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    I think it's more the fear I have of Brie, Gray & van Ryk being on fire tomorrow. I do think Canada has a higher ceiling with those three clearly outplaying the Dutch alternatives. Our strength is the bench, with subs not changing much of the level. So it might come down to whether we can stop Kiera/Alexa tomorrow or not (and Brie lol, she is the third scorer of Canada after 3 sets :heart:)

    I'm curious to see whether Koslowski will stick to his young line up or if he'll start some of the more experienced players considering how mental tomorrow's match will be.

    Exactly, I expect a 3-1 for Canada tomorrow so they should be fine for OG.

    I can't wait for tomorrow to be over though, so I can finally cheer on Canada again. They were one of my fave countries in the past years and I wish both could qualify! :flower:

    Come on, have some faith in your girls lol.

    I actually think it's very hard to predict the outcome tomorrow. Both teams have had a lot of ups and downs and both teams have felt the pressure when they were ahead in the rankings. So my guess is that the team the wins tomorrow will be the team that can control their nerves the best.

    One interesting thing though is that, assuming the Netherlands and Canada will sweep Korea and France, taking this set is fairly inconsequential for Canada, since they'd still need to beat the Netherlands in 4 tomorrow.

    But if they manage to force a fifth set today that means that any win against the Netherlands will be enough for them to qualify. And in that scenario, it would actually make no difference whether they win or lose to Japan; either way, whichever team won tomorrow would be in.

    Wouldn't it cause problems with jetlag just before the games? Why don't they want to go to Metz?

    If they are flying on the 15th of July, then 10+ days should be enough to get used to the 5-hour time difference.

    But I'm not sure why they don't want to use the training center in Metz when CBV made a big deal out of announcing it (and are probably paying a considerable amount of money for it). Might be one of Zé's many superstitions.

    I also really dislike the best 3rd place qualification criteria, because you are pitting teams that played completely different opponents against each other. If Kenya and France are in different groups, the worst 3rd place is very likely going to be the unlucky team that ends up in the group of death... it's just not fair.

    Brazil NT is in talks with USA NT to schedule some scrimmages right before Paris.

    The women's team is choosing not to use CBV's training grounds in Metz (northeastern France) and will instead train in Saquarema until July 15-ish and then go straight to Paris.

    USA Olympic roster is out

    Poulter, Carlini

    Drews, Thompson

    Kelsey, Larson, Plummer, Skinner

    Chiaka, Washington, Rettke


    Honestly kind of shocked that Hancock didn't make it. But I felt so bad for Carlini after watching that video where she talked about the aftermath of being cut from the Tokyo roster, so I'm happy for her.

    Cai Bin may be smarter than all we thought then. He may intend to lose as many matches as possible just to end up in pot 4 as well to avoid falling in the same group of Serbia lol

    lol the Dominican Republic is pretty much locked for pot 4 at this point, so if China were to be in pot 4 (which I don't think is realistically going to happen), that means Serbia would be in pot 3.

    But being placed in pot 2 or 3 actually seems more advantageous than being in pot 1 or 4. Teams in pots 2 and 3 have a 55% chance of getting at least one of France/Kenya, but teams in pots 1 and 4 can only draw teams from the other pots, so they have a 33% chance of getting France (for those in pot 4) or Kenya (for those in pot 1).

    Another interesting thing about the rankings is that it's looking very possible that Serbia will end up in pot 4 for the draws. So we could potentially have a group with four legit gold medal contenders where only two will qualify (since the two best 3rd places are likely gonna be the teams that play France or Kenya). Mess.

    have you more details? Poor girl!

    It looked like she stepped on Julia's foot after coming down from the block. The same thing happened in the match against Serbia, same foot too if I'm not mistaken.

    I was gonna go back to sleep after the match, but now I'm worried about her... I'll let you guys know when we have an update.