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    Has Gocanin always played as OH? and she played as libero this summer just to gain experience?

    And when I first saw her I did wonder if she could play OH because of her height. But it is good that she can play both.

    Smarzek is the 3rd best score in Serie A.

    Kakolewska is the 2nd best spiker with 59.6% (Only Bonifacio is hitting better than her).

    Stysiak is doing very well and even put Sloetjes on the bench.

    Woloz had a lot to work with.....Maybe Malinov and Mirkovic are better than Woloz since she`s unable to bring out the best of Smarzek,Kakolweska and Stysiak. :dance6:

    I remember she was with Serbia in rio. What's she doing in Indonesia? Can't be good for her volleyball....

    She played season 2016/2017 in Osasco and had a good season. 2017 she did great with the NT and won 2017 ECH GOLD.

    2017/2018 she played for Seramiksan and had a so so season. During 2018 season she started having some physical problems and was not playing well. She made the WCH roster and won GOLD, but she was just a backup mostly of the time as Milenkovic,Busa,Blagojevic started over her.

    2018/2019 - She went back to play in Serbia was she was still not fully healthy. She signed with Firenze for the 2nd part of the season, and barely played.

    Last summer she decided not to join the National Team as she was not simply not ready for it.

    Unfortunately I think this is the end of her career with the National Team. ;(

    I still think OG is a different event.every team played so different .Brasil still is a good team.I dont think Serbia can beat them easily .but brasil should keep a healthy team.Natalia+Gabi+tandara cant hurt anymore.please give up shella.what they should think of twice is the middle blocker...Fabiana?Taisa?Ade?Bia?also other young mbs

    I don`t think Sheilla will make it. She`s not improving and Lorene is playing for Ze`s team. He already said Tandara is fundamental for Brazil, so she`s certainly going. He will probably take Thaisa, Fabiana and 3rd people could be anyone at this point. With Tandara,Natlia,Gabi and Thaiza, Brazil can fight for a medal, even more if Fabiana plays good.

    Group B could wipe out group a again

    just realize one thing, we will watch dead group again in tokey 2020.just like rio.

    Gruop A:Japan,Seibia,Brasil,Korea/Thai ,+2 weak teams,and for the host,I dont think they will choose the eour team(germany/turkey)

    Group B:China,USA,Italy,Russia,+2 weak teams

    Group B will play difficultly in group matches, Considering the history of fake balls between Serbia and japan,they can choose their opponents in QF

    Serbia is stronger than everyone in Group B besides China as they are same level.

    Japan were points away from eliminating Italy in the WCH. Russia and USA barely beat Korea-Thailand WCH and OG QL. Brazil only team to stand a chance against China in the World Cup.

    I actually like this Group. Playing against the host is always good because the crowd is crazy and that gets you ready for the finals when the pressure is higher. Playing against and beating Brazil is always a confidence booster. Turkey will be tough. And then Terzic can rest Boskovic and Mihajlovic against the 2 weaker teams without getting the heat of "cheating". He even rested Boskovic in Rio against the Netherlands. Only problem would be in China ends up in 4th again.....but I don`t see that happening as we saw how they destroyed everyone (not Brazil) in the World Cup.

    Japanese Volleyball has always focused on defense (digging) due to the height disadvantage. They are not going to outblock teams and digging the ball to keep it in play is a must.
    I have harped about using the middle more on offense with Japan because the use it so much less than other teams.

    Erika Araki and Fabiana Claudino just finished the regular season in Japan where both played 21 matches. Araki who is a year older and had better kill percentage (2.7%) and more blocks per set than Fabiana (.06 blocks per set). Araki is 8 cm shorter that Fabiana.

    Araki had played 6 more sets but had 50 fewer attempts at spiking compared to Fabiana. It helps that Neriman Ozsoy is her teammate, but they don’t use her as much even though she is an effective player at the net.

    Japan can not block and they focus on defense instead. But you can`t win a game by just playing defense. You win a game by scoring points. Is not like China can block and defend Boskovic and Egonu a lot, or if that is a weapon in order to beat Italy and Serbia.....they might block and defend them only a few times. So I would not expect Japan,Korea,Thailand to block or defend them.

    Japan gotta keep defending, but they still must play offense and they must find a way to score points.

    And this Araki example is perfect.....It shows what I have said before. Japanese teams does not believe on the local players, and they automatically think they can only win with the foreigner scoring. I even said this is a "cheap" way of winning. So when they are playing for the NT, who`s gonna score? who`s gonna take charge?.... when there`s foreigner on the court.

    They must believe they can score despite their height.....but they gotta have the arms in order to do that. (Gabi, Herbots, Bosetti, Lazovic and so on).

    So Leal and Leon are going to the Olympics with their adoptive countries. Had Canada won Argentina in the first round, Simon could have been to Tokyo under the Cuban flag.

    If I remember correctly Canada wanted to "get" Simon. But I don`t know what happened and I think he changed his mind. Some other countries had interest in him too.

    My heart is aching for Netherlands, Poland ;( and will ache again tomorrow for Germany/Turkey.

