubt ferhat gave them that

    That's an oversimplification in the case of Imoco. What exactly is their "identity of play" as divorced from their players' strengths and playing style? I kinda doubt they would play the same if Wolosz, Hill and Egonu were to leave (and I'm not taking about the level of success, just to be clear)...

    you should read the posts more carefully. Nobody said what you referred here. Only thing mentioned was that she was lucky to have a similar player like Neslihan at her early career. Maybe Neslihan was a bitch to her or maybe she guided her like a mom, we don't know that but my guess would be second option. Anyways there is nothing to be offended. boskovic was destined to be a great player, playing in a great club like Eczacıbasi with many good players helped her flourish better

    I'm not offended.:)

    It's possible that we are merely talking past each other. You are arguing that playing in Eczacibasi helped her to develop as a player. I am certainly not denying that. Bu my main contention is that some are seemingly forgetting, because of how much even better she is nowadays, just how great a player Boskovic was in the fall of 2015 when she arrived at the Turkish club. She was already better than 99% of the players have or will ever be in their careers. And my secondary point is that that is decidedly NOT the case for Fedorovtseva, which is why it's so patently ridiculous, at this stage, to draw comparisons between her and Boskovic.

    And not that it's of any relevance, but I somehow doubt that Neslihan regarded Boskovic with anything approaching maternal feelings, but that's completely beside the point.:P

    To think that Boskovic would not become a generational player (a much better one than Neslihan) if only Neslihan hadn't been there to guide her is ludicrous in the extreme. I can well imagine that thinking that might be stroking the pride of some of our Turkish members here, but it's nonsense, guys.

    She was a 6th best scorer at senior World Championship, 2nd biggest and most important competition in this sport. At 17. Then, in the summer prior to arriving, she was the 3rd best scorer at World Cup, which was at that time 3rd most important competition in female volleyball. Does Fedorovtseva has anything resembling that? And this is not to deny that she cannot possibly become another Boskovic, but merely to include what should be a self-evident consideration; namely that not every promising young talent can become a generational player, and that dragging Boskovic in this debate is very misguided.

    I think Veljkovic announced that she will miss Tokyo.

    No, she didn't. She said she isn't giving up on Tokyo, and would like to play. She'll have some 4-5 months to recover after giving birth.

    I also think CHN is the heavy favourite of OG. They won the gold with such a young squad and now with almost all the starting players still playing, there is no reason for them not to repeat the same success. I am sure every player are highly motivated to give their best as a fairwell to Lang Ping

    Final will be either Serbia or Italy. Both have very special Opposites complemented with top players in almost every position. Depending on which one of boskoviç and Egonu will go beast mode, the finalist will be determined.

    4th finalist will be the one which will be 3rd of pool B, so either USA or TUR.

    You mean semi-finalist; there can't be 4 finalists.:P

    And your post seems to presuppose that China will avoid both Serbia and Italy in the semis. I honestly don't know how doable that is...I tried to gather how the seeded will meet in quarters, but I couldn't found exactly how they would be paired beyond that 1st will play against 4th and 2nd against either the 2nd or 3rd depending on the dice. But who will the winner of A1-B4 and A4-B1 matches go against in the semis?

    Thanks, hopefully we will get to see the results. I am less sure than you are :P

    I think many of us are in the same boat: for one reason or another, we might not want to openly admit it, but I'm fairly certain most of the members here think China will win gold, and would pick them for a win if they had to bet their life on it.:(:P

    Unless Mihajlovic, Milena and Busa all play below par, Russia can't. Especially not without Parubets and if Goncharova continues to play as below par as lately. Turkey just might.

    But this is getting off-topic.