Kasia Skowronska

  • Kasia’s Italian story
    The Polish representation team leader has been performing for the third season in the strongest league in the world – Italian A series. She has learned a lot here as a volleyball player, but she has also grown as a woman. Today, she is one of the best attackers of the globe and a person with a large baggage of experience. How has Italy formed Kasia Skowrońska-Dolata?
    A several dozen meter flat near the exit route from Novara. A few volleyball players of Asystel live in a three floor building, among them Katarzyna Skowrońska Dolata with her husband Jakub. After almost three years spent in Italy, the Pole feels good here, but she doesn’t hide the fact, that her home is still 1500 km from here. Right now, however, she is learning life in beautiful Italy.

    SET 1: Vicenza
    June 2005. The president of one of the Italian clubs – Minetti Vicenza, comes to Montreaux, where the Polish representation team is taking part in an International Tournament. He signs a contract with Kasia, after three years of trying, convincing and unfolding of fairytale visions. – Gosia Glinka used to play in this club, they were pleased with her, so they wanted another Pole – says Skowrońska. After three years in Italy, she is no longer the same, world curious, uncertain of the future teenager. She has learned about local customs, she has been accepted by the “locals”.
    - A few years ago, I received an invitation from Vicenza, I came for a week, they rented a flat for me. I had a few trainings, I swam, I had dinners at restaurants, I played beach volleyball. They wanted to show me what life here was like. I came, I saw, I liked it, but I stayed in Poland. I was a little afraid to leave everything behind. After winning the gold at the European Championships, I received an offer from Italy, also from strong clubs – Perugia, Jesa, later from Novara. I chose, however ,an intermediate team, to gradually enter A Series. And Magda Śliwa was playing in Vicenza then. It was great at first. The only problem was the language. When I came to Italy, I could only say “ Hi, I am Kasia, nice to meet you”. After signing the contract I travelled to the cadre with books, but I didn’t read them, because the girls said that I will learn the most on the spot. They were right. That is how my Italian adventure began.

    SET II: Ups and downs
    We move from the living room into the kitchen. Kasia spends a lot of time here. She can cook some really great things. Of course, when she has the time, because it’s usually just pasta (her spaghetti carbonara tastes especially well). – At first it went great in Vicenza, I was the first attacker – continues Kasia - . But we went to Great Champions’ Cup with Magda and the fairytale bubble burst. We were both put on the bench for no reason. From that day I started crossing out days till the end of the season, in my calendar. I couldn’t leave the club because the transfer window was already closed. Everyday, when I was coming back home, I made a line on the staircase wall. Over time, it became quite large. My motivation was to train very well, which I did. In Italy, in weaker clubs, which don’t have great goals, many things are played out outside the field. Despite my disappointment with Vicenza, I saw that the Italian league is not so bad. No aliens, jumping above the net, play here. I made contact with the manager Mauro Raguzzioni and since then he has been representing me. After the first year, I received 9 propositions, most from Italy, but also from Japan and Russia. I chose Novara, a club with ambitions and quite a lot of pressure. My faith changed, we were winning and the atmosphere was very good. We set the Italian league record – 15 winnings in a row.

    SET III: Everyday life
    Today Kasia knows how to react to certain behaviors of local activists or players. She doesn’t let people walk all over her, she knows how to stand up to them. But it used to be difficult for her to do that. – In order to come to Italy and stand it here, you have to have a strong personality – says Skowrońska. - During my first year I had a lot of downs, I cried, I wanted to quit everything. I saw Italy from the worst side. In Vicenza you always had to be a beautiful, smiling puppet, because that’s what they wanted at the club. Dinners, meetings with sponsors. They fought with me and Magda because we spoke Polish. The President wasn’t pleased that I spoke Polish with my fiancé at home. In our country, team members are not cared for this way. They are paid the least. Everyone cares for foreigners. In Italy it’s the other way round. The Italians are pampered and cared for.
    When I ask Kasia about her saddest experience, Kasia thinks a while and then she shivers. – In Vicenza at training, our whole training team was playing a little game – she recalls. – After one of the attacks, the ball fell beyond the line, but they didn’t notice whether it was an out or not. The specialist responsible for physical preparation looked at me and said: “Kasia, tell me that it wasn’t an out and I will pay you. You are Polish, I will pay you and you will do what I want”. I understood then. It was supposed to be a joke, but it hurt me so much that I didn’t speak to him till the end of the season, although I worked with him every other day at the gym. He treated me like he was better. For them, the Polish, the Romanian, Russian were the same – you give them money, you buy them off, and they will do anything. It’s sad. But there are kind people here as well. It depends who you come across.