    Everyone has played with so much heart and passion. All 4 finalist should be at the Olympics...All these amazing matches we have watched all week are to make it up for the boring matches we will watch in Tokyo for games involving such teams.

    I love a Cinderella history, but tomorrow I`m Team Turkey :super:

    Netherlands made a huge mistake by serving on Geerties early on, and can`t serve on Pogany either.

    Turkey must serve on Orthmann every ball, and force Hanke to set Geerties more as Eda/Zehra can stop her. This will put a lot pressure on Lippmann. If Turkey can not put any pressure from the service line....well, that will be a big problem because the German trio is on fire.

    Boz was incredible tonight....:box:. One of the best performances I have ever seen. Hande was awesome ( and that stupid Motta uses her as back OPP :mad:).

    Stysiak 25 points young and so good, like I said before she will be the next Zhu.

    Turkey gotta show up tomorrow and playing with a lot of confidence right from the get go. Can`t show up feeling nervous, making mistakes and let German girls believe they can win. Germany looks better than Turkey right now, but Turkey can outplay Germany .......emotional aspect will be key for Turkey.

    You are really sick! How do you call me Serbian hater!:cursing: Boskoviç, Rasiç and Ognjenoviç are among my favourite players. Saying that Boskovic and Maja does not deliver with their clubs the same way they do with the NT is an OPINION, not a hate speech:what::aww:

    I didn't say anything negative about Stevanoviç anyways, I just said your ranking is pointless and shouldn't be considered as a metric to evaluate a player's achievement. One can claim that Stevanoviç is great but basing this argument on such a BS list is useless

    BS is arguing a player is great based on personal opinion. If I can`t argue Stevanovic is great based on stats or tittle wins?? How can I claim that she`s great?? :wall: Based on what??.... On your opinion??? 8|

    I was not saying Stevanovic is the greatest thing ever....just read what other users wrote, they all get what I was trying to get across, and you know that too ... But then u come here and try to twist things simply because you want make me look bad. That is what I don`t like and it is not necessary.

    I would not care if you said Stevanovic is not a good great or whatever. But to say that it does not mean anything to finish at the top of the stats after a decade....well you are the one sick here.

    Either way... Stevanovic, Fabris, Barun and every single player on that list, left their mark on Serie A.... And it is not up to you to tell me or anyone if that means anything or not..... Your opinion does not matter here, nobody`s opinion matter. It is not about you and what you think is right or wrong. It is about the stats, either you like it or not.

    u have said hundreds of time that Boskovic and Maja does not deliver with their clubs the same way they do with the NT.

    I'm sorry but criticizing Maja and Boskovic is pointless less and it shows how much you dislike Serbian players.

    But again u have the right to dislike them as much as you want. I'm not wanting you to stop that.

    I just had to point that out. Keep on hating baby 👧 :super::box:

    Why the hell would I be jealous? Jealous of whom?:what:

    Everytime I post something nice about a Serbian player, you come after saying something negative. You don't like Serbian players, and that's totally fine. But you don't need to remind me that every that. I get it. But if you wanna keep hating on them.... Well that's on you I guess and there's nothing I can do.

    If Eda was the one on top, I'm pretty sure you would not have said what you did.

    Stevanovic got 108 blocks during a season. Get someone that match that, then we will talk.... Bye 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋 👋

    Vakifbank is a mess? They finished first during regular season and they were 1 point away from winning the World Tittle ( they would have destroyed Vitra in the final).

    I don't see how they won't reach Turkish Final again. And they are only team able to challenge Conegliano in CL.

    And all that is based on the fact that Maja is not able to start every match and they use many different players in every game.

    Imagine if Woloz only started against the strong teams in Italy? Their chemistry would not be the same.

    Maja, Haak, Rasic, Gabi r not star players?🤠😂 Cansu, Ebrar and Zehra are all stars in the making. And then there's Meliha and Kubra...

    Poor Vakifbank, a team of mediocre players.

    No he meant Guidetti wanted her to stay so that is why "He didn't let her go"

    EXACTLY!......and if Guidetti was not happy with Rasic, last season would have been the perfect opportunity to let her go as Zhu,Sloetjes,Kelsey, Di Lulio all left. "Rebuilt" would have been a perfect excuse in order to let her go....And Vakifbank can easily sign any middle they want basically...but still Gui wanted her to stay.

    Patry has been playing really well in Seria A, this is not a surprise. But I guess Serbia did their homework on France with Boyer on the floor. They were not ready for Patry. Now they need to start watching more videos on him and find solutions to stop him. But Uros gotta play his best...He has played below average this season.

    I want Veljkovic and Lisinac together in the Olympic Village. <3

    one more thing: There`s been rumors of Rasic leaving Vakifbank for the past 2 or 3 seasons. Last season everyone were saying she was leaving for good as Guidetti was gonna clean the house and create a whole new system with Zhu departing. ....well she`s still there.

    Moscow wanted to sign Rasic to play with Maja last season according to rumors. And again....Guidetti still did not let her go.