    SET IV: Friends
    On the entrance door to Mr and Mrs Dolat’s flat in Novara hangs a huge, yellow cardboard with “Miss Volley Rosa 2007, mister Second, mister Kuba” written on it. Their friends, Max and Davide were holding such a banner, when they were greeting Kasia at the airport in Mediolan in November when she was returning from the World Championships. On a small piece of paper, which is fastened to the medal for the best contestant of the event, Max wrote: “ I already told you this three months ago”. – I have got friends all over the world but I am attracted to Poland, that is where I will have my home – says Skowrońska. – We have met a lot of nice people in Italy. We are the closest with Davide and his wife Robbie and with Max and Cris. We visit each other in our homes or we go out to dinner together. They even surprised us once and they followed us to Verona, and after all it is 300 kilometers one way. I don’t have a close friend at the club. Last year Anja Spasojević was my close friend, but she left for Switzerland. I have a great contact with Paola Cardullo, who I live with in one room at trips. Me and Sara Anzanello like each other very much as well. But of course the closest person is my husband – Kuba. We came to Vicenza as an engaged couple, we got married later. When I was leaving for Italy, we had to decide: either we go together or we don’t go at all. If I were to go alone, the relationship didn’t make sense. There are so many difficult moments, sometimes we need a hug, talk.

    SET V: Future
    It is getting dark. Novara is not a place, where at 3 a.m. there are a lot of people on the streets. A car, returning from Mediolan drives by the Pole’s house, from time to time.
    - I talk to my mum, who says: Kasia start thinking, what you want to do in your life – says our heroine . – But I don’t know, what will be next year. For now, I want to play. But where? I have to think about it, consult it with my husband. I will decide after the season is over. I do my best to last till the end of this year and regret nothing. It is very difficult because everyday is a fight with myself, with my fatigue. I feel good in Italy, but I don’t know if I can last another year in this league. I will be very tired after the games, but nobody here will let me rest. I have a few options: stay in Novara, change to another Italian club. I am also tempted by Japan. There is an offer from Russia, but I don’t think I want to play there. However, I still have something to do here in Italy. We want to fight for the League with Novara and the gold medal in the national championships. Being champions – is a dream. We have to work, muster our energies every day, in order to be the best.

    source (in polish): Przegląd Sportowy

  • Thank you Justyna.very nice article to read.it seems Kasia had really difficult times in Viacenza.ı was about to cry in 3rd set. ;(;( it is not nice for such a good player to encounter such a sad event.but anyway as stated in the article she is among the best players of the world.

  • Great interview thanx so much for sharing!
    Kasia seems to be kind girl, I am honoured that she is also from Poland :drink:

    I keep my fingers crossed for her! :thumbsup:

    "To get from the sport what I have got,
    rain what you really like,
    always work at least a little more than you are asked to
    and believe that everything that happens to you
    is leading you to the TOP!"
    Ivan Miljković

  • In this season in Novara and in polish national team she is really good. She is pretty and sensible woman -I'll keep my fingers crossed for Skowronek :)

    Es ist gut, daß uns ein Hoffen gegeben, ein Selbstbetrug dadurch man vergisst, daß unser Gastspiel in diesem Leben eine tragische Komädie ist

  • Eveytime I read a new interview with Kasia I like her more and more....she seems to be a great girl...I really hope I can see her playing live one day!!!!!!(Dreamming!!!!!hehehehe....but we never know...hehhe)

    Thanks Justyna!

    If she changes club...I hope she goes to Bergamo!!! :lol:

  • And please some Italian guy explains why some many forengers has so many problems finding space i Italy...you know....being well....Kasia is not the first that complians of the way of Italian people....specially the president and members from the club...there were also Rosner...Jaque....

    Maybe cause is so different in this players countries....but they seemed to sufer a lot going to Italy....

  • (im not italian but i think i can answer as well :D )

    Well, Kasia mentioned why she had problems...

    I think many players dont expect such a huge pressure in Italy. And many players choose the wrong team also, as Kasia and Jaque did. And besides that the italian way of living might disturb some.... there are many possible reasons...

  • hi 9.01.2008 on la gazzetta dello sport was article about Kasia, and I have request can somebody of you translate what there is written.
    (9 gennaio 2009) Gazzetta dello Sport

    Skowronska: «Non voglio più essere solo miss»

    CAMILLA CATALDO PESARO Su una buona metà delle 28 vittorie consecutive della Scavolini Pesaro c' è impresso il suo autografo. Katarzyna Skowronska è l' opposto che ha sostituito l' olimpionica Sheilla e che non la sta facendo rimpiangere. «Sono contenta - giura Kasia, nata come schiacciatrice, dirottata al centro e poi spostata opposta - Non c' è stato un cambio traumatico: il gioco è simile, la squadra è giovane. La leader? Lo siamo a turno, anche se per carattere il ruolo spetta a Costagrande». In estate poteva finire all' estero sottoscrivendo contratti più pesanti. Ha scelto Pesaro. «Volevo misurarmi nel campionato migliore del mondo. Ho ancora 25 anni e c' è tempo per pensare ai soldi... Voglio crescere come atleta e la Scavolini era il gruppo più forte». Per provare finalmente a vincere qualcosa col club: «Prima di arrivare qui avevo vinto solo "Miss volleyrosa"! E' giunto il momento di premi come sportiva, e non mi basta la Supercoppa». Icona In Polonia Kasia è un' icona... «Da noi il volley è importante quasi quanto il calcio. I tifosi mi scrivono lettere e le dirette televisive delle partite del campionato italiano sono più seguite là che qui!». Per gioco ha fatto la befana speciale alla festa dell' epifania di Urbania. Una specie di simpatico contrappasso, per una che è bella per davvero. Però non ha mai accettato di posare svestita... «Dopo aver vinto due Europei eravamo richiestissime dai media. Mi contattò Playboy polacco, ma non me la sono sentita di accettare. Penso che se lo fai una volta poi ti incolli un' etichetta. Non giudico chi la pensa diversamente, ma la vita privata e il mio corpo sono di mio marito». Il marito Ovvero, Jakub Dolata, che gestisce il sito internet http://www.skowronska.pl ed è un giornalista. «Non sapeva nulla di pallavolo ma cinque anni fa mi vide in tv e mi telefonò per un appuntamento - termina Kasia, che a Pesaro si è portata il gatto "Secondo", chiamato così perché... è il suo secondo gatto - Il tatuaggio che sfoggio sull' avambraccio destro, con la scritta "famiglia" in polacco? E' collegato a mia madre, che se lo è inciso identico».
    Cataldo Camilla

    is there written that Kasias mum has the same tatoo like new one of Kasia? It could be interesting and some expaination way she did it.
    thank you for repete :rose::flower:

  • http://reprezentacja.net/siatk…zepaku_robilam_kielbaski_

    here's the first part of interview with Skowronska(question were made by Reprezentacja.net users)

    Q:did you start playing volleyball on carpet hanger like many others, is any
    of your family's members playing volleyball as well??

    KS: well i used to play on carpet hanger when i was younger but i never played
    volleyball, i was lucky enough to have opportunity to play volleyball
    in the club(oooo my question paper flied away :lol: )and on the carpet hanger i used to play with other gitrls but we did "sausage" that's how it was called.

    yes my brothers used to play volleyball but they don't do it now but thanks
    to them i started to play vball, so i', the only one to play vball in
    family now-that's enough(laugh)

    Q:you had a break from NT ,now you are finnaly back. i would like to ask about your health

    KS:i would like to be fully healthy but unfortunatly professional sport is
    brutal, every girls here in NT has some health issues, as you know i
    have problems with achilles tendom aftermy injury with it and long
    rehabilitation i use 90% of it now, but apart from that i am healthy (smile)

    Q:what number will you have on your NT's shirt
    KS i really hope some things in Polish vball organisation will be sorted out
    and i could return to number one, as i always played with this
    number(last year Baranska played with this number) and it would be nice
    if someone would respect that.

    Q:how do you feel in NT after one year break and what do you think about cooperation with Jerzy Matlak??

    KS:so far i feel good. it's very nice for me to come back to NT, it's
    like...i missed it last year when i couldnt play, what can i say i
    happy to be here and that i can gain another new experience
    with Jerzy Matlak we work well so far. he is very true and i hope we will find mutual undarstanding

    Q:what do you think about your new team , how you feel about playing with Christiane Furst again in one team

    KS: i assume it;s about my club team right ? (laugh)
    to be honest i think it's very strong team which was build to win CL. i'm
    happy to play with Christiane cus she is a cool girl who gives a lot to
    the team and what's the most importand she is amazing player so it will
    be another nice season with her company so i'm really glad about that :)

    Q:your future team mate will be Fofao, how you feel about that? do you know her (personally)?

    KS: i always said i would like to meet her in one team cus so far we only
    played against each other and this year i have that luck to play with
    her which really makes me happy. we know each other off court, i know
    her husband as well.i hope ,however we can know each other better now
    and i'm sure she is very nice girl

    Q: do you think that from so many stars in your team , ze roberto can make a solid collective team
    with a team spirit considering how little time he has between World
    championship and CL? do you think that the fact Ze Roberto is yours
    coach yours chance to win CL are higher?

    KS:good question. i think the most importand thing in vball is to make collective
    team cus no matter how many stars are in the team if they don't
    understand each other they may not win anything so i thing Ze Roberto,
    with his experience and character will make that we can make
    collective in shorter period of time, he knows how to create
    atmosphere in the team, and there are so many experienced player that
    we all know what's importand and what's our goal

    Q:what good memories do you have from Pesaro?
    KS there are so many of them that i would need to stay with you here until
    tommorrow to list all of them. definitly two amazing seasons with the
    club where i won Italian Championship twice in the row, they are
    unforgetable moments i will never forget, also i met life long friends
    i left the club in the good atmosphere.
    about bad memories-who wants

    to remember them? i am always optimistic and i don't want to bring
    them. one thing is my injury but now i'm happy to be back in NT

    Q: which Polish club would you like to play most?
    KS:i don;t know(smile) i never thought about that i don't want to
    disciminate any club, if i pick one in the future it will speak for
    itself xD

    Q:do you have any worries about moving to Turkey
    KS(look at her face expression :lol:)if that was so simple life would be beautiful xD i have tons of
    worries. there's lots of things that concern me. in the club it's gonna
    definitly be good, with girls it's gonna be good trainer is amazing
    it's very profesional club. my main concern is Istambul and it's size
    and population it's beyond me.i've been in Istambul before but now i
    will have to live there. but world belongs to the brave ones. i manage
    to live in Italy without knowing langueage, than i learnt it. i don't
    plan to learn Turkish but...who knows maybe i will learn somethingxD

    Q:did your relations with Nati Osmokrovic get better?

    KS(laugh)those are things that are made up by you. i have never had any problems with
    Natasha. to makes things clear we understand each other well. maybe we
    don't go out together but that's because Natasha is a mother and has
    other responsibilities. so relations are good :)

    done xD tomorrow part 2. i will try to translate it as well.

    i love Kasia. she seems such a nice warm and funny person. and very VERY mature :)

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

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  • I"ll be owing you one!!!!!THANKS YOU SO MUCH! :drink::flower:

    just a small question...what is carpet hanger? :whistle: sorry I tried to find out, but I couldnt, it is a special floor? Or something like that ( I fell pretty stupid right now..hehehehehe, it is probably something ridiculous easy to know..hehehehe :lol: )

  • carpet hanger is that weird thing outdoor you put your carpet over and beat it to shake the dust xD(also know as mini playground for children lol :lol: ) but to be honest i havent seen any of those here in Scotland but back in Poland there are everywhere xD


    that is image of it. and this thing those girls are doing on 2nd photo is "sausage" xDD

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • :lol::lol:

    Aah ok...I got it now..hehehehehehhe And I can really see why is a playground for kids..hehehehe, here in Brasil we usually hang clothes with roap roaps..hehehehe, and also play volleyball with it, but more usual in cities with more houses, big cities are pretty much about buildings, so we dont see that much...

    thanks Mateo

  • :love: :love:
    that smile... :heart:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